Particularly, when Zhou Jun's mother heard that during Qiao Dongliang's first night in the hospital, Ding Jiayi indiscriminately slapped Qiao Nan until the latter bled, she understood that Qiao Nan was a very sensible young lady. She also understood why Qiao Nan never had any smile on her face whenever she saw her own mother.

Her man had an accident, yet Ding Jiayi could only sit on the ground and wailed that she was penniless as she slapped her thighs. In the end, the money was coughed out by the younger daughter.

Indeed, if Qiao Nan had not been such an excellent child, given Ding Jiayi's temperament, she dared not be in-laws with such a family!

"Brother Zhou, your son is in the army." Ding Jiayi smiled brightly at this moment, and her tone was unprecedentedly good. Her smile gave Zhou Bing and his wife goosebumps. They were murmuring in their hearts, "Is Ding Jiayi possessed today?"

During normal times, she did not even bother to greet them. Her face was always black as if they owed her money. Why was she so sweet-tongued all of a sudden today?

"Yes, he is in the army." Zhou Bing felt extremely uneasy as he unwillingly spoke to Ding Jiayi. He also hinted to his wife with a look in his eyes so that she would deal with Ding Jiayi directly.

"Judging from the look, he seems to be a company commander. How old is the child?" Ding Jiayi's eyes were very sharp. At a glance, she knew the designation of Zhou Jun in the army without even asking.

It was also because Zhou Jun came in a hurry today. Once he received the news that his father was hospitalized, he rushed here immediately without changing his army uniform.

Ding Jiayi used to be the wife of a military officer as well. Furthermore, Qiao Dongliang once held the position of a company commander. Therefore, when she saw Zhou Jun's dressing, Ding Jiayi knew his rank immediately.



Because of Zhou Jun's appearance, Ding Jiayi's attitude toward the Zhou Bing couple changed drastically. Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan's face turned black. They were furious and utterly speechless.

They had been sharing the same pot of rice for years. Would Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan not know what Ding Jiayi was trying to do?

Qiao Nan was given birth by Ding Jiayi. However, from top to bottom and inside and out, there was only one thing that she had in common with Ding Jiayi: her fondness for military personnel or soldiers.

Otherwise, Ding Jiayi would not have readily agreed to marry Qiao Dongliang who did not have any next-of-kin.

The biggest regret in Ding Jiayi's life was that she insisted on having a second child when Qiao Dongliang was about to be promoted to battalion commander. Qiao Dongliang was forced to retire from the army, and she did not become the wife of a battalion commander eventually.

One must know that there was a sixty percent chance of being promoted from company commander to deputy battalion commander, meaning that there would be more than fifty percent chance that Zhou Jun would climb to the position of deputy battalion commander. Thereafter, the probability to move from deputy to battalion officer would be about fifty percent.

Nevertheless, Zhou Jun was already the company commander at the very least!

As long as he performed well, there should not be much difficulty for him to rise to the position of deputy battalion commander. Afterward, there was still a fifty percent chance for him to be promoted to the battalion commander role!

"Zijin, why are you standing there in a daze? Serve them a cup of tea." At the thought of the battalion commander position, Ding Jiayi's eyes lit up and pulled Qiao Zijin closer smilingly. "Zhou Jun, you have not seen my elder daughter. She is called Qiao Zijin and she is still studying in high school. She is attending The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."






When these words came out of Ding Jiayi's mouth, Qiao Zijin aside, the other five people who were present could not help having the same reaction. In the imaginary speech bubbles above their heads were a row of black lines; and in their hearts, countless ellipsis.

Qiao Nan was used to the shamelessness of Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin. Armed with the experience from her previous life, she was well-trained to tolerate this.

Qiao Dongliang might be a grown-up man, but his face still turned reddish black in color. He was so embarrassed that he wished he could tug the blanket covering his body and bury his head in it. It was so embarrassing! The thing that Qiao Dongliang could not understand was why Ding Jiayi's hearing was so good today. She already knew the name of Zhou Jun.

The Zhou family felt extremely awkward. Ding Jiayi was too obvious in making her stand. It was impossible that the Zhou family of three would fail to understand her intentions.

Qiao Zijin was red with embarrassment. She was also feeling a little not used to it. However, she still obeyed Ding Jiayi's words and served some hot water to Zhou Jun. "Brother Zhou, here is the hospital. Both our fathers are patients and should not drink tea in consideration of their current health, so please make do a little."

"…" Ding Jiayi satisfactorily smiled at Qiao Zijin's thoughtful and sensible words. On the other hand, the Zhou Bing couple grimaced, making it obvious that they had nothing good to say about Qiao Zijin. So merciless!

"Thanks." Zhou Jun quickly nodded. "Just put it on the table." The cup was too small. What if he accidentally touched the lady's hand when he reached out for it?

"Uncle Qiao Dongliang is quite blessed. Both daughters are very filial. One brews soup while the other is so thoughtful." Zhou Jun secretly glanced at Qiao Nan. He intended to get close to Qiao Dongliang, so he decided to sing praises of his two daughters. His sequence of praise implied who he was mainly impressed with.

"Ha, haha…" Qiao Dongliang smiled dryly.

Zhou Jun's mother could not help standing up. She pulled Zhou Jun to the seat that she had been sitting on earlier. "You just arrived. It must have been quite tiring for you. Mom is not sitting anymore, so you can have the seat." Silly son! He was usually quite quick-witted when he was in the army. The proudest thing for the Zhou Bing couple was that Zhou Jun became a company commander at such a young age. Why did he keep making blunders today!

Afraid that her son would say the wrong things again, Zhou Jun's mother took a deep breath and forced a smile before she said, "Qiao Zijin's memory is quite good. She remembers what Nan Nan once said before. No wonder she can study in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."

These were words from someone caring and knew how to take care of patients. How could it be from the pampered Qiao Zijin? These words were from Nan Nan!

At that time, Qiao Zijin was so bored in the hospital while she was taking care of Qiao Dongliang. She was unhappy that she only had plain water to drink every day. As such, she wanted to buy some ready-made beverages, saying that the drinks could be used to serve Qiao Dongliang's visitors.

Qiao Nan immediately expressed her opinion. Firstly, given the Qiao family's situation, why would they have any unknown visitor? These people would always leave soon after visiting her father and putting down the things they brought. They would not sit around.

Secondly, it was not necessary to buy these things as they were not suitable for a patient's consumption.

That being said, who did not know the real reason for Qiao Zijin's request? It was to satisfy her personal desire.

When Zhou Jun, who initially wanted to refuse the seat, heard what his mother said, he was stunned and looked at Qiao Nan in a silly manner. His brain was in a fix and he did not even turn his head.

At the sight of the dim-witted behavior displayed by their son, the Zhou Bing couple was too embarrassed to look at him. Zhou Jun's mother hoped that she could slap the back of her son's head to tell him to be wittier.

"Yes, my family's Zijin does not have many other positive qualities but this cleverness of hers resembles me most." Hearing Zhou Jun's mother's rare praise for Qiao Zijin, Ding Jiayi was pleased. She did not realize that Zhou Jun's mother was just trying to remind her own son.



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