Qiao Dongliang had a belly of fire with no outlet to vent. For the time being, he could only be like an invalid who lied in bed without moving. Yet, Ding Jiayi was foolish enough to bump herself against the opening of the gunfire. If Qiao Dongliang did not spit at Ding Jiayi, who else could he spit at?

Qiao Dongliang was silent. Ding Jiayi was unhappy as well. The couple simply remained silent and ignored each other.

In the Qiao's residence, Qiao Zijin was a little surprised when she saw that the person who came back was Qiao Nan.

However, when Qiao Nan was back, she did not ask Qiao Zijin to go to the hospital to keep vigil. Qiao Zijin simply kept quiet. She did not even ask why Ding Jiayi was not back. "Nan Nan, it is already so late, go cook something. Help me wash the clothes too. I'm so tired."

When Qiao Nan was back, Qiao Zijin felt that Qiao Nan should do all the household chores and she could finally rest.

"I'm indeed hungry." Qiao Nan did not expect Qiao Zijin to cook a meal for her. To put it badly, given Qiao Zijin's character, even if Qiao Zijin cooked for her, she would not dare to eat them as she was afraid that Qiao Zijin might poison her.

Qiao Nan cooked rice, then cut the cabbage and fried a plate of it. After bringing them to the table, she began to have her meal.

Qiao Zijin knitted her brows with disdain but did not say much. "Nan Nan, where is my rice?"

"In the kitchen. Take it yourself." Qiao Nan said without lifting her head.

Swiftly, Qiao Nan finished her meal. She washed her cutleries, cleaned herself up, and went to bed. She did not converse with Qiao Zijin throughout the entire process.

Qiao Zijin was extremely bothered by this attitude of Qiao Nan.

After painstakingly finishing her meal, Qiao Zijin's eyes swirled with thoughts as she looked at the clothes changed by Qiao Nan. She took the dirty clothes she had just changed out of and threw them together with that of Qiao Nan.

She did not believe that after she did this, Qiao Nan would still pick out her clothes one by one and asked her to wash them herself.

After further consideration, Qiao Zijin simply poured some well water onto both of their clothes to wet them thoroughly.

After she did this, Qiao Zijin then returned to her bedroom. She turned on her fan and fell asleep after much difficulty.

"Zijin." Early in the morning, Ding Jiayi was back from the hospital. She was so busy that she directly shouted for Qiao Zijin.

"Mom, you're back." Qiao Zijin was full of energy after a good night's sleep. "Mom, are you going to work?"

"Yes. Hurry, go make some food for me," Ding Jiayi said as she changed her clothes.

"Okay." Qiao Zijin recalled that there were still some leftover rice and vegetables cooked by Qiao Nan yesterday. She helped Ding Jiayi scoop a bowl of cold rice, poured some hot water into it before bringing it to the table.

Ding Jiayi was so hungry and anxious that she simply lifted the bowl of rice porridge and drank it without a care in the world. She did not even stop to take a breath. "Zijin, there is no one by your dad's side now. Hurry and go."

Qiao Zijin had a burst of panic. "How about tonight, then? I can't possibly keep watch during the day and continue to do so at night, can I?" She was most afraid of keeping vigil overnight now.

"…" Looking at Qiao Zijin's attitude, Ding Jiayi also felt depressed. "Alright, I will keep your dad company tonight. Don't be afraid."

"Mom, I will accompany Dad during the day, and you will take care of him at night. Then, what does Qiao Nan do?"

"Your dad… Forget it, I don't wish to say it again. I'm full of anger at the mention of it." Ding Jiayi changed her shoes and left for work hurriedly. She did not have time to tell Qiao Zijin anything more.

At the sight of Ding Jiayi leaving, Qiao Zijin stomped her feet unhappily. Her father's brains were really damaged by the car accident. His temper had also become very eccentric. He was not good to her and did not even listen to her mother's words anymore.

"You're awake." Seeing Qiao Nan coming out of the bedroom, Qiao Zijin said unhappily, "You're happy now. Dad only dotes on you and doesn't dote on me anymore. I will be going to the hospital to take care of Dad later. Mom will do so at night, so you really have no worries."

"Dad only dotes on me?" Qiao Nan was both amused and angry. "We all know in our heart whether Dad really dotes on me alone. If I am the only one Dad really dotes on, then I will certainly be very happy!"

Her mother behaved as though Qiao Zijin was her only daughter, yet she did not allow her to hope for her father to do so—to treat her as his only daughter.

"Wishful thinking! I'm Dad's elder daughter. It is impossible for him not to dote on me!" True enough, after hearing Qiao Nan's words, Qiao Zijin would not concede defeat and quickly retorted. "I won't talk to you anymore. I'm going to the hospital. Dad must be yearning to see me. That's why he asked me to take care of him. Fine, you can stay at home and rest."

After deliberately leaving such a sarcastic remark, Qiao Zijin left for the hospital to take care of Qiao Dongliang.

"Sick in the mind!" Qiao Nan intended to wash the clothes when she saw Qiao Zijin's clothes intertwining with hers.

Qiao Nan's face was expressionless. Without a word, she gave another disgusted look before picking out Qiao Zijin's clothes one by one and threw them into the face basin.

After separating Qiao Zijin's clothes from hers, Qiao Nan started to wash them. After washing, she wanted to hang them up to dry.

As she was holding her pure white little *** and hanging it up, she heard footsteps by her side.

As Qiao Nan's held her personal white little ***, she saw Zhai Sheng, whose straight face exuded a sense of uprightness. "Brother Zhai? Why did you come?"

"Erm…" Zhai Sheng looked away uneasily. However, he could not help giving a few more stares at the little white cloth in Qiao Nan's hands. "I saw that the main door was not closed, so I came in. You go ahead and finish drying the laundry first. I will go inside and sit for a while."

Before Zhai Sheng could come to his senses, he was already in the living room and had found himself a place to sit.

Zhai Sheng's head hung downward. Then, he extended his right hand and murmured to himself, "Very small." It seemed to be smaller than his palm.

"Brother Zhai." After drying the clothes, Qiao Nan walked in calmly.

Compared to his uneasiness and weird imagination, Qiao Nan's calm manner was unexpected by Zhai Sheng. Zhai Sheng secretly knitted his brows. "Next time, be careful when you are home alone. Lock the main door properly. In addition, it's best not to dry such a private and personal item in front of the members of the opposite gender in the future."

"My sister just left for the hospital. Most likely, she did not close the door properly on purpose to spite me." Qiao Nan sighed. Who would have done this except for Qiao Zijin? She was really childish.

Seeing that Qiao Nan did not seem to get the main point, Zhai Sheng reminded her again, "Qiao Nan, have you gotten your ID card? You are considered an adult now, and you must be responsible for your own actions. It would not be appropriate to show outsiders certain private and personal items so easily."

He said this at the thought of Qiao Nan being so unreserved in front of others and seemingly did not mind letting other men see those white little *** of hers. Moreover, the reaction and thoughts of those men when they saw these private items of Qiao Nan were also an issue.



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