Qiao Nan laughed coldly at Qiao Zijin's words and returned to her room.

Qiao Zijin had not recovered from the shock last night. Qiao Nan's attitude last night gave her a big scare. Qiao Zijin had thought that Qiao Nan would give her a beating when there was no one around. Hence, she went to the hospital to visit Qiao Dongliang early in the morning. With Qiao Zijin gone, Qiao Nan had the chance to calm herself down.

Qiao Nan did not forget what Zhai Sheng said yesterday. She picked a bright-colored shirt, ironed it, and put it on. She was about to go to the Zhai family's residence to look for Zhai Sheng.

But when she opened the door, to her surprise, Zhai Sheng's car was already waiting outside her house.

Qiao Nan could not help but feel as if she did something wrong. She glanced around, making sure that there was no one around, and walked toward the car. She got in the car at lightning speed. "Brother Zhai."

"Fasten your seat belt."


Qiao Nan had just sat down and buckled her seat belt before Zhai Sheng stepped on the accelerator and drove out of the quad.

The people from the quad caught sight of Zhai Sheng leaving in his car and exchanged comments with each other. "Why is Zhai Sheng still at the quad? I seemed to have seen the younger daughter of the Qiao family in the car as well. Have I seen wrongly? Why would the younger daughter of the Qiao family be acquainted with the Zhai family?"

"Brother Zhai, where are you bringing me to? Who do you want me to meet?" Silence permeated the air in the car. Qiao Nan felt uncomfortable and tried to break the silence.

"You will know when we arrive." Zhai Sheng did not bother to explain and concentrated on getting to the destination.

Since Zhai Sheng was doing the driving, Qiao Nan had no idea where she was going and did not take note of the directions.

"It is so crowded." After a while, Zhai Sheng stopped the car suddenly. Qiao Nan saw that the road in front of them was full of cars.

"…" Zhai Sheng had anticipated that it would be packed with cars, but he never imagined that it would be so packed early in the morning.

Zhai Sheng changed to the reverse gear. Since the front gate was packed with traffic, he would have to enter the Lin family's residence from the back gate.

Only a few people knew about the back gate of the Lin family's residence. In other words, only those who were on close terms with the Lin family would know about its existence.

The Lin family must have been used to these situations. Hence, their back gate was bigger than the front gate that one might even mistake it for the front gate.

"It is me." Upon reaching the gate, Zhai Sheng rolled down the windows and notified his arrival.

"So it is you. I will open the gate right now." The guards saw that it was Zhai Sheng and opened the gate without another word. "Today is more crowded than yesterday. It has been hard on you to enter by the back gate all the time."

"Is Uncle Lin around?"


"That is good. Can you help me park my car?" Zhai Sheng opened the door and got off the car.

Qiao Nan knew that they had reached their destination. She unfastened the seat belt and was about to come out of the car, but Zhai Sheng glanced at her before getting off the car. Qiao Nan did not know what he meant by that, so she stayed in her seat.

Zhai Sheng came to her side and opened the door for her. She blushed and was helped out of the car by Zhai Sheng.

After she got off the car, Zhai Sheng led her inside. He passed the car and its keys to the guards.

The place where Zhai Sheng brought Qiao Nan to had modernized architectures, adopting the European style. The architecture was in white and yellow. It looked bright and refreshing. Even though there was no lavish pool-like fountain in the garden, Qiao Nan was captivated by the exquisite water feature. It was made up of three layers of white porcelain limestone urns. Water cascaded from the urns into a pond. In it were koi fish which glittered under the sunlight.

It was summer now, and the flowers in the garden were in full bloom. One felt relaxed and joyful as they took in the refreshing scent of the flowers.

Qiao Nan could not help but be in awe of the contemporary design of the building. Its design would never be outdated for years to come. It was not only magnificent but also classic and exquisite.

The owner of the house must be very rich.

Qiao Nan worked hard all her life but could only afford a thirty square meters rented house. To her, it was good enough if she could own a house, let alone a beautiful and expensive small villa.

In the previous life, Qiao Nan paid for the house Qiao Zijin stayed in. Thus, if Qiao Nan wanted to own a house, it should not be too difficult. If she worked hard enough, she might be able to buy a house for herself.

Zhai Sheng stopped in his tracks, remembering that Elder Lin had a bad temper. He said to Qiao Nan, "Can you stay here and wait for me? I will be back soon."


Qiao Nan remained on the same spot while waiting for Zhai Sheng.

She enjoyed admiring the flowers in the garden.

While she was captivated by the flowers, she did not realize that an elderly was scrutinizing her, looking displeased.

The elderly came out and stood in front of Qiao Nan, asking her in an angry tone. "How did you get into the house?"

"…" Qiao Nan paused momentarily. She had no idea why the elderly appeared to be very unhappy. "I did not come in by myself. Someone brought me in."

Lin Yuankang's expression darkened at Qiao Nan's explanation.

She was stating the obvious. If no one 'brought' her in, there was no way she could enter the Lin family's residence!

"I never know that the teenagers nowadays have so many tricks up their sleeves." Lin Yuankang said in anger. It seemed like he had to change the guards. They had the audacity to let such people inside his house.

"…" Qiao Nan curled the corner of her lips. She had no idea why this elderly would lash out at her, but she was innocent. "Grandpa, have you mistaken me for someone else?" This was her first time here. She did not know anyone in the house and could not possibly have done something wrong or anger the elderly.

"Do you have no idea who I am?" Lin Yuankang arched his eyebrows, contempt apparent in his eyes.

"This is my first time here."

"First time? It is your first time indeed!" This young lady did not get her facts right, yet she had the audacity to come to the Lin family's residence, wanting to get in through the back gate. "It seems like you have nothing to do now. Can you do me a favor?"

"But I am waiting for someone." It would not be good if Brother Zhai came back and could not find her.

"Hehehe." Lin Yuankang laughed coldly. "Forget it. I will do it myself." Since this lady was being 'brought' to the Lin family's residence, she must have some connections. She was too arrogant to help an 'old man' like him.

Lin Yuankang snorted. He turned and brought out the 'new favorite' he acquired recently, wanting to transplant the plant to a suitable spot.

Qiao Nan who stood on the same spot was undecided on whether to help him or not. It was such a large pot of flowers, and the flower pot itself was heavy, let alone the total weight of the soil and the flowers. Did this old master wish to sprain his back?



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