Actually, it was someone else's duty to move and transplant the flowers, but Lin Yuankang was in a bad mood and wished to be alone. Hence, he decided to take a look at his 'new favorite'.

Lin Yuankang who tried to put up a strong front regretted it as soon as he tried lifting up the pot of flowers.

It was too heavy that he could not lift it at all.

Just when he was about to give up and asked someone else for help, the flower pot became light in an instant. It was lifted off the ground easily.

"Oh, Grandpa, do not let go. If you let go now, I can't handle the weight of the flower pot by myself. By then, we would have our toes crushed." Qiao Nan felt a shift in the weight and shouted out in surprise. Was this old master reliable or not? Could he handle the weight?

"Hmph." Lin Yuankang snorted awkwardly when he saw that it was Qiao Nan who helped him. He still gave her the cold shoulder even though she helped him with the flower pot.

Luckily, Qiao Nan had a good temper that was not usually found in sixteen-year-old kids.

Otherwise, who would be willing to help a stranger and be given the cold treatment? No one would want to help an 'old man' like Lin Yuankang and to be scolded by him.

Since Qiao Nan had a good temper, she did not pay any heed to Lin Yuankang's nasty temper. After helping him move three pots of flowers, she stopped and made no move to help him.

"Hehehe, what's wrong? Are you dropping your pretenses? Have you heard of the saying 'Carry something through to the end'? All of you youngsters nowadays do not have determination and perseverance, and like to give up halfway, implicating others and oneself." There were only two pots of flowers left to move, yet she gave up right then. As expected, she was pretending to help him just now.

Qiao Nan was drenched in sweat, and her clothes were plastered to her body. After helping the elderly move the flower pots under the hot summer sun, she was being scolded by him again. She could not help but feel slightly angered. "Grandpa, are you sure you still want to move the flower pots? Are you sure you will be able to get up from the bed tomorrow? Are you sure that you have been exercising often? I would advise you to prepare a bottle of medicated wine. Do not have a cold shower just because it is summer now. You'd better take a hot shower and rub the medicated wine on your waist, elbows and the muscles on your legs. Give them a good rub. Otherwise, I guarantee that you would need to rest on the bed for one full day before you can get up."

"Stop looking down on me!" After Qiao Nan's explanation, Lin Yuankang realized that he had mistaken Qiao Nan. He blushed but he was unwilling to admit that he was in the wrong. "How can you be so sure that I don't exercise often? I might be thin, but I am still very healthy!" Most elderly refused to admit that they were old. Lin Yuankang was one of them.

"Shall I address you as 'old master'? Look at yourself. You are as fair as a young lady. Why don't we compare our arms? Do you think you are bold enough to repeat what you said just now?" Qiao Nan reached out her hands in front of Lin Yuankang.

Although Qiao Nan had fair skin, she was not easily tanned.

However, Qiao Nan's complexion had indeed darkened slightly from shuffling between the hospital and Qiao family's residence during the day.

Most importantly, Qiao Nan used to help out with household chores at home. Her arms might not be thick, but the 'old man', Lin Yuankang, had arms as thin as hers.

Despite their gender and age differences, Lin Yuankang's arms were thin and frail. It did not look like he had been through difficult times. He did not seem to have gone through training or have physical strength either.

"Old master, it is useless to lie about this."

If she was to continue to help move the flower pots, he would definitely hurt his waist.

Facts speak louder than words. An adult like Lin Yuankang was rendered speechless by Qiao Nan who was just a child.

Besides, as a man, and an old man, Lin Yuankang felt humiliated that his arms were as thin as the young lady.

After he calmed down, Lin Yuankang was not as confrontational when he looked at Qiao Nan, but he was still prejudiced against her. "Fine, since you helped me move three pots of flowers and are drenched in sweat, you can come with me inside the house to clean yourself."

Qiao Nan no longer felt dry and refreshed like when she first arrived. She looked terrible and wet just like a small white flower that was soaked in morning dews.

Her face was flushed red and her bangs were plastered to her forehead.

Most importantly, Qiao Nan's clothes were wet and they clung to her body.

"No, I am waiting for someone. If I leave with you, he might not be able to find me." Qiao Nan felt very uncomfortable. She longed to wash her face and had a drink. But this was not the Zhai family's residence or the quad. She dared not wander off lest she angered the owner of the house and disgraced Brother Zhai.

If Brother Zhai could not find her when he was back, he would be very anxious. "Old master, you do not have to worry about me. I am alright. You should heed what I said just now and rub some medicated wine. Otherwise, you would be aching all over."

Lin Yuankang frowned. Qiao Nan looked as if she was sincere about helping him, yet she refused to follow him into the house. "Do you really have no idea who I am?"

He thought that the young lady pretended not to know him. After all, he had seen a lot of such situations in the past. Thus, he made her move the flower pots, teaching her a lesson for trying to get in through the back door and not working hard.

Albeit looking frail, the young lady was quite strong. She had helped him move the pots of flowers.

"Old master, this is really my first time here." Qiao Nan was exasperated. This old master must have a persecution complex.

"Then, why are you here?" She wanted to get in through the back door, yet she did not get the facts right. How audacious and daring she was!

"My friend brought me here. I have no idea why he brought me here as well." Brother Zhai did not tell her his reasons for bringing her here.

"Who is the one who brought you here?" Lin Yuankang pulled a sullen face. This young lady was being brought here without knowing anything. What was she here for? Was she here to get in through the back door?

"Brother Zhai."

"Zhai Sheng, the young brat from the Zhai family?"

"Old master, do you know Brother Zhai as well? My words are so redundant." Even though Brother Zhai was not the chief yet, he was the most promising star in the army. Besides, with his family background, most people would know of him.

"Did Zhai Sheng really bring you here?" Lin Yuankang was surprised. Whenever Zhai Sheng came to his house, he would always come by himself. Besides, Zhai Sheng was not someone who would get in through the back door.

"Fine, if it is really Zhai Sheng who brought you here, you can follow me into the house. If Zhai Sheng wants to look for you, he will be able to find you."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am sure. Young lady, do I look like someone who is unreliable?" If he was not sure in his own territory, then who else would be sure?

"Hehehe." Qiao Nan could only laugh it off. Lin Yuankang could not help but be frustrated at her response.



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