There was no need for words right now. Qiao Nan could only laugh it off. It was better than telling Lin Yuankang that he was an unreliable person. He would feel so embarrassed and disgraced.

Lin Yuankang's expression changed. He felt frustrated. Why would he disgrace himself in front of a young lady?

"Are you following me or not?!" Lin Yuankang did not want to look like a loser in front of the young lady. He straightened his back and walked into the house without waiting for Qiao Nan.

Initially, Qiao Nan did not intend to follow such an unreliable old master into the house. But she remembered that Zhai Sheng had reminded her to look smart. It would be very disrespectful if she went to meet the person that Zhai Sheng wanted her to meet in sweaty clothes.

She could only follow Lin Yuankang into the house.

The house looked beautiful on the outside and magnificent on the inside. The floors were covered with ceramic parquet tiles, its patterns lovely and exquisite. The chandeliers which were mounted on the ceilings were beautiful. They sparkled and glittered like snowflakes and ice crystals.

"Take it. Don't worry, the towel is new. The restroom is over there. Do you know how to use it? Should I get someone to show you?" Lin Yuankang's house was furnished with uncommon furniture and facilities. Qiao Nan seemed countrified and uncouth. He asked her lest she did not know how to use them.

"…" Qiao Nan gave him a disdainful look. Was he looking down on her?

She came from the 21st century. Whatever new gadgets the old master used, she knew how to use them as well. For those that the old master did not know of, she could handle them with ease as well. "Thank you for your concern. I just need some exploring. It would not be a big problem."

Qiao Nan followed Lin Yuankang and found the way to the restroom easily.

After locking the restroom and checking that the doors and windows were closed, Qiao Nan opened the tap, rinsed the towel with water for a while before using the wet towel to wipe off her perspiration.

She could wipe the perspiration off her, but there was nothing she could do about her shirt which was drenched in sweat. It would take some time for it to dry.

It was so embarrassing. If she knew she would run into such a strange old master, she would prepare another set of clothes. At the very least, she would bring another shirt with her.

After wiping off the perspiration, Qiao Nan had no other choice but to tug at her shirt, hoping it would dry faster.

"Little girl, are you done?" Seeing that Qiao Nan had been in the restroom for such a long time, Lin Yuankang knocked on the door to check on her.

"Almost done." Qiao Nan shouted back. She checked herself in the mirror. Her shirt was still wet. Her shoulders drooped in surrender. "I am done."

When Qiao Nan came out of the restroom, Lin Yuankang took a look at her and felt awkward.

There were neither children of Qiao Nan's age in the Lin family, nor was there any young lady who was about the same size as Qiao Nan. Lin Yuankang noticed that Qiao Nan's shirt was still wet, but there were no clothes of her size to change into. Lin Yuankang felt awkward that he could do nothing about it.

"We do not have any young lady your age here. It is not suitable for you to change into men's clothes as well. I owe you one for this."

"It is not a big problem. You do not have to trouble yourself." Qiao Nan waved her hands. She helped the elderly out of her own accord. She could not possibly let him owe her a favor because of that.

"Young lady, you should think twice before rejecting. You should always leave a way out for yourself. Do you think it's that easy for me to owe someone a favor?" Lin Yuankang snorted. This favor could come in handy in the future.

"There is really no need for that." Qiao Nan curled her lips and insisted with a smile. "Old master, where's Brother Zhai?"

"Wait." Lin Yuankang was exasperated that he was looked down upon by this little girl. If he sported a beard, it would point up out of anger. Qiao Nan was such an unlikable young lady. She did not know how to please others or the elderly to make them happy. She was such a blockhead!

Qiao Nan had just relaxed and was about to sit down when someone stood in front of her and asked, "Do you know where the restroom is?"

It was a lady's voice. She seemed to be pretty young, but she sounded haughty and arrogant.

Qiao Nan was clueless. Why was it that she kept bumping into people who were full of themselves? "Over there."

"Oh." Qiu Chenxi nodded, took ten yuan from her handbag, and threw it at Qiao Nan. She then walked toward the restroom in her heels.

"Crap." Qiao Nan who caught the ten yuan looked at the money and curled her lips. "Just what kind of place did Brother Zhai bring me to?"

Everyone she met today seemed to be abnormal.

Qiao Nan wondered what to do with the ten yuan. She bent her knees and was about to sit down when the lady from before came back. "Are you skiving? You are not supposed to sit down here!"

"Miss, you dropped the money just now." Qiao Nan pursed her lips and smiled sweetly. She returned the ten yuan to Qiu Chenxi.

"No need, this is the tip I gave you for showing me the directions. But let me give you a piece of advice. You came to the Lin family's residence to work. Though they are good-tempered, you should not skive. You should do what you are supposed to do. If people in the Lin family caught you skiving, you might lose your job."

The servant the Lin family hired was so audacious that she dared to skive around in broad daylight.

After hearing what Qiu Chenxi said, Qiao Nan felt that she was right to address her as 'Miss'. She was not being insidious at all.

After all, she was being treated as a young nanny and helper hired by the family.

"'Miss', I think you have misunderstood. I am not here to work."

"Do you want to be Elder Lin's last pupil? Just you?!" Qiu Chenxi widened her eyes and covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

If everyone who came to seek Elder Lin's help was like the countrified child right here, she would not need to get her father to think of ways to make connections.

It seemed like Elder Lin hated people who pulled strings. But if one did not do so, the chance of being successful was very low.

Qiao Nan did not understand what Qiu Chenxi meant, but the latter continued with her tirade regardless. "How old are you? Are you still in school? How're your results in school? How did you do for your English exams? Rather, did you pass your English exams? No, I shouldn't have asked that. From the looks of it, I believe you know the twenty-six alphabets, but as for the others…"

The vocabulary for English just went on and on. It was torture to memorize them. Besides, grammar was so difficult and was a headache to everyone.

Qiu Chenxi had taken painstaking efforts to learn her English. She knew how difficult this foreign language was. Particularly, it was not easy to attain the level that met Elder Lin's expectations and for him to be willing to take her in as his pupil.

Qiu Chenxi put in a lot of hard work in order to master her English. She worked so hard to the extent that she muttered alphabets like 'A, B, C, D' in her sleep for a long time. She had almost gone crazy then.

Qiao Nan realized that she had been undermined once again.slang for prostitute



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