Halfway through the conversation, Qiao Nan discovered that the usually cool and suave Zhai Sheng was a little different today. She saw the future chief carrying two heavy bags of fruits in his hands.

"…" There was a flash of embarrassment on Zhai Sheng's face. After clearing his throat, he said, "My sister is back. This is for her."

"Sister Zhai Hua is back, then Brother Zhai will have someone to keep you company at home. Sister Zhai Hua will be able to cook for you too." Qiao Nan was quite happy. She was thinking that being home alone was too quiet and lonely.

"She does not know how to." Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan. "You do not wish to cook for me anymore. Do you find me a nuisance?"

"No no no, that's certainly not what I meant. Sister Zhai Hua not being able to cook is no issue. Brother Zhai Sheng, continue to bring over the ingredients, I will do it. After all, my family is the one taking advantage of Brother Zhai." Brother Zhai would bring over good stuff each time, such as the wild terrapin today.

During this time, terrapin was not a popular food. Nevertheless, Qiao Nan knew that it was good stuff.

In fact, Qiao Nan realized that the food brought over by Zhai Sheng each time was particularly suitable for nourishing Qiao Dongliang's body. It helped him recover well.

Hence, Qiao Nan also suspected that Zhai Sheng was intentionally helping her.

"I am glad you know." Zhai Sheng's eyes flashed. He did not want to let the Qiao family take advantage of him. He only wanted one person—Qiao Nan—to take advantage of him.

After returning to the quad, Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan went on separate ways. One went back to the Zhai's residence and the other the Qiao's residence.

Zhai Sheng had just reached home and placed the two bags of fruits on the floor. Zhai Hua, who happened to be at home, saw this and shouted with surprise. "Zhai Sheng, is your brain immersed in water? Didn't you mention that you're bringing the fruits to visit a patient? Why did you leave with two hands full of fruits and return with them?"

Was her brother training physically?


Zhai Hua always touched the soft spot, poking her nose into matters that she should not be interfering.

In front of his sister, Zhai Hua, Zhai Sheng was not so good-tempered and patient. "After thinking about it, it is better to leave it at home and let you have them."

"Oh, you're finally doting on your sister. Wait, what do you mean?" Zhai Hua was stunned. "You said that you bought these for a patient, but now you're leaving them here for me to eat. Are you implying that I'm sick?! What sickness do I have?"

Having that said, Zhai Hua jumped and patted her chest. "Your sister's body is awesome!"

Zhai Sheng sneered with a 'Ha, ha'. "Given this one action of yours, don't you think that you are sick? Remember, although you are a man at heart, you are physically a woman after all." Which woman would slap her own chest before a man?

At the thought of Zhai Hua's frequent 'idiotic' behavior, Zhai Sheng was deeply concerned for his future brother-in-law.

Zhai Hua was not embarrassed to pat her own chest, but not many people would be so thick-skinned to watch her doing that.

"Zhai Sheng!" Zhai Hua exploded with anger immediately. She swiped a kick toward him directly. "What younger brother, it's indeed the most annoying creature in the world!"

Damn, why didn't her parents give her a nice-smelling, gentle, sensible, and obedient younger sister?

When Zhai Sheng was born, he was so fair and chubby. His whole body was soft and he was quite adorable. But he was not as adorable anymore when he grew up. He's getting more and more evil!

"What sister, it's indeed the most useless existence in the world."

Both Zhai Sheng and his sister would start fighting once they argued. The fierce-some way they fought made them look more like brothers.

Sigh, every brother with a younger sister is as gentle as an angel, and every sister who has a younger brother is always as grumpy as the demon.

"You really know how to slack. You could even go home when buying a watermelon." On the other hand, not long after Qiao Nan reached home, as she was still thinking about what Zhai Sheng said, Qiao Zijin came back.

Qiao Zijin sneered. "Nan Nan, congratulations to you. It seems that the Zhou Bing couple has taken quite a liking to you. I heard that Zhou Jun is their youngest son. They're targeting you and hoping that you'll be their little daughter-in-law. You're so young and already all set to marry. You don't need to worry about being left on the shelves!"

At the thought of the obvious differential treatment displayed by the Zhou Bing couple, Qiao Zijin was extremely bright at this moment and actually understood what was happening.

"Qiao Zijin, you'd better not annoy me now." Qiao Nan did not take Qiao Zijin's words to heart. Ding Jiayi's and Qiao Zijin's demeanor today was already very embarrassing.

At the sight of a mother like Ding Jiayi and a sister like Qiao Zijin, Qiao Nan felt that the Zhou family's brains were a little dented. Otherwise, why would they want to be in-laws with such a family?

Furthermore, Zhou Jun was already twenty-three years old, and she was only sixteen.

After she graduated from college, Zhou Jun would be about thirty years old. It was impossible between Zhou Jun and her.

"Yo, it seems like someone has given you the guts. You're so arrogant now and didn't even greet your sister. In the past, the elderly did not take a liking to you. Now, they like you instead of me. Aren't you're happy and complacent? Ah yes, Zhou Jun is, no matter what, a company commander. If you marry Zhou Jun, you'll be the wife of a company commander at the very least. I'll really have to congratulate you."

That Zhou Jun was a stinking soldier. He would be in the army all the time.

If Qiao Nan became Zhou Jun's wife, she could only remain in the countryside all day long and look after the Zhou Bing couple, the father and mother-in-law. Moreover, Zhou Jun would not be able to stay by Qiao Nan's side throughout the year.

Just at the thought of this, Qiao Zijin felt that Qiao Nan, who would lead this kind of life, would be very miserable.

It was only a wife of the company commander that she could not be bothered to care about. Take it that she gave in to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan gritted her teeth. "Qiao Zijin, you are still going on about this? It is not interesting to quarrel. Tell me, will you choose to shut up or have a fight with me?!"

"You dare to hit me?" At the sight of Qiao Nan clenching her fists, Qiao Zijin was both angry and anxious. She lifted her chin, refusing to concede defeat. "You dare! If you dare to touch a strand of my hair, Mom will not let you off!"

"Mom will not let me off, but I still have Dad to protect me. If Mom dares to touch me, you will see if Mom will not let me off or Dad will not let Mom off. In that case, do you mean that you wish to pick a fight? Qiao Zijin, as a person, you need to have some self-awareness. I may not be pleasing to your eyes, but you also prick my eyes. I have been worrying about not having a chance to beat you!"

For two lifetimes, Qiao Zijin had always been so self-centered.

Qiao Zijin was her sister and closest next-of-kin. She could not kill Qiao Zijin for revenge. Murder is illegal in this society. She would be jailed or shot to death.

However, Qiao Zijin was always in her sight and provoking her, pissing Qiao Nan off.

Killing her was out of the question. Scolding would only be a waste of energy and breath. She only wished that she could have a physical fight with Qiao Zijin and let her know what pain feels like!

Qiao Nan was just rolling up her sleeves when Qiao Zijin backed away continuously in fear. She ran toward her bedroom and shut the door tightly. "Qiao Nan, I'm older than you, but you have no regards and respect for your seniors. If not for the sake that you are my sister, see how I'll deal with you!"



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