Lin Yuankang was nonchalant, chatting and laughing despite noticing Qiu Chenxi's distorted expression.

"Grandpa Lin, it's late today. I'll go home first. I'll visit you again another day." Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth. If Lin Yuankang was unwilling to accept her as his disciple, she would not shamelessly press on either. Lin Yuankang was formidable, but he was not the only one in China. It was not that difficult for her to find a master!

"Alright, come and have fun again." Lin Yuankang did not miss the unjustified feeling, anger, and humiliation in Qiu Chenxi's eyes. Nevertheless, he still kindly waved goodbye to Qiu Chenxi and let her leave at a leisurely pace.

"Goodbye, Grandpa Lin, Brother Zhai. When you have time, you can come to my house to play. Can I look for you when I visit my brother?" There was no longer any hope about Lin Yuankang's matter, but Qiu Chenxi did not forget Zhai Sheng's existence.

Zhai Sheng knitted her brows. "The army is not a place that allows people to enter and leave as they wish. I dislike being disturbed by strangers."

"…" Previously, Zhai Sheng asked Qiu Chenxi who she was, but now he said he did not wish to be disturbed by strangers. These two things made her feel extremely embarrassed. She was not the thick-skinned type. With these piercing and sarcastic words from Zhai Sheng, her face turned red. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she nearly cried on the spot.

Qiu Chenxi bit her lips while she endured and fought back her tears. "Grandpa Lin, I'm going back." Thereafter, Qiu Chenxi turned away and left as fast as she could.

"Tsk tsk tsk, you bullied another young lady to tears again." Lin Yuankang said, as if he was watching a show.

"Again?" Qiao Nan's eyes widened. Did that mean Brother Zhai had ever bullied someone else to tears before?

"Back to the topic, what is this matter about taking in a disciple?" When did she become the disciple of this unreliable old man? Why wasn't she aware?

"Old Lin, Nan Nan is still young." Without answering Qiao Nan's question, Zhai Sheng behaved as if he was Qiao Nan's parent and discussed with Lin Yuankang.

"I understand." Lin Yuankang nodded his head. Judging by the reaction of the young lady from the Qiu family, his disciple would face much hostility if news of him accepting a young disciple spread.

Lin Yuankang was willing to take in Qiao Nan as his disciple not because he wanted to give Zhai Sheng face. It was because Qiao Nan was a rare talent.

Since it was a disciple that Lin Yuankang accepted according to his wish, he would pay great attention to these matters even without Zhai Sheng's reminder. "Nan Nan, you have been a great help to master earlier. This is your remuneration. Take it."

Having said that, Lin Yuankang was like a sly old fox as he laughed again and looked at Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng brought Qiao Nan here today mainly for two purposes. Firstly, it was to let Lin Yuankang take in Qiao Nan as her disciple. Secondly, the document Qiao Nan translated last time belonged to Lin Yuankang. He had to give the remuneration since the job had been accomplished. Hence, Zhai Sheng was helping Qiao Nan to get the payment.

Qiao Nan was so anxious that she wanted to scratch her head. She had not thought of acknowledging a master, and she did not know what kind of master she would be having. In a state of confusion, she suddenly had one.

Now that the old man had become her master, then the help she had rendered to him was expected of her. It seemed inappropriate for her to take the money.

Zhai Sheng was seemingly oblivious to the complex feelings Qiao Nan was experiencing. He tucked the envelope with the money in Qiao Nan's hands. "Thank you, Master."

"?" Qiao Nan trembled. "Thank you, Master?" Was Brother Zhai teaching her what to say?

"Don't mention it. We will all be one family in the future," Lin Yuankang said smilingly. The corners of his eyes curved up, a sense of cunningness apparent. He looked like a deep and scheming old fox.

"Elder Lin, it is late. I will send Nan Nan back." He had fulfilled all the purposes of his visit today. Zhai Sheng did not intend to stay any longer in the Lin's residence.

Lin Yuankang smacked his lips regretfully. Aye, he could not watch the show starring his little disciple and Zhai Sheng anymore. "That is right. Nan Nan is still young, and it is not appropriate for her to go home so late in case the 'baddies' kidnap her. Zhai Sheng, you must ensure that you send my little disciple home 'safely'. If there is a strand of hair missing from my little disciple, I will look for you at the Zhai's residence to settle the scores."

Lin Yuankang immediately switched his role and gave Zhai Sheng an implicit warning: This little disciple of his is really young! Don't be so immoral as to open your wolf's mouth so soon!

"Nan Nan." Zhai Sheng stretched his long legs and stood up.

"Oh." Qiao Nan behaved as if she was the little wife, following step by step behind Zhai Sheng, then giving a bow to Lin Yuankang. "Goodbye, Master?"

Till this moment, Qiao Nan could not comprehend the fact that she now had a master. Speaking of this, what kind of master was he? What would she be taught?

Qiao Nan, who had a head full of question marks, relied solely on her total trust in Zhai Sheng. Although her heart was so confused, she persisted and endured without asking too much.

At the sight of Qiao Nan treading in small steps behind Zhai Sheng, and Zhai Sheng slowing down his long steps to wait for Qiao Nan, Lin Yuankang shook his head. This little disciple of him was so worrying.

Fortunately, Zhai Sheng was not a bad guy. Otherwise, the naive little disciple might be helping the person who sold her count the proceeds.

But at the thought of the way Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan, and the latter's absolute trust in Zhai Sheng, Lin Yuankang clutched his head in pain. It seemed that the meek and tender little disciple he had just taken in would be carried away by the 'wolf' soon. Wrong… In the first place, the little disciple was carried here by the 'wolf'.


"Nan Nan, wait for me here. I am going to get the car."

"Oh, alright." Before Qiao Nan could ask Zhai Sheng who Lin Yuankang was, Zhai Sheng had steered away from the topic.

Qiao Nan, who had nothing to do, could only stay put on the spot and wait for Zhai Sheng to drive his car over.

However, Zhai Sheng, whom she was waiting for, did not come. Instead, she saw Qiu Chenxi who was supposed to have left the Lin's residence. "Do you feel very complacent and happy now?"

Before Qiao Nan could say a word, Qiu Chenxi pressed on, "What is your relationship with Brother Zhai? You are not part of the Zhai family."

"My surname is not Zhai." Of course, she was not from the Zhai family. "Do you like Brother Zhai?"

Qiu Chenxi's face turned red again, but she still lifted her chin and admitted in her stride, "Yes, I like Brother Zhai. I have always liked him since I was a child. I want to be his bride. Brother Zhai is very outstanding, so I must be outstanding too. Only then will I be compatible with him. In this world, the person who is compatible with Brother Zhai not only must be from a good family background but also capable. Do you understand?"

"So, according to you, what exactly is more important in order to be compatible with Brother Zhai? Is it the person's ability more important, or are you trying to emphasize that their family background is more critical?" Qiao Nan's eyes flashed. Her words targeted what Qiu Chenxi was trying to drive at.

Qiu Chenxi pursed her lips. She did not expect this young lady to be so sensitive and actually understood what she was trying to say. "I can only say that both aspects are as important. Neither triumphs over the other!"



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