"I see." In contrast to Qiu Chenxi's aggressiveness, Qiao Nan's innocent face had a pure smile as she said in her usual sharp speaking style, "May I ask if I am considered as someone with the capability?"

"You…" Qiu Chenxi wanted to deny Qiao Nan's ability. However, when she thought about how Qiao Nan, a high school student, pointed out a huge number of mistakes in her, a gifted student in foreign languages, writing, Qiu Chenxi could not bring herself to say something against her conscience.

She had no qualms talking bad about Qiao Nan, but saying such unintelligent words would be a slap in her own face.

"Judging by your reaction, I am extremely happy that you have acknowledged my ability."

"…" Who wanted to acknowledge her!

Qiu Chenxi did not say a word as Qiao Nan continued, "I have become the little disciple of Grandpa Lin. May I ask you another question? Since that is the case, am I considered someone of status now?"

Qiu Chenxi's face turned pale. She badly wished to give Qiao Nan, whose current smile was as bright as the sun, a slap across the face. Shameless!

She was supposed to be the little disciple of Old Lin. This woman was so young yet unscrupulous and scheming. She actually used Old Lin's name to suppress her.

Qiao Nan was now the closed-door disciple of Lin Yuankang. Of course, she would be considered someone of status. In fact, the high-level reputation and status were beyond her expectations.

Qiu Chenxi initially intended to use the status of being Lin Yuankang's closed-door disciple to cast a layer of gold on herself. She did not expect that Qiao Nan would thwart her plan.

Qiu Chenxi hated Qiao Nan for upsetting her plan and snatching away the opportunity that was supposedly hers. When she heard Qiao Nan use the status of being Lin Yuankang's disciple to refute her earlier words about status and ability, Qiu Chenxi was no longer able to tolerate the anger burning inside her. She raised her hand and waved toward Qiao Nan's face with all her might.

"…" Qiao Nan was staring. Her mother was unreasonable and liked to use physical violence on others. Never did she expect that the person before her who was seemingly high and mighty and sophisticated would subject to such method as well.

Qiao Nan was not prepared for Qiu Chenxi's atrocious temper. When she was being humiliated by Qiu Chenxi earlier, she did not scold Qiu Chenxi at all. Yet, Qiu Chenxi was so bad-tempered that she wanted to hit her.

As the slap was about to land on Qiao Nan's face, a loud popping sound reverberated. It was deafening and abrupt in the beautiful and fragrant garden.

Before Qiu Chenxi could land her hand on Qiao Nan's face, another hand which was big and strong blocked the slap for Qiao Nan. Most importantly, the direction of the hit was reversed strongly, as if she was slapping herself back.

Qiu Chenxi's strength was certainly not comparable to that of Zhai Sheng. Zhai Sheng's backhand slap was so strong that it did not only push away her hands but also uprooted her directly from the ground. She lost her footing and nearly fell.

"Zhai… Brother Zhai?" Qiu Chenxi was shocked and angry. Moreover, the hand that was slapped by Zhai Sheng became painfully numb.

Zhai Sheng's face was black and looked at Qiu Chenxi with hostility. "What are you doing? What are you trying to do again?!"

"I… I'm not thinking of doing anything…" Qiu Chenxi was in a panic and said something very silly. "I saw some dirt on this little girl's shoulder and was trying to help her pat it away."

She regretted having said that when she saw the cold and distrustful look in Zhai Sheng's eyes. She wanted to bite her tongue off. "Brother Zhai, I don't wish to say this. After all, this little girl is still young and insensible. Nevertheless, I feel that it's better to let you know lest your kindness be misunderstood and create troubles for yourself. This little girl likes you!"

Brother Zhai hated girls who took the initiative to pester him. Since a young age, she could remember the countless occasions where many young girls confessed their love to Brother Zhai but left in anger and tears due to his response.

There would be no exception this time.

"I wanted to persuade her that since she's still young, the most important task on hand is to study well so that she can repay the country and contribute to the society in the future and be filial to her parents. But I don't know the youngsters' thoughts nowadays. At such a young age, they are already thinking of love and romance. She said she likes you and wants to stick to you. She even warned me to stay further away from you. She said she will not let any other woman snatch you away… Brother Zhai, I… I was muddle-headed and in the fit of my anger. Nevertheless, I have good intentions at heart. It's for her own good!"

After Qiu Chenxi finished, five words instantly appeared in Qiao Nan's heart: What the hell was this!

Wasn't Qiu Chenxi a gifted student from the foreign language school? Surely she was not a gifted student from the acting or scriptwriting course, was she?

When did she say all these? Why didn't she have any recollection?

Qiu Chenxi was waiting to see Zhai Sheng's reaction. Unexpectedly, Zhai Sheng was looking at Qiao Nan as if there was a layer of mist over him. He looked as if he was enlightened, yet unsure. Because of Qiu Chenxi's words, he came to understand the fuzzy feelings he had for Qiao Nan. It was as if the layer of mist was completely dispersed.

Love. These feelings were due to love. He loved Qiao Nan!

At this moment, Zhai Sheng finally knew why he could not help but want to get close to and sit beside Qiao Nan, and slow down his steps so that Qiao Nan could keep up with him. He even had a tingling feeling in his heart each time he met Qiao Nan.

Zhai Sheng was enlightened instantly. He thought about some dirty jokes he heard in the army and the recent feelings and reactions he had toward Qiao Nan.

Naturally, when a man sees a woman he likes, it was true that he could not help getting close to and even taking advantage of her.

At the thought of this, there was a flash of striking radiance in Zhai Sheng's eyes that he never had before when he turned his head to look at Qiao Nan.

It was a pity that the amazing flash of light disappeared before both women present could notice it.

Zhai Sheng put away his thoughts and looked toward Qiu Chenxi calmly. "Even if that is the case, it is a problem between Nan Nan and me. It has got nothing to do with you. I do not need your interference. Nan Nan, let's go back."

"Brother Zhai?" Qiu Chenxi could not believe her eyes when she saw Zhai Sheng's reaction. Was Brother Zhai not angry? It was different from the past. He did not look at the young lady irksomely and then move as far away as he could from her. Why did Brother Zhai still allow the young lady to ride in his car?

Didn't they say that he would not let any outsiders except members of the Zhai family into his car?!

Zhai Sheng did not take a further look at Qiu Chenxi. He walked to the side of the car, opened the door, and helped Qiao Nan into the car.

When Qiao Nan was seated, Zhai Sheng closed the car door and got into the driver's seat. "Fasten your seatbelt."

"Okay." Qiao Nan was so shrewd in front of Qiu Chenxi, showing maturity and calmness beyond her age. Yet, before Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan reverted to a sixteen-year-old kid in general, obeying Zhai Sheng's every word and occasionally showing the clumsy and silly side of her.



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