With one word from Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan would behave like an obedient baby. With one command from him, Qiao Nan would react accordingly. The mature lady's demeanor and style she exposed to Qiu Chenxi was totally absent.

Zhai Sheng heard a part of the two ladies' earlier conversation.

Facing the change in Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng did not feel annoyed. On the contrary, his feelings for Qiao Nan seemed to have deepened.

The more you cared about something, the more mess you might create. When facing Qiu Chenxi, Nan Nan was intimidating and subdued her. Before him, she always appeared so silly. He felt that it was most likely because he had an important position in Nan Nan's heart, and that she truly cared about him.

Upon discovering this, Zhai Sheng's mood seemed to have suddenly grown a pair of wings and soared high.

Once she was seated properly, Qiao Nan regained her senses and explained, "Brother Zhai, what Qiu Chenxi said earlier was untrue. I did not say those things. Brother Zhai, don't misunderstand. Those words were made up by Qiu Chenxi!"

Zhai Sheng, who was gently smiling and was in an extremely good mood, suddenly turned gloomy, and the smile left his face. He stepped on the brakes and parked the car by the roadside, his dark eyes turned toward Qiao Nan. "What did you say?"

"…" Qiao Nan was stunned. She replied with caution, "Those words you heard earlier… They were all made up by Qiu Chenxi. We did not talk about that at all."

Brother Zhai seemed to be unhappy now.

But, why?!

Zhai Sheng did not speak. He just stared at Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan was initially able to look straight at Zhai Sheng's eyes, but as she felt Zhai Sheng's anger seemingly rising, she could not tolerate further. She sat up straight. "Brother Zhai, we… are we not going back?"

Zhai Sheng pursed his lips. With his right hand, he pressed somewhere near his seatbelt. With a 'ka' sound, the seatbelt was loosened.

Qiao Nan shrank her neck. What did Brother Zhai want to do?

When Qiao Nan could not endure the nervousness any further, Zhai Sheng reached out with his hand and placed it on Qiao Nan's head. The hair under this palm was so soft and silky, giving a wonderful feeling upon touch. Zhai Sheng reacted according to his wish and wanted to subdue Qiao Nan, so he rubbed Qiao Nan's head a few times, causing Qiao Nan to sway and lose focus.

"Brother Zhai, what are you doing!" Qiao Nan lamented angrily. Who was the one who kept reminding her to keep up her image?

"Silly girl, it is fine if you do not know now. You will know eventually." Even if you did not like me now, you definitely would in the future. That's enough for me!

Before Qiao Nan could regain her focus, the car had already started making its move steadily.

Qiao Nan was totally confused. From Zhai Sheng's side view, he seemed to have a faint smile, as if his mood had recovered and was not angry anymore. This time, it was Qiao Nan's turn to feel depressed.

There was a saying that a woman's heart was like a needle in the sea. But why did it seem that a man's heart was more complicated than that of a woman?

The moment she got off the car, Qiao Nan could not help asking, "Brother Zhai, who exactly is the old man you brought me to see today?" Qiu Chenxi's family background seemed to be quite good. An old master that even someone from such a well-to-do family wanted to get associated with, albeit unreliable, must have something else.

"He is your master." Having said this, Zhai Sheng added after some consideration, "I may need to return to the army and will not be back for a short period. If there is any matter, call me."

Talking about phone calls, Zhai Sheng smiled again.

Zhai Sheng had given the telephone number to Qiao Nan one year ago. In the past, he never liked receiving phone calls. However, during the past one year, he had been wishing for a call from Qiao Nan.

He used to not understand why he would be like this. Now, he no longer had any doubts regarding this matter.

He had initially thought that Qiao Nan had thrown away the phone number. Unexpectedly, Qiao Nan had been keeping it with her all along. There was nothing than this that Zhai Sheng was happier about.

"I am leaving. Go home earlier and put away the money well. Don't let anyone else find it." After a few words of concern, Zhai Sheng closed the car door and drove straight to the army.

In fact, Zhai Sheng should have returned to the army three days ago. But in order to let Lin Yuankang take in Qiao Nan as his disciple, he made some special arrangements to delay his return to the army by three days.

Therefore, once today's matter was settled, Zhai Sheng did not even have any spare time to return home. He must leave for the army immediately.

Looking at Qiao Nan, who was getting smaller as she walked further, from his rearview mirror, Zhai Sheng smiled. It was a pity that he had already returned to the entrance of the quad. Otherwise, he could rub Nan Nan's head again before he left.

As she did not manage to receive a specific answer from Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan gave a little sigh and said unconvincingly, "If you are not telling me, then I shall find out by myself."

"Xiao Qiao, where did you go? I have been waiting for you for half a day today!" Someone gave Qiao Nan's shoulder a strong slap before she could turn around.

Qiao Nan was shocked. "Zhu Baoguo? You… you came back from overseas?"

"How did you know that I went traveling? Were you looking for me?" Zhu Baoguo was pleasantly surprised. He thought Xiao Qiao would not look for him if he did not look for her. "Look, this is the gift I brought back for you this time. See if you like it!"

Zhu Baoguo acted as if he was presenting a treasure and took out the present he was going to give to Qiao Nan.

"Thank you." Qiao Nan took the gift. "Did you see Wang Yang when you came back? Did he tell you anything?"

"Wang Yang? Of course I saw him." At the mention of Wang Yang, Zhu Baoguo was unhappy. "I bet you don't know. We came back yesterday, and it was already past nine when we reached home. Once we arrived home, my auntie brought Wang Yang back immediately. Wang Yang called and followed Grandpa around. In the end, my auntie followed Grandpa to his study room. She must be asking for my grandpa's help because of my uncle. Wishful thinking!" Wang Yang just harmed him, and he nearly missed the middle school examination because of Wang Yang. This matter would not be forgotten so easily.

"True enough." Qiao Nan smiled sarcastically. Fortunately, she did not pine any hopes on Wang Yang from the beginning. It was lucky that she had Brother Zhai. Otherwise, her father…

"Why did you ask me about Wang Yang once I came back? Did he bully you?" Zhu Baoguo gave a stare and waved his fists, his aura strong. "Don't worry. If he really bullied you, I will take revenge for you. I have not been wasting my time in the army. My fists are certainly stronger than that of Wang Yang!"

It was for the sake of dealing with Wang Yang that Zhu Baoguo was willing to follow Zhu Chengqi to the army. He was treated like a new recruit as he underwent vigorous training.

He had said that he would deal with Wang Yang as if he was a small chicken if he dared to do anything to him again!

"Nothing." Qiao Nan shook her head. "I have received the gift. Go home. My dad will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. I have to tidy up and clean up his room."

"Uncle Qiao is in the hospital? What happened?"

"Nothing. He had a small accident. He is recovering well now." Since the matter had already passed, Qiao Nan did not want to bring it up again.

"Is he really alright? Since Uncle Qiao is sick, he will have a lot of medical expenses, right?"



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