Elder Zhu was worried that after becoming a soldier, Zhu Baoguo might end up as cannon fodder in the future.

But judging from Zhu Baoguo's performance today, Elder Zhu was sure that his grandson would not end up as cannon fodder as long as he was taught well. He would be a good politician instead!

"Thank you for the compliment, Grandpa. Both Grandpa and Maternal Grandpa had put in so much effort to groom me. I would be letting both of you down if I do not make any improvement." Zhu Baoguo was not used to sitting next to Elder Zhu, but he remembered what Qiao Nan once taught him. Zhu Baoguo extended his hand awkwardly and placed it on Elder Zhu's shoulders as if they were buddies. "Grandpa, don't worry. I am sensible now."

"…" Elder Zhu was not very accustomed to his grandson's affectionate gesture. It was usually his maternal grandson who would be affectionate to him. But he was very happy. In fact, he was delighted that his grandson was being close to him.

Elder Zhu quivered, taking a sip of the tea that Zhu Baoguo poured for him. He softened his tone. "Well, you have made improvements. There is nothing better than this. You are right. Your father is in charge of the Zhu family now. When you are able to manage the Zhu family in the future, it will be the day I can finally rest assured."

When Wang Yang came in, he saw the grandpa and grandson sitting side by side, having an animated conversation. Wang Yang's face stiffened. Still, he had to plaster a smile on his face.

In the past, Wang Yang was the only one who used to sit beside Elder Zhu. Now that there was Zhu Baoguo, Wang Yang felt that there was no place for him.

"Yang Yang is here." Elder Zhu was all smiles when he saw his maternal grandson coming his way. But Wang Yang could clearly feel that his grandfather was not as happy as he used to be when seeing him.

Wang Yang was angry. Elder Zhu no longer cared about his maternal grandson because he had a grandson by his side. Was that how it was now?

Sure enough, his father was right. The people from the Zhu family were heartless. They did not care about family ties!

"Grandpa, Brother Baoguo." No matter how angry Wang Yang felt, he had a bright smile on his face. On his refreshed face was a smile as bright as sunshine. Zhu Baoguo sized up Wang Yang. He had to admit that Qiao Nan was right. Wang Yang was very good at pretending. Everyone liked the bright and sunny person that Wang Yang pretended to be.

"Yang Yang, come and have a sit."

"Okay." Seeing that Elder Zhu motioned him to sit on another sofa, Wang Yang felt gloomy. "It is so rare for Brother Baoguo to be here and have some time to chat with Grandpa."

In the past, whenever Zhu Baoguo was free, he would mix with the bad company outside.

"I suddenly realized that I have a lot to chat with Grandpa. This is how we develop relationships with others. Anyway, since I am free, I must spend more time to chat with Grandpa." Initially, when Zhu Baoguo sat next to Elder Zhu, he could not help but felt uncomfortable.

Now that he noticed that Wang Yang seemed to value sitting next to Elder Zhu, Zhu Baoguo felt comfortable in his seat.

No wonder Wang Yang liked to snatch his things in the past. The feeling of having someone else's stuff for oneself was really cool!

Zhu Baoguo placed one hand on the back of the sofa, leaning against it and sitting with his legs crossed, one foot poised in the air. To Wang Yang, Zhu Baoguo's lazy stance suggested provocation.

"Well, it is rare that the three of us can get together. Let's have a good chat."

If there was any misunderstanding, one should clear them up.

Now that Baoguo and Yang Yang were on bad terms with each other, it might be good to spend some time with each other.

He always believed that his grandson and his maternal grandson were well-behaved children.

Baoguo used to be naughty and wild, but he could change for the better. Therefore, there was no way that Yang Yang, who used to be well-behaved, would turn naughty and no longer mend his ways.

Qiao Nan did not know that under her guidance for the past one year, Zhu Baoguo was now crafty and clever, someone Wang Yang was not able to handle.

Zhu Baoguo had learned to be sharp and would be able to deal with Wang Yang. Unfortunately, no matter how sharp-witted Qiao Nan was, there was no way she could deal with Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin.

Zhu Baoguo returned to the Zhu residence, and of course, Qiao Nan went back to Qiao residence.

Coincidentally, the family of four met at the door.

Ding Jiayi, who was filled with pent-up anger by the Zhu family's words, pulled a long face, whereas Qiao Zijin kept her silence on the way back.

When Qiao Nan was in the hospital looking after her father, the attitude of the Zhou couple was very good. From time to time, they would talk about Zhou Jun who had returned to the army.

However, when Qiao Nan was not around, and it was Qiao Zijin's turn to take care of Qiao Dongliang, the Zhou couple never took the initiative to talk about their son, Zhou Jun. They simply did not chat with Qiao Zijin and only talked with Qiao Dongliang.

When there was a comparison, one's feelings would be hurt.

Ding Jiayi was boiling with anger when she saw how her favorite elder daughter was wronged and humiliated in front of the Zhou family. She could not vent her anger on them, but she could take it out on Qiao Nan who was the apple of their eyes.

"I have already told you that your dad will come home from the hospital today and that you must clean the house. Where have you been loitering around that you only come back now!" Ding Jiayi glared at Qiao Nan, her voice rising, sounding as fierce as a tigress.

Qiao Dongliang, who needed someone to support him on his way back, had a stern expression on his face. "Stop yelling! Isn't it disgraceful? I suppose no one cleaned the house during the time I was in the hospital. How could Nan Nan finish such an arduous task by herself? You could have come by yourself to fetch me when I was discharged from the hospital and left Zijin at home so that they could clean up together. That way, both of them would take a shorter time to finish the cleaning!"

"It's just easy chores that one can finish easily! Since she stays at home every day, what is she good at if she cannot do such an easy task?!" Ding Jiayi refused to admit that cleaning the house was a very tiring chore and insisted that Qiao Nan was useless.

"Is it?" Qiao Dongliang sneered. "Since you have said so, fine. Nan Nan, Zijin, help me to the room to rest. Both of you do not have to bother yourselves with the household chores. Since children are capable of such simple tasks, it must be an easy feat for your mom who is an adult. Just leave it to your mom."

Qiao Dongliang lifted his hand and his daughters supported him into the room.

The moment he woke up in the hospital, he had said to himself that in the future if Old Ding would dare to bully Nan Nan in front of him, he would not let her off!

Even if he was injured and could not do anything to Old Ding, he would not allow Old Ding to bully Nan Nan like how she did in the past.

"I work for the whole day! I am tired!" Ding Jiayi kicked up a fuss immediately.

Qiao Dongliang had not been home, so he was clueless about the situation at home. On the contrary, Ding Jiayi went home almost every day and knew that their house was very dirty at the moment as compared to how it used to be before.

In the past, all the chores were done by Qiao Nan. As a mother, Ding Jiayi only helped out here and there. As for Qiao Zijin, she did not even lend a helping hand.

Now that Qiao Nan refused to do the household chores, the Qiao residence was no longer as clean as it used to be in the past. It would be very tiring to clean up the house!



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