"Dad, if I can, I am sure you can do it too. It is only a matter of whether you will be happier being together with Mom or by yourself. Dad, Sis and I can't always live on behalf of Mom and you, and the same goes for both Mom and you. We have grown up. Just like birds, one day, we will fly out of this nest and have another home of our own. Life is short. In the premise of being responsible, you definitely have a choice to choose a way of life that you are more comfortable with."

She was neither willing to restrict her parents nor was she willing to be restricted by them.

In this lifetime, she wanted to live for herself, and her father should also make the same choice.

"I will think about it. Let me think about it carefully." The calmer and objective Qiao Nan was in her words, carrying no personal emotions, the more confused Qiao Dongliang felt. All of a sudden, he could not figure out clearly what he wanted to do.

"Dad, you can't rush your decision in this matter. It is similar to getting married. You have to think about it properly." Qiao Nan nodded.

When Qiao Dongliang talked about divorce, Qiao Nan would not express her enthusiasm and support. Now that Qiao Dongliang had wavered, Qiao Nan also would not express any disappointment.

After all, it was also because she had resolved the matter regarding her father's surgery in the hospital that day too easily.

She was someone who had died once. Only such a person understood what utter despair was.

Her father harbored the idea of divorce because he was too furious with her mother's recent behavior and doings.

The more Qiao Dongliang behaved in this way, the more Qiao Nan felt assured with the words she just said.

"Dad, rest more, I'm going back to my room." Without bothering further about whether Qiao Dongliang wanted to divorce Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan was now more concerned about the money she had on hand.

It was most probably because she was used to keeping all her important stuff in the Zhai's residence. As there was a lot of money in her pocket, Qiao Nan felt extremely insecure. She felt that she must put the money away in the Zhai's residence before she could feel at ease.

However, it was already so late. It would be difficult for her to explain if she went out at this hour.

It would be troublesome too if she continued bringing it wherever she went. She would also have to waste her breath explaining if she was discovered.

"Sure, go ahead." Qiao Dongliang forced a smile. "During this vacation, it has been hard on you because of Dad. Now that Dad is back, you don't need to be so busy anymore. Read more if you want to, but pay attention to having a balance between study and leisure. Many children of the workers in my factory already have myopia."

"I will." Qiao Nan returned to her own bedroom after acknowledging Qiao Dongliang's concern for her.

When she left Qiao Dongliang's room, Qiao Nan actually saw Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin cleaning up the house. Her eyes flashed with surprise. Her mother and Qiao Zijin were usually not such down-to-earth chaps. Could it be that her father's decision to sleep alone in a separate room had scared her mother to the point that she had to restrain herself for two days?

She had no choice, being Ding Jiayi's daughter for two lifetimes. Qiao Nan kept feeling that today's Ding Jiayi was a little odd.

Even if Ding Jiayi was scared because of Qiao Dongliang, Ding Jiayi would pretend to be obedient and honest in front of Qiao Dongliang at most. She would then vent all her frustration on Qiao Nan.

It was strange today. Although Qiao Nan left Qiao Dongliang's room after a long while, Ding Jiayi did not frown at her or show any contempt. She also did not rush up to her to find out what Qiao Dongliang had said to her.

Qiao Nan knitted her brows. It might be the calm before the storm. This was the perfect saying to describe a person like her mother.

The more silent her mother was, the more possible it was for her mother to do something drastic. She had better be more careful.

"Mom, Qiao Nan went back to her room!" Once Qiao Nan closed the doors, the eyes of Qiao Zijin, who was tidying up the room, lit up. "She is definitely going to hide the money. If she hides it at home, we'll definitely find it!"

"Shush, be quiet. If she hears us, then don't even think about it." There was a little excitement in Ding Jiayi's eyes.

Ding Jiayi had the same thoughts as Qiao Zijin. If Qiao Nan hid things outside the house, she would have no means to find them.

But if the money was at home, Qiao Nan could forget about touching a single cent.

"Mom, I'll be starting school in half a month's time."

"Although I don't know how much money Qiao Nan has on hand, with my salary and the money, it should be enough for you to pay the tuition fees."

"Mom, I have already said that Qiao Nan definitely has a lot of money. When I knocked into her, I could feel the money in her pocket." In addition to paying her tuition fees, there would certainly be a lot left.

"Alright, do you think Mom will shortchange you if there's so much money? Whatever you wish to buy, as long as Mom has the money, I will let you buy them. Will that do?" Anyway, the money was from Qiao Nan. Old Qiao's recent temper was so eccentric, and he was so biased to Qiao Nan. Nothing he did was fair to Zijin.

She might as well spend all the money on Zijin unreservedly so that Zijin would not be shortchanged lest only Qiao Nan benefit.

Ding Jiayi was worried that Qiao Nan would get Qiao Dongliang to force her to return the money after Qiao Nan discovered it.

Regardless, she would not and did not want to return the money to Qiao Nan. Hence, the best way was to spend them all.

In short, Ding Jiayi just wanted to play rogue.

"Mom, you're the best. Don't worry, I'll certainly find a better husband in the future. He must be rich and of certain status. When I'm married, I will bring you over to my house and we'll stay together." Ding Jiayi's earlier words were exactly what Qiao Zijin wanted to hear.

Qiao Zijin did not care about the source of Ding Jiayi's money as long as Ding Jiayi was willing to spend it generously on her.

She did not have many requirements for her future husband. He just had to be good to her and willing to let her spend money. He also should not be controlling or restricting her.

Ding Jiayi was smiling from ear to ear. "You… you're still studying. Why are you talking about marriage? If you really think that Mom is good to you, put more effort into your studies when you're still studying."

If not for fear of Qiao Zijin being unhappy and flaring up, Ding Jiayi would have used Qiao Nan as an example to educate Qiao Zijin.

Speaking of Qiao Zijin's and Qiao Nan's learning attitude, Qiao Nan was the bird flying in the sky, whereas Qiao Zijin was the worm crawling on the ground.

Unfortunately, Ding Jiayi's eyes hurt when she saw Qiao Nan progressing every day. She dared not say anything despite being angry about Qiao Zijin's laziness. Even when she occasionally tried to persuade Qiao Zijin to change, she dared not be too serious in her tone because Qiao Zijin did not like to listen to such thing.

"Mom, aren't my grades quite good now?" Qiao Zijin was unconvinced. Why did her mother keep asking her to study? What was the use of studying?

She dared to bet that she would marry a better man, and into a better family than Qiao Nan would. When Qiao Nan could not go on with her life, she still had to come and look for her help.

However, Qiao Nan was going against her all the time and did not treat her as the elder sister. When she had a good life in the future, Qiao Nan could forget about getting any benefit from her!

"Very good. Since your grades are so good, why don't you study in college?"



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