"Based on this situation, the thief that came to your house is most likely someone you're familiar with. Most critically, they should be someone in possession of your house keys. Otherwise, he would not be able to enter your house so easily without being discovered. Obviously, this is a criminal case committed by someone you know well."

The police officers were taking down notes. "So, you can think carefully about people around you who may be a suspect. If you're able to provide us with many leads, we'll definitely try our best to help you retrieve the money as soon as possible."

"Mr. Policeman, what will happen to the thief if they're caught? Is five hundred yuan considered a lot to steal?" Ding Jiayi, who had a guilty conscience, was so nervous that her palms were starting to sweat.

Clearly, she only took her own daughter's money. How did she become a thief? Even the police were summoned!

"…" When the police officers heard Ding Jiayi's words, they had a strange feeling. The female owner of this house seemed to be implying the stolen five hundred yuan was not a huge amount and was hoping that the thief would steal more. Was she trying to help the thief get away with it?

"Stealing five hundred yuan will not constitute as a criminal offense. At most, there will be ten-day detention with both warning and fine imposed. But your family's situation is a little different as it's considered a break-in burglary. This is more serious. If convicted, the culprit will be imprisoned for up to three years."

Just as the police officer finished his words, Ding Jiayi's face turned pale. Her legs wobbled and she dropped to the floor, squatting down on her butt.

I-Imprisoned for three years?!

At the thought of the three years' imprisonment term, Ding Jiayi, who had never been so humiliated in her life, stood up and shouted, "Argh!" She then pounced on Qiao Nan. "You're a jinx! Are you trying to do me in?! I'm your biological mother! You crawled out from my womb! You're doing me in! You really want me dead! You're a little brute, a wretched girl."

"What are you doing?! Domestic violence in front of the police?! Do you know that the country has been discussing the 'Law on the Protection of Minors' for a few years? You're hitting your child in front of the police. Do you wish to go to jail? What kind of parent is this?!" The police officer was confused.

Money had been stolen from the house. The mother was not anxious and wanted to hit the younger daughter instead. What logic was that?

As law officers serving the citizens, of course they would not tolerate the occurrence of any domestic violence before their eyes. The police officer simply moved in front of Qiao Nan to hold back Ding Jiayi.

Ding Jiayi, who was gesturing in a threatening manner, toned down as soon as she saw the police.

"Mr. Policeman, I'm not filing this case. We didn't lose any money. Nothing's lost!" Ding Jiayi shrank her neck in fear, remembering the critical thing she had to do.

The police report must not be filed and had to be withdrawn. She did not wish to be jailed and she could not allow Zijin to have a former jailbird as a mother.

Ding Jiayi was subconsciously aware that if she was jailed and had a criminal record, given Qiao Zijin's character, she might not even acknowledge Ding Jiayi as her mother in the future. Ding Jiayi could then forget about Qiao Zijin keeping her by the side and being filial to her.

"It's lost!" Just as Qiao Nan was about to speak, Qiao Dongliang was a step quicker as he said in a loud and clear voice. "Mr. Policeman, don't listen to her. She just came back from work and don't know a thing. We lost our money. Five hundred yuan is lost!"

Qiao Nan shut her mouth and looked at Qiao Dongliang perplexedly.

In fact, she did not understand what her father was trying to do.

Qiao Zijin had clearly explained and said that her mother was the one who took away her three hundred yuan earnings.

Qiao Nan thought that, given her father's character, he would definitely not alert the police. At best, he would wait for her mother to come back after squandering all the money and settle the scores with her. She had expected it to be great cry and little wool.

Nevertheless, if Qiao Dongliang really did that, Qiao Nan would make known that she would no longer care about the matter and leave it to Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi to gradually earn and pay the debts. However, she could not bring herself to do that as she personally borrowed the money from Zhai Sheng.

What made Qiao Nan surprised was that although Qiao Zijin had explained the situation and Qiao Dongliang had also calmed down for some time, he still insisted on making the police report.

Since the police report had already been made, Qiao Nan was prepared to take the plunge.

If she did not think of a way to teach her mother a lesson and instill fear in her today, her mother would definitely take every single cent away from her pocket in the future.

Therefore, Qiao Nan was resolute to kick up a big fuss today. But before she could do so, Qiao Dongliang had said everything on her behalf, leaving her no chance to do so.

Qiao Dongliang sighed and quietly pulled Qiao Nan behind him. He hinted at Qiao Nan to keep quiet as he told the whole story. "Mr. Policeman, I just had a car accident. My medical expenses were borrowed by my daughter. That's why I'm still alive and standing here today. The driver who hit me escaped. The money stolen today was earned by my daughter during her vacation to help me repay the loan for the medical fees. It's been hard on my younger daughter. That's her hard-earned money. It's also because the adults in our family are useless, forcing the child to be so sensible at a young age. It's been really hard on her. Therefore, you must help us."

Hearing Qiao Dongliang's words, both police officers were moved. "Don't worry, we will!"

Qiao Dongliang's voice was neither loud nor soft, but it was loud enough for the neighbors who were crowding at the main entrance of the Qiao family to hear.

"It's been so hard on Nan Nan."

"Yes, I heard about it too. Old Qiao's surgery fees were borrowed by Nan Nan."

"Nan Nan not only did the quad proud by doing well in her studies but also very filial. Old Qiao is so blessed."

"Speaking of it, the most detestable person is the thief. Nan Nan is such a capable and determined child. She did so well in her studies and all her tuition and miscellaneous fees have been waived. She has helped her family save a huge sum of money. Yet, the thief had to steal the money needed to repay the debts. Why don't the thief go and die!"

"That's right. We have to be careful too lest the thief steals from us."

The more sensible and caring Qiao Nan was, the more detestable and hateful the thief seemed to be.

Shortly after, all the neighbors were cursing and scolding the thief, saying that they deserved to die. Ding Jiayi was shivering all over with anger when she heard these.

"Mom, what should we do now?" While Ding Jiayi was so furious that she was nearly driven to her grave, Qiao Zijin was scared out of her wits. The situation was getting worse and all the neighbors were cursing and swearing.

If she had known that this would happen, she would have planned more carefully so that Qiao Nan would be compelled to suffer in silence.

She should not have been so anxious. She had allowed Qiao Nan to see through her plan, causing matters to escalate. It was so embarrassing.

Right now, Qiao Zijin's head was hanging as if there was a big stone pressing at the back of her neck. She could not lift her head. She was worried that the police would find out that her mother stole the money. If that happened, what should she do? Would her mother be imprisoned for three years?

Didn't they say that stealing five hundred yuan would not constitute as a criminal offense? Why did she have to go to jail?



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