"Dad, you don't have to say anything else, I can tell what you want to say. Dad, to tell you the truth, I am different from you. You are my sister's biological father, so you are willing to believe that your child is good-natured. Even if she may have some bad character traits, it is not a big problem. Actually, at the hospital that day, Brother Zhou had told me the conversation between Sister and Mom. As long as she treats you well, you will be lenient toward her and blame her behavior on Mom who has spoiled her, assuring yourself that she will learn the right way. The Buddha said that it is fate that two individuals become husband and wife, and the children are born to collect debts from their parents. If there's no fate, they will not be husband and wife; if there's no debt, they will not be parents and children. However, no one said that the elder sister is born to collect debts from the younger sister. Dad, I know very clearly in my heart what kind of person my sister is."

Qiao Nan would not believe that a woman like Qiao Zijin who snatched her sister's boyfriend would have good character traits.

Coupled with the clues that she noticed in this life, Qiao Nan felt that her sibling was not a simple person.

The reason why she did not understand it before was that her mother would always be the one who took the lead, and Qiao Zijin did not need to do anything. She only had to give instructions to her mother and her mother would follow suit.

How could such a person be good-natured?

She was not good-natured at all!

One could not say for sure whether Qiao Zijin was spoiled by her mother, or that her mother listened to what Qiao Zijin said.

Faced with such a complicated person like Qiao Zijin, Qiao Nan would definitely die for the second time if she let her guard down.

"I know how my sister has treated me all these years. The relationship between parents and children is different from the relationship between siblings. Dad, I never ask you to do anything for me, but there are some things that I hope you won't persuade me to do as well because it's useless. I am a straightforward person. I can't keep secrets or put on a show. But we are siblings, after all. We will always be relatives, but our relationship will be no more than that." Qiao Nan did not wish for Qiao Dongliang to put in a good word for Qiao Zijin. She told him upfront that no matter what he said, it was useless.

Though she would not fall out with Qiao Zijin, she would not be on good terms with her. There would never be a day where she would be close with her.

"Nan Nan, you are still young, so you don't understand. You should have seen it. When I was sent to the hospital, a young child like you would not need to take matters into your hand if I had a brother. I do not have any relatives, while your mom's relatives are unreliable. If your mom and I are no longer around, you and your sister will be the only ones left. If you encounter any difficulties, you only have your sister to help you. Nan Nan, you have to understand that one person alone cannot save the situation."

Qiao Dongliang sighed, the elder daughter's personality was indeed cold and self-centered, the typical honey-mouthed and stone-hearted person.

When he was reminded of how Qiao Zijin thought of him, Qiao Dongliang was angry, feeling wronged and furious.

But just like what Qiao Nan said, children are the debts owed by the parents in the previous life. Today, Qiao Zijin showed a little bit of concern for Qiao Dongliang, and his heart melted. He was willing to believe that Qiao Zijin was a good child.

"It is better to maintain your relationship with your sister from an early age rather than begging for her help when you are at your wit's end. Nan Nan, Dad has suffered in this life. I do not want you to suffer as well." When one had no relatives with them, especially when they encountered difficulties, one would be thrown into isolation, helplessness, and depression. It was sheer torture.

Qiao Nan looked up and glanced at Qiao Dongliang. "Dad, does it mean that both you and Mom feel that my sister will be better than me?"

Why was it that Qiao Nan would be the one who encountered difficulties and had to beg Qiao Zijin for help? Why wasn't it the other way round—that Qiao Zijin might not do well in life and need her support instead?

At least in the previous life, she never asked Qiao Zijin for a single cent no matter how hard it was.

"Dad, all of you say that now is the age of knowledge—that well-educated people will be successful. Dad, is my performance worse than my sister? How can my life be worse than hers? Even if we do not talk about results, I am down-to-earth and can persevere. Although I may not be wealthy, I am able-bodied. I can support myself!"

Did her father look down on her?

"The rich lead their rich life, while the poor lead their poor life. I am thrifty and frugal. I know to increase income as we decrease our expenditure. I also have plans for my life. In case of any problems, I can also find a way to solve them. Dad, don't blame me for being so blunt. When you were waiting for surgery at the hospital, why was my sister incapable of gathering the money needed for it?"

"This…" Qiao Dongliang had wanted to persuade Qiao Nan, but he was rendered speechless by Qiao Nan.

That was true. If Zijin was really capable, what had she done when the family encountered difficulties?

Qiao Dongliang looked back and thought carefully. From his hospitalization to discharge, Qiao Nan was the one who managed everything, be it at home or outside. Even an adult like Ding Jiayi could only run errands for Qiao Nan and followed her directions, not to mention Qiao Zijin who did not help with anything.

With this in mind, Qiao Zijin could not compare to Qiao Nan. Even Ding Jiayi could not match up to her as well.

Obviously, even if Qiao Nan was not rich in the future, she would be able to lead a good and simple life.

Nan Nan was capable, but why did he have the impression that Zijin instead of Nan Nan would be the one with the most promising future between the two daughters?

What was the reason?

Qiao Dongliang thought hard for a long time, but he could not come up with an answer to Qiao Nan's question. With a perplexed look on his face, he asked Qiao Nan, "Why do I always think that Zijin will have a brighter future than you? What's the reason?"

Qiao Dongliang thought hard and finally realized what was wrong.

It was because of Ding Jiayi.

The words that Qiao Dongliang just said to Qiao Nan were what Ding Jiayi had been instilling in Qiao Dongliang for more than ten years. To put it bluntly, Qiao Dongliang was completely brainwashed by Ding Jiayi.

Ding Jiayi had always said that being bright at an early age did not necessarily bring success upon growing up.

Qiao Nan's current grades might be fantastic, but that was only for her elementary school and junior high school results. Things would get difficult when she started high school. Young ladies were not as smart as the boys. Qiao Nan's performance might be good now, but she would fall behind in the future.

Ding Jiayi had said that Qiao Nan was blockheaded and did not know how to interact with people. Nowadays in society, if one did not know to mix well with people, they would be at a disadvantage. It was useless if one only knew to work hard. They would be bullied, having no chance to be successful. They were destined to be bullied for their whole life.

Ding Jiayi also said that not only was Qiao Nan not good with her words and not as smart, she was also not as pretty as Qiao Zijin.



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