Liu Neng glanced throughout the whole classroom before setting his eyes on Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo. "You're Qiao Nan?"

"Yes, Teacher."

"Oh, then you must be Zhu Baoguo?" Liu Neng looked at the male student next to Qiao Nan.

"Yes." Who else but him dared to sit beside Xiao Qiao? Believe it or not, he would chop away the person's limb!

"Fine, then the two of you can remain seated. The rest of you, queue up outside the classroom. As I shout out your name, come in one by one. I will arrange your seating." Liu Neng was holding a name list. He started to give orders as he stood at the podium on the platform.

The other students below the platform exchanged looks with one another. Wasn't the form teacher concerned about the blatant romantic relationship between this student called Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo? Didn't they say that Ping Cheng High School was very particular about puppy love matters and would not allow such relationships to occur?

What did they mean by that now?

The situation that was not allowed even in the normal classes had occurred in the top class. However, the form teacher did not say a word about or react to it, as if it was business as usual. This…

Regardless of whether the students knew the reason, none of them was willing to offend the form teacher on the first day of school. Hence, everyone stood up abidingly and queued up outside the classroom. It was only when the form teacher read their name that they entered the classroom and followed the form teacher's directions to find their respective seats.

Liu Neng was a very experienced form teacher. Within a short time span of five minutes, Liu Neng had seated all the students according to their heights. "Alright, from today onward, this will be your seat. Don't sit in the wrong place. Next, I will talk about the class committee arrangements. Those whose names are called, please remember your role and quickly take charge of the tasks within your responsibility. I believe that since all of you are outstanding students, you have the ability to perform your tasks effectively. Don't forget that we're all in the same class. We should set an example for the entire cohort, understand?"

"Yes, Teacher Liu."

"Very good…" Thereafter, Liu Neng read a name and announced their respective role. He finished the announcement in a clear voice and at his fastest speed. "Alright, that's basically the arrangements. Can all the class committee members please take charge and make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible? Now, can the class monitor bring some classmates with you to collect the books? Hurry up."

"Yes, Teacher Liu." The new class monitor blushed for a while. He did not expect Teacher Liu to have such a driven and swift personality. He just got to know that he was the class monitor of class one. He had yet to become familiar with this new identity but had already been allocated the tasks. "Could some male students in the class please come with me to collect the books?"

Class monitor took a look at the male students in the class. He dared to call anyone except for Zhu Baoguo.

After he called out the names, they went to collect the books. Thereafter, the Labor committee member gathered a group of students to clean and tidy up the classroom, whereas the Literature and Art committee member managed the announcement on the notice board.

They were obviously 'good' students from various schools. After Liu Neng assigned the tasks, all the students collaborated and carried out the tasks effectively. Within five minutes, the classroom was clean and in order.

Of course, everyone was busy except for two people, namely Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo.

Almost all of the class committee members dared not assign any tasks to Zhu Baoguo or Qiao Nan.

One summer vacation had passed. The murderous aura in Zhu Baoguo seemed to have increased by a fair bit. Others might be unaware, but Zhao Yu was able to feel the change in him. In the past, Zhu Baoguo was also fierce and able to instill fear in others. However, the Zhu Baoguo at that time was like a sheathed axe, heavy with a shiny blade but was scary only because of its look and weight.

After all, an axe could kill when it smashes.

But the current Zhu Baoguo was more like a sharpened axe, its shimmering blade unsheathed. An axe like this was not only heavy but also sharp. It was much more powerful than before.

It seemed that whoever offended Zhu Baoguo would definitely be bruised and lacerated until they bleed profusely.

Such a Zhu Baoguo was definitely scary. This increased Zhao Yu's dislike for Qiao Nan.

There's a saying that goes 'Nice guys finish last and women favor bad guys'.

In fact, a man like Zhu Baoguo who had a sense of aggressiveness would be able to win over a girl's heart more easily. It was somewhat every girl's dream to be the wife of a 'big brother'.

"Why do we need to do all these while the two of them don't?" Everyone dared not assign tasks to Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo. Zhao Yu, who became an 'ordinary' student after entering class one, refused to continue with her task. "Class committee members, what do you all mean? Why are some people slacking while we have to do so much? If you don't give me a proper explanation, I won't continue anymore!"

Why was it that Qiao Nan could sit and read her books comfortably while she had to wipe the tables and windows?

"Because I've already assigned enough people for the task. If you have any objections, you can choose not to do it, but I will report this matter to the form teacher. Decide for yourself." The Labor committee member was not someone to be trifled with. She had always hated girls with a temper like Zhao Yu.

"Go ahead and report me. Since there're already enough people, it won't make a difference even if I'm not doing it, will it?" Zhao Yu, who was in a bad mood, argued with the Labor committee member. She threw the rag on the table and really returned to her seat. Thereafter, she took out her own book to read.

In the face of this situation, the Labor committee member sneered. She was the one who made arrangements for the duty roster. The name of this student was Zhao Yu. She had it noted in her mind!

"Alright, now you can refer to this notice and familiarize yourself with your dormitory." When Liu Neng was back, there were two notices regarding the dormitory arrangements on the blackboard, one for female and the other male.

There were a total of eight beds in each dormitory, but not every bed was occupied.

In Qiao Nan's dormitory, there were six other occupants besides herself. One of them was He Yun, the Labor committee member who just had an argument with Zhao Yu.

Seeing that Zhao Yu did not have the same dormitory as her, Qiao Nan heaved a sigh of relief. She was not afraid of Zhao Yu, but her character was really troublesome.

During the last essay competition, Zhao Yu dared to break her pens. Qiao Nan was not certain if there would be a second occurrence. Zhao Yu might dare to do other things to her again.

Qiao Nan felt that it was really troublesome to deal with this kind of young ladies. Dealing with Zhao Yu was not any better than dealing with Qiao Zijin.

"Xiao Qiao, if anyone dares to bully you, tell me. I'll settle it for you." Zhu Baoguo was anxious, as if he was protecting his calf. As they surveyed the dormitory, he became uptight and spoke as if nobody was kind and everyone was malicious, and Qiao Nan seemed to be one that was most easily bullied in the whole world.



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