At Zhou Jun's order, the class one students who were earlier dispersed and lazing around became like a flock of ducks in shock. Fluttering their wings, they resumed their positions at lightning speed.

Aye, Instructor Zhou was handsome but very fierce.

In the subsequent training sessions, Zhou Jun was much stricter than before. As such, the students from class one were full of complaints.

One of the weaker girls fainted as she was unable to endure the training. Two of the classmates brought her to the medical center in the school.

"Let's take a ten-minute break." It was not uncommon for students to faint from heatstroke during such military training sessions. Nevertheless, Zhou Jun took a softer approach and allowed the students to rest for a while.

"Instructor Zhou's eyes are very sharp, or perhaps it's luck. That boy really has good potential. His physique is excellent and comparable to the new recruits who have been in the army for one year".

"Yes, if we can make him join the army, he'll definitely do well."

The other two instructors sat together to exchange information while the students were taking a break.

They were initially curious who Zhou Jun had been praising. It happened that Zhu Baoguo and Qiao Nan were sitting together. When they noticed that Zhou Jun had been looking in Qiao Nan's direction, they took for granted that he was looking at Zhu Baoguo, not Qiao Nan.

With the observations that followed, they realized that Zhu Baoguo's physical strength was indeed very good. His postures were also right and met the benchmarks. He was especially very fast when he was climbing an obstacle. His speed was even better than that of the new recruits who had been in the army for a couple of years.

Such a good seedling, how would it not attract the attention of others?

"We'll be teaching archery tomorrow. How do you think that student will perform?"

"That, I don't know, but I think he won't fare badly."

"What do you say? Should we poach this seedling before Commander Zhou makes his move?"

"You wish to compete with Commander Zhou for him? You have the guts. Go ahead if you wish. I won't join in on the 'fun'." The other instructor shook his head continuously. If they angered Commander Zhou, he would torture them to death. He didn't have such guts and couldn't handle such a dangerous thing.

"Zhu… Zhu Baoguo, you're good." Zhu Baoguo's outstanding performance was not only noticed by the instructors but also the other boys in the class. They were in awe with him. In comparison, they felt like lethargic dogs who wished that they could hide under the shade and stick out their tongues like a wolfhound to dissipate the heat in their body. Besides sweating a little, Zhu Baoguo did not seem to mind the rigor of the training today.

Clearly, everyone was of the same gender and age, but the difference in fitness level was just too great.

"This is nothing. My dad has given me similar training before. Hence, I'm used to it." It was rare for Zhu Baoguo to be so modest. In actual fact, Zhu Chengqi had given Zhu Baoguo much harsher training than this.

In the beginning, Zhu Baoguo looked worse than them.

"Zhu Baoguo, is your dad also in the army?"

"You can say that."

Zhao Yu, who was sitting by the side, heard the conversation and lifted her chin proudly. Zhu Baoguo's father did not hold a mere junior military officer role. She heard that the position of Zhu Baoguo's father in the army was extremely senior.

These instructors who were seemingly powerful now could only bow to Zhu Baoguo's father when they saw him.

However, she had to keep this secret tightly.

Nobody in the class knew about Zhu Baoguo's family history yet. She already had one rival in romance, namely Qiao Nan. If the other girls in the school came to know about Zhu Baoguo's family background, she would have no chance to get close to him.

At the thought of this, Zhao Yu looked at Qiao Nan hesitantly. Qiao Nan was so smart and should be aware of this as well. Hence, Qiao Nan would also most probably not tell anyone about Zhu Baoguo's family as that would increase the number of her rivals in romance.

Sensing that someone seemed to be watching her, Qiao Nan looked around and caught Zhao Yu red-handed.

Zhao Yu gave Qiao Nan a look of warning and snorted before she turned her head away. She was very rude.

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips. She wanted to curse.

Zhao Yu was obviously the one peeping at her, what did she mean by being so snobbish?

"Instructor Zhou, do you want to have some water?" At this juncture, a few daring girls went looking for Zhou Jun with bottled water in their hands. "The weather is so hot. Instructor Zhou, you have sweated so much that you must be thirsty."

"No thanks. I brought my own water." Zhou Jun flatly declined the hospitality of these high school girls. He then took out a green water bottle and drank a mouthful of water.

"Instructor Zhou, don't be so serious. It's just a bottle of water." The girls were emotionally blown. It was only a bottle of water, not any other things. Why did Instructor Zhou reject her and embarrass her?

"No need, thank you." Zhou Jun narrowed his eyes and straightened his eyebrows slightly. Although the pitch of his voice did not change much, the tone and attitude changed a fair bit. His whole body exuded a feeling of aloofness that kept people away such that they dared not go overboard with him.

"This classmate, what's your name? What is your matriculation number?" Liu Neng, who had been coming to check on his class from time to time, pursed his lips. This type of situation happened at almost every military training session. The kids nowadays were not as simple as those from his generation.

"Teacher Liu." The girl was so scared that her face turned white. She did not expect to be caught red-handed by the form teacher. "Teacher Liu, I'm only offering a bottle of water to Instructor Zhou. It's that simple."

"Since Instructor Zhou does not need it, you should go back." If it was not that simple, he would have to find the student and have a 'heart-to-heart' talk with her.

"Qiao Nan, Instructor Zhou is so aloof." Tang Mengran walked to Qiao Nan's side and patted Qiao Nan's shoulders. "It's such a pity. Otherwise…"

"Otherwise?" Qiao Nan looked at Tang Mengran in amusement. "Yesterday, how did you question me? When you saw Instructor Zhou today, all of you acted like bees hovering around a flower. Don't you find it embarrassing?"

"Don't take it to heart too much. Don't you know that humans have the bad habit of being strict to others and lenient to themselves? Furthermore, when facing Instructor Zhou who is so good looking and suave, don't you feel anything for him?" Wasn't she a woman?

"Don't you think soldiers are the most upright people who have the greatest sense of justice in the world?" In other words, why would she have any fanciful imagination about him?

"…" Tang Mengran was dumbstruck. She did not know how to respond to Qiao Nan.

She realized that while they were viewing Instructor Zhou from the perspective of a woman, Qiao Nan was looking at him from an entirely different angle. Ah yes, it was the way a student felt about her teacher.



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