It did not matter how naughty the young student was. Even if he did not listen to his parents, he would definitely become obedient with the use of the two words 'Teacher says'.

All of a sudden, the innocent way Qiao Nan looked at Instructor Zhou made Tang Mengran felt somewhat ashamed of herself. Was Qiao Nan too insensitive or were they too perverted?

On the first day of school, the extraordinarily close relationship between Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo made many assumed that Qiao Nan was the type of girl who did not cherish herself.

However, within a short time span of one day, many girls had a lustful look on their faces at the sight of Zhou Jun. On the contrary, Qiao Nan, who was supposed to have 'matured early', maintained a pure heart. Her gaze at Zhou Jun was innocent, nary of strayed thoughts.

This stark difference was noticed by Qiao Nan's dormitory mates.

"It's been so tiring today. I initially thought that military training would be fun. I didn't know that it's so tough. This was worse than studying for the middle school examination. How long would this training last?" For the entire day, Tao Zhenqin felt that she almost collapsed, smelly, and sweaty.

She had never felt so 'smelly' in her life.

The most intolerable thing was that the one set of clothes she wore for the entire day was wet, dry, wet, and then dry again.

"Don't complain anymore. It's just the first day of the training. It should last at least two weeks. There'll be more to suffer." Qiao Nan also felt tired, but it was not as exaggerated as what Tao Zhenqin said. Nevertheless, Brother Zhou was really different from when they were at the hospital.

At that time, Brother Zhou was as approachable as the boy-next-door. However, facing Instructor Zhou today, Qiao Nan dared not even approach and greet him. She was afraid that Zhou Jun would treat her similarly to those girls who offered him water—that he would snap at her.

"Don't tell me about it. I no longer dare to think about what's going to happen in the next few days. How am I going to survive this?" Tao Zhenqin nearly kneeled down. "If I knew that military training would be so tough, maybe I should have applied for sick leave when the school re-opened and came back after the training ends…"

He Yun rubbed her pair of numb and painful legs. "A pity it's too late for that now. You have to see if Teacher Liu will approve it if you apply for sick leave now."

"Zheng Lingling, come over for a while." When the military training session ended, it was time for everyone to have their meals in the canteen. While Qiao Nan's dormitory mates were queuing up for food, Zheng Lingling was summoned by Xu Tingting, the vice class monitor.

"What's the matter? Just tell me directly." Zheng Lingling knitted her brows. She was very unhappy with the way Xu Tingting called her over.

Xu Tingting might be the vice class monitor, but she was the secretary.

"Vice class monitor." At this juncture, Zhao Yu silently tugged at Xu Tingting's clothes to sow discord between Xu Tingting and Zheng Lingling.

Xu Tingting pursed her lips unhappily. "Zheng Lingling, I have something to tell you. Can you come over? I'll trouble you just for a while. As for your meal, since you have so many dormitory mates, can you get one of them to help you buy it?"

Zheng Lingling was not very happy, but she sought Tang Mengran's help to buy her food before walking to Xu Tingting. "What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Aren't you all on bad terms with Qiao Nan? Why did it change all of a sudden? People like Qiao Nan, aren't you all afraid of attracting gossip if you are so close to her?"

"Are you sick?" Zheng Lingling looked at Xu Tingting ridiculously. "Since when have we been on bad terms with Qiao Nan? Why will others gossip about us if we are close to Qiao Nan? Qiao Nan's so nice. And what does this have to do with you? Why are you so concerned about it? If you have so much time to bother about the matters in our dormitory, why don't you think of how to pass that bottle of mineral water to Instructor Zhou? Today, you left an impression on Teacher Liu. Tell me, if Teacher Liu recalls that you're our vice class monitor, how do you think he'll react?"

Xu Tingting's face turned black as Zheng Lingling's words touched her soft spot. "I'm just giving you my well-intended advice so that all of you don't get too close to Qiao Nan. Why do you have to sound so sarcastic? Let me tell you, Qiao Nan is not a simple girl. She's not only good in her studies but also good at seducing guys. I heard that Qiao Nan seduced a few guys in her class while she was in junior high school. She was clearly in the wrong but all those guys in the class stood up for her and bullied the other girls. Beware that you will end up in the same state as one of those girls."

Xu Tingting was tall, about 1.66 meters. She also had a good figure that was much more voluptuous than that of Qiao Nan. Moreover, she had fair skin and did well in her studies too. Hence, even if her facial features were not outstanding, she was very popular while she was studying in junior high school.

As soon as she heard that Qiao Nan was more prominent and popular than her in junior high school, Xu Tingting was unhappy.

"Who did you hear that from?!" She sensed that someone seemed to be stirring up trouble.

"Why do you care who I heard it from? Anyway, this is absolutely credible. I advise you to be more careful and don't be too close with Qiao Nan. Otherwise, when the time comes, it'll be too late for you to realize that you have been backstabbed by Qiao Nan." Xu Tingting laughed. "I am being kind to remind you all since we belong to the same class."

One must know, as the vice class monitor, she was extremely popular.

"Don't bluff me like I'm a three-year-old kid." Zheng Lingling laughed. "We have two vice class monitors in the class. You are one of them, and the other is Qiao Nan. There's only one vice class monitor in other classes. In other words, between the two vice class monitors in our class, there's a possibility that either Qiao Nan or you will be eliminated. Xu Tingting, don't canvass in this way. It's a bad habit to think that other people are idiots. Beware of losing more than you will gain."

Leaving these words, Zheng Lingling simply went back to join Qiao Nan's group.

"You…" Xu Tingting turned pale and stomped her feet in anger. "When Qiao Nan snatches away someone you like in future, you will regret it!"

"Vice class monitor, how's it? Did you succeed?" Zhao Yu walked over to ask Xu Tingting.

"What success! Qiao Nan and Zheng Lingling are staying in the same dormitory and they are all very united." Xu Tingting stared at Zhao Yu. "It's all because of your lousy idea. You suggested that I think of ways to sow discord between Qiao Nan and her dormitory mates so that I can canvass more votes for myself. Now, not only did I not garner any support but also get laughed at by Zheng Lingling instead. Stay away from me. I'm really annoyed at the sight of you now!"

Zhao Yu, who had never been scolded so harshly by a classmate before, turned red. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

Just as Zhao Yu was prepared to leave, she turned and saw a person who made her face turned even redder. "Isn't that Instructor Zhou?" Why did Instructor Zhou come to the canteen? Didn't they say that instructors would be having lunch in the smaller canteen where the teachers had their meals?

Looking at Zhou Jun striding his long legs and walking straight toward her, Zhao Yu was pleasantly surprised and dumbfounded.



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