Zhao Yu's feet moved slightly apart, her two hands clutching the collar of her shirt. She was so embarrassed that she was at a loss of what to do. She rehearsed in her heart how to appear more natural when she greeted Instructor Zhou later.

Before Zhao Yu was done with her thoughts, someone bumped into her. She lost her footing and nearly fell down, stumbling backward by a couple of steps.

When Zhao Yu looked up, the person who bumped onto her was none other than Xu Tingting, her dormitory mate, the vice class monitor.

Xu Tingting's face was even redder. Her two eyes were staring straight at Zhou Jun, waiting for him to walk to her. How could Instructor Zhou not take a liking to her? It must be because there were too many people present previously, and given his role as an instructor, he felt too embarrassed to accept her mineral water. He must be looking for her now to explain himself.

"Instructor Zhou, I know that you did not do it on purpose…" When Instructor Zhou was only about three steps away from her, Xu Tingting could not endure any further. She stepped forward and wanted to tell Zhou Jun that she did not mind what happened during the day and that he did not need to take it to heart too.

At this juncture, Xu Tingting did not expect Zhou Jun to walk straight past her.

"Ha ha." Zhao Yu, who earlier stumbled to the other side, pursed her lips and laughed secretly. She then quickly stood up.

To her surprise, Instructor Zhou did not have eyes for Xu Tingting during the day and noticed her instead. If that was the case, she would be more prominent than Xu Tingting who was the vice class monitor.

It was only when Zhao Yu met with a similar fate as Xu Tingting that she suddenly became as stiff as a wood block.

"Crap." He Yun, who saw everything happened, laughed so hard that she nearly spit out the rice in her mouth. "There're so many people with wishful thinking in this world. Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu are the best examples."

This was the first day Instructor Zhou conducted the training. Most probably, he had not even remembered who they were and their names. What made Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu so proud to think that Instructor Zhou appeared in the canteen for their sake?

"Don't say that. I also had the delusion that Instructor Zhou was walking toward me. Are all the soldiers nowadays as good looking as Instructor Zhou? It's so easy to cause a misunderstanding." Tang Mengran held her face with both hands. How great that would be if Instructor Zhou was coming to their table.

"My child, don't think too much. You'd better have more food!" Fang Fang rolled her eyes at Tang Mengran and fed herself a mouthful of rice. "Qiao Nan, you're eating so quickly. Do you intend to go back earlier to read your books?"

Fang Fang noticed that Qiao Nan never wasted her time while she was in the classroom. She would be focused, conscientiously reading her books. When she was out of the classroom, such as when she was in the dormitory, she would not read books but take a good rest instead.

Fang Fang thought about it and felt that Qiao Nan's learning habits were very effective.

"Yes, I have not completed a few of the questions I read earlier." Qiao Nan ate another mouthful of rice.

"Oh no, Instructor Zhou has not changed his direction. I'm going to be like Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu. I'm going to misunderstand, misunderstand, misunderstand!" Tang Mengran simply covered her eyes with her hands to 'see no evil' so that her thoughts would not go astray.

"I'm also going to misunderstand," Zheng Lingling was stunned and could not help saying this.

"Alright, you're not the only one." Tao Zhenqin nearly dropped the chopsticks in her hands. Instructor Zhou, please change your direction. Otherwise, could you stop staring at our table?

"Even if it's not real, it's a beautiful misunderstanding. Since it's a misunderstanding, it will be clarified sooner or later." He Yun patted her chest and told herself to be calm.

"Damn, how to be calm! Shall we eat at another table?!" He Yun slammed the table. Clearly, the distance was so short, but why was it so unbearable? Was changing table the only way to end this suffering?

"Yes, alright!" Tao Zhenqin and Zheng Lingling agreed. Tang Mengran nodded her head furiously. Only Qiao Nan and Fang Fang were focused on having their meals, finishing their food.

When Zhou Jun stopped by the table, He Yun, Tao Zhenqin, and the rest of the few were simply stupefied. Instructor Zhou really came to their table!

Zheng Lingling, who was the one who held the most senior 'official role' in the dormitory, stood up stiffly. "Instructor Zhou, do you have any tasks that require our arrangements? Please say. I'll inform my classmates later."

Zhou Jun's expression relaxed and then waved his hands to signal that that's not the case. "Don't be so nervous. I'm here to look for Qiao Nan."

"Pfft…" Fang Fang, who had just stuffed a mouthful of rice into her mouth, simply spat out all of it. "Cough, cough, cough…"

"Drink some soup!" At the sight of Fang Fang choking till her face turned crimson, Qiao Nan was so frightened that she quickly gave Fang Fang her soup. Without saying a word, Fang Fang gulped down the half mouthful of rice left without thinking.

Damn, did it need to be so scary?

I nearly lost my life!

"Thanks so much, Qiao Nan." Fang Fang smiled gladly after she regained her normal breathing. She thought that she almost died when she choked on that half mouthful of rice.

"Zhou… Instructor Zhou, is there any matter?" Qiao Nan looked at Zhou Jun.

"I wanted to ask how Uncle Qiao is doing recently." Zhou Jun smiled. He came for a reason.

Earlier, Zhou Jun was jealous of Zhu Baoguo. But while he was having his meal, he reflected on this and felt that he was being silly.

Qiao Nan was just sixteen years old, only a high school student. Uncle Qiao had clearly said that Qiao Nan was still young. Romantic relationships could wait until she attended college, and marriage should be considered after she graduated from her studies. He was much older than that young boy who might like a girl today and another tomorrow. He did not need to think too much about it.

He was different from that boy. If he already had set his mind on Qiao Nan, he would wait for Qiao Nan regardless of how long it would take.

Moreover, he believed Qiao Nan was a smart girl who knew how to make the best choice.

That boy was just a young and tender kid. As a company commander, why should he be afraid of him?

"Thank you, Instructor Zhou, for your concern. My dad's recovering well. He now takes a thirty-minute walk every day. Most likely, he'll be able to return to work in one month's time. How about Uncle Zhou?" Out of courtesy, Qiao Nan asked about Zhou Bing's condition.

"My dad's doing quite well. His condition was much better than Uncle Qiao. Uncle Qiao's injuries were more serious. In fact, there's no rush for him to return to work so soon. It's better to stay at home and have more rest." However, he did hear that both Uncle Qiao's daughters were studying. Qiao Nan was smart and had all her tuition fees waived, but his elder daughter's tuition fees were very costly.

Zhou Jun did not have any reason to give Qiao Nan money now. Otherwise, he would simply express that he would pay for Qiao Nan's education until she attended college. There was no need to worry about Qiao Nan's education fees!

"Qiao Nan, you're still young. Don't give yourself too much pressure. If you meet with any troubles in the future, you can look for me… or look for my family for help. My parents like you very much."



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