Qiao Nan was very smart. She even knew all these.

Right, Uncle Qiao was a soldier when he was young. No wonder Qiao Nan had so much experience.

At the thought that his parents were so enthusiastic to pair Qiao Nan up with him, Zhou Jun felt his heart fluttering sweetly.

Apart from being much younger than him, Qiao Nan was perfectly compatible with him.

When he remembered that he was the one who volunteered for the task to provide the students with military training, Zhou Jun's face almost turned red. Fortunately, he was quite tanned. His skin color, coupled with the bright sunlight, would be able to conceal his embarrassment from most people.

Because of Qiao Dongliang, Zhou Jun managed to find out Qiao Nan's age and school. Of course, Zhou Jun's mother also put in a great effort.

Hence, when Zhou Jun heard that the army would arrange someone to provide military training for the students of Ping Cheng High School this year, he volunteered to create a small opportunity for himself.

The one who's the closest would have the opportunity to gain favor and benefit from it. His future wife was very important!

If not for Zhou Jun's intention to come, the mundane mission of training the students would not have required a company commander to do that in person. It would mostly be done by the year two or three new recruits in the army.

In fact, Zhou Jun had already aroused the curiosities of a few junior recruits who had joined the army for just two to three years. They were very curious as to why Zhou Jun wanted to take on such a mundane mission. The platoon leader was not even willing to come, not to mention a company commander like Zhou Jun.

Perhaps Commander Zhou had another mission and came to the school military training session on pretense? Was there a treasure hidden in this high school?

The more they think along these lines, the more they paid attention to Zhou Jun. While they were conducting military training for the other classes, they secretly observed the situation of class one. They were conveniently doing so as all the students were using the same compound for the training.

When they heard Zhou Jun, who was normally reserved and serious as if he had inherited the teachings of Regiment Commander Zhai Sheng, was praising someone continuously, a few of the officers' jaws dropped. They nearly forgot their next command. The devilish company commander who made new recruits suffer till they cried each year without fail was actually praising someone.

To prevent embarrassing themselves in front of the students, a few of the training instructors quickly said, "Alright, let's also take a ten-minute break!"

The word 'also' made them let the cat out of the bag.

Fortunately, Zhou Jun did not notice it. Moreover, these high school students did not understand what the word 'also' implied. Otherwise, it would be a terribly embarrassing joke.

A few of the training instructors were exchanging looks with one another: Tell me, who was Commander Zhou praising?

In the end, the few instructors felt like giving up. In short, there were so many students in class one, so how would they know who Commander Zhou was praising?

Did the class one's boys have so much potential that Commander Zhou intended to poach some of them to the army?

The few instructors did not expect that Commander Zhou, who was normally impartial and stern, had indeed discovered a good seedling. Nevertheless, it was not soldier material but a potential wife-to-be!

Of course, whatever they did not expect happened much later.

After drinking lots of water, Qiao Nan felt more comfortable. She then sat down to slowly regain her energy.

The training was nothing to Zhu Baoguo who had experienced this in the army more than once. He walked over to Qiao Nan in a leisurely manner. "Xiao Qiao, do you know this instructor? Why do I feel that he keeps staring at you?"

"Staring at me? Not possible." Qiao Nan refuted. She did not feel that Brother Zhou was watching her. "Brother Zhou was obviously looking at all the students, and he had to glance at me too while doing so. He did not just look at me alone."

"No, he has been looking at you." That instructor with the surname Zhou had a different look in his eyes each time he glanced at Xiao Qiao.

"You think too much." Qiao Nan waved her hands in dismissal. "Nevertheless, I do know him. When my dad was hospitalized, Instructor Zhou's father stayed in the same ward as my dad. We're not strangers. That might be the reason why he looked at me differently."

"Is it that simple?" No, he didn't think so.

Zhu Baoguo did not know about a woman's sixth sense, but a man also had his own feelings. He felt that the way Zhou Jun looked at Qiao Nan was different and strange. But he could not pinpoint what was wrong. He only knew that he disliked Zhou Jun's attention on Qiao Nan very much.

"How complicated can it be?" Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "Besides, do you realize that the rest of the instructors have been staring at you? Why? Do you know them?"

It was just a short break and Qiao Nan had discovered that the instructors of the other classes had been staring at Zhu Baoguo who was seated beside her.

With everyone staring simultaneously, although Qiao Nan realized that these instructors were actually staring at Zhu Baoguo and not her, she felt uneasy to be seated beside Zhu Baoguo. She wished to move further aside to hide from the attention.

"I don't know. Not much impression." Zhu Baoguon said without a care. "My dad brought me to the army a few times but I don't remember anyone whom I have trained with before. It's possible that one of them has seen me before. So what? All of them want to get close to me so that they can take the back door route."

When he said this, Zhu Baoguo sounded very disdainful.

Zhu Chengqi held a senior role in the army and Zhu Baoguo was his only son.

Besides Wang Yang and Qiao Nan, who was an exception, everyone started to curry favor with Zhu Baoguo as soon as they knew that he was Zhu Chengqi's son. They yearned for Zhu Baoguo to put in some good words for them in front of Zhu Chengqi.

Because of this, the more Zhu Baoguo looked down on them.

"Young boy, you really think too much." Qiao Nan laughed heartedly. "Those few instructors were indeed looking passionately at you as if you're a big piece of fatty meat. However, the way they looked at you was decent. It didn't seem like they had any mean thoughts. They probably want to poach you as they think that you have good potential and are good soldier material."

"What kind of lousy description was that? Furthermore, you came in top for the essay competition. Which part of my figure looks like a fat piece of meat? I'm so muscular. Touch me here if you don't believe it!" Zhu Baoguo was anxious. As a man, being described as a piece of fat meat was a form of humiliation. Clearly, he had six-pack abs!

"Scram!" Qiao Nan felt like giving Zhu Baoguo a slap. Even if she treated Zhu Baoguo as her son, no mother would touch her son's body for no reason. It was so inappropriate. Moreover, Zhu Baoguo was not her son.

"10 minutes is up. Gather now!" Zhou Jun's eyes were burning with a little anger. Qiao Nan had a close relationship with a boy in her school? Then, the two of them… Could they be in puppy love?

At the thought of his own age, and that Zhu Baoguo was of the same age as Qiao Nan and also her classmate, Zhou Jun felt like he had overturned a few condiment containers. All feelings of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and other mixed feelings arose in his heart.



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