"Pfft…" This time, Fang Fang could not help but spit out her soup. Somehow, she felt that these words were too familiar. She had an elder sister who was married, and her brother-in-law seemed to have said the same things when he was wooing her sister!

"Fang Fang!" He Yun wanted to hide her face. It was too embarrassing.

"So sorry, I choked. I can't help it." Fang Fang put her bowl down. She decided not to place any more food into her mouth before Instructor Zhou left. It was too terrible.

"Thanks, Instructor Zhou, but my family's current situation is fine." Qiao Nan shook her heads and smilingly declined Zhou Jun's offer to help. Indeed, she did not need others' help at this point in time.

She could rely on her translation work to earn money. Even when she went to college in the future, she should be able to settle her own tuition fees. She no longer needed to burden her family.

"This is my home address. When you have spare time, write to my mom. She often talks about you." Zhou Jun took out the slip of paper he had prepared and passed it to Qiao Nan. With his mother as an excuse, Zhou Jun shamelessly and openly achieved the purpose of his trip today.

"Okay." Qiao Nan put away the address of the Zhou's residence properly. She felt strange though. Did Auntie Zhou know how to write?

On the other hand, when Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu, who had not left, saw this, they were perplexed beyond words. "You didn't tell me that Qiao Nan knows Instructor Zhou and that they have such a close relationship. What is Qiao Nan's relationship with Instructor Zhou?!"

"How would I know?!" Zhao Yu replied angrily. "I'm not Qiao Nan's mother. It's impossible that I know everything about Qiao Nan."

"Perhaps they are relatives?" If that was the case, if Qiao Nan found out that she tried to sow discord between Qiao Nan and Zheng Lingling's group, she would surely talk bad about her to Instructor Zhou. No wonder Instructor Zhou adopted such a negative attitude toward her.

"Unlikely. Why can't I recall that Qiao Nan has such a relative?" Zhao Yu was sullen. If Instructor Zhou was Qiao Nan's relative, that meant she could not offend Qiao Nan in the next two weeks.

If she provoked Qiao Nan, Instructor Zhou might torture her on Qiao Nan's behalf!

Why wasn't Instructor Zhou a relative of hers?

If he was her relative, she would then be able to curry favor with Xu Tingting. She would be so impressive and powerful in the class. Yet, why did all these benefits go to Qiao Nan? All the good things in the world had been taken up by Qiao Nan. It was so unfair!

"Instructor Zhou is gone." Xu Tingting grabbed Qiao Nan's hands. After 'sending' Instructor Zhou off with her eyes, she dashed to Qiao Nan and occupied the seat beside her. "Qiao Nan, we're both vice class monitors in class one. We'll definitely have many opportunities to interact with each other in the future. Shall we get to know each other better so that we can serve the class better?"

"No need." Qiao Nan took back her hands from Xu Tingting's arms. "Although we're both vice class monitors, the reality is that we'll be quite idle. Moreover, Xu Tingting, you're so capable. You can take on more tasks. I've finished my meal and will be going back to the classroom to study."

Having said that, Qiao Nan simply left without giving Xu Tingting any face.

Fang Fang stood up. "Qiao Nan, wait for me. I'll go with you."

"Aye, I've also had my fill. Qiao Nan is so conscientious. I want to attend a good university. I'll go and study as well." He Yun stood up too. She had not only eaten her fill but also watched the 'show' ended.

Qiao Nan had really done their dormitory proud. Unexpectedly, Qiao Nan knew Instructor Zhou and their relationship was quite good.

It was possible that Instructor Zhou gave training to class one because of Qiao Nan. Amongst the instructors, Instructor Zhou was the most handsome one. The whole cohort was aware that their class had a handsome instructor for their training this year.

Oh, what to do. She's in such a great mood.

"Let studying be our pride. Let Qiao Nan do us proud. Study, study!" Tang Mengran stood up in satisfaction. She had come into close 'contact' with Instructor Zhou. Contented, contended.

"Tao Zhenqin, let's go together. We're from the same dormitory. We take actions together and stay united!" Xu Tingting said as if she was implying something. She did not forget what Xu Tingting told her about Qiao Nan earlier. But in the blink of an eye, Xu Tingting was holding Qiao Nan's hands, behaving intimately with her as if she was Qiao Nan's real sister. Shameless.

"Okay, okay." Tao Zhenqin caught up with them.

"You…" Xu Tingting chased up and held on to Zheng Lingling. "Let me ask you. Did you talk bad about me to Qiao Nan?" Otherwise, why was Qiao Nan so cold to her earlier?

"When I saw you being so two-faced, I really wanted to tell Qiao Nan about you. It's a pity that I did not do so. Nevertheless, looking at the situation, I don't need to do that anymore. She truly deserves to be the top scorer in the middle school examination. Both EQ and IQ are high. A cut above the rest. Fabulous!"

It was truly a blessing to have a clear-minded individual like Qiao Nan in the dormitory.

After angering Xu Tingting, Zheng Lingling's mood was lifted tremendously. She was more motivated than ever when she studied.

For the entire evening self-study time, whenever the class one students had time to spare, they were annoyed at the relationship between Qiao Nan and Instructor Zhou. But as Zhu Baoguo was sitting next to Qiao Nan, no one had the bravery to find out more from Qiao Nan about her relationship with Instructor Zhou.

Zhu Baoguo, who was sitting next to Qiao Nan, was feeling a little sore. "Why don't I know about your relationship with Instructor Zhou?" He already mentioned earlier today that Instructor Zhou had been staring at Xiao Qiao but Xiao Qiao would not admit it!

"Of course you don't know. You were traveling overseas at that time. I knew him at my dad's ward in the hospital. His father was my dad's ward mate. Besides, remember that you're a guy. Don't be a busybody like a girl."

"It's that simple?" So it was during that time. No wonder he did not know.

Instructor Zhou's father stayed in the same ward as Qiao Nan's father. Qiao Nan was only the daughter of his father's ward mate. In that case, wasn't Instructor Zhou's attitude toward Qiao Nan a little overboard?

"How complicated can it be?" Qiao Nan put her book down. "Have you finished pre-reading the lesson? Don't forget what I said. If your accuracy rate is less than 85%… You understand what I mean."

Qiao Nan's words were like a deadly slap on Zhu Baoguo. At the thought of his accuracy rate on the questions yesterday, Zhu Baoguo quickly took his books and studied. He dared not say a word more in case Qiao Nan became angry again and punished him further.

At the sight of Zhu Baoguo piping down, Qiao Nan heaved a sigh of relief.

In fact, she had always known that there would be military training in high school. However, she did not expect that she would meet someone she knew—Zhou Jun.

At the thought of the looks on Tang Mengran's as well as a few of her other dormitory mates' faces, Qiao Nan sighed again. She would most likely be interrogated again when she returned to her dormitory.

Qiao Nan thought that Zhou Jun's appearance was already the greatest surprise. It also caused her a lot of inconveniences. Never did she expect that a bigger shock and 'surprise' awaited her on the very next day.



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