Initially, the people from the dormitory were burning with curiosity about what happened in the canteen and wanted to question Qiao Nan about it.

It was a pity that their plan could not keep up with the changes. They underwent a large amount of military training on the first day. Zheng Lingling and the rest of them had never been through such physical training before and were tired to the bones. By the time they returned to the dormitory, had a bath, washed their clothes, and hung them out to dry, they were exhausted and laid prone, listless on their beds.

In less than three minutes, sounds of snoring and heavy breathing could be heard in the dormitory.

Not to mention gossiping, the six girls in the dormitory who lived together for the first time did not even have the time to chat and went to sleep directly.

The next day, if not for Qiao Nan who woke them up, the other five young ladies in the dormitory would still be in their dreams.

"Oh, my arm is so sore. I can't lift them at all."

"My waist is aching badly."

"My legs have grown muscular."

"Let's hurry up. We must gather after breakfast. If we are late, we will be punished to run a few laps." Qiao Nan put on the camouflaged uniform she had washed and dried the night before and hurried out.

Thankfully, the weather was hot now. It only took a night for the uniforms to dry. Otherwise, Qiao Nan did not know what to wear for military training today. After all, the school only gave them a set of uniform each.

"What's there to be afraid of? Don't you know Instructor Zhou very well? You must tell the instructor to be lenient to us." Tao Zhenqin yawned. Their dormitory had special treatment.

"Are you sure it will work?" Qiao Nan sneered. "I may have known Instructor Zhou, but like what you have seen yesterday, we are not as close as you think. Besides, there are so many classmates in our class. Unless Instructor Zhou does not want his job anymore, he will not be partial to anyone. Hurry, I will not wait for all of you."

"Qiao Nan, wait for me!" Fang Fang wore her clothes and ran out after Qiao Nan.

Fang Fang was tired to the bones yesterday. If not for Qiao Nan who woke them up, she would be still in bed now. Though Fang Fang was not fully awake yet, the one thing she knew was that it would do no harm to follow after Qiao Nan.

"Qiao Nan, you are so heartless. You dare to abandon us." Tang Mengran shouted and hurried to catch up with them.

When the six girls in Qiao Nan's dormitory rushed to the field, about two third of the students from class one had reached the field. The remaining one-third of the students had yet to arrive.

It took another ten minutes for everyone to gather in the field.

"Those who are late, come forward right now!" Zhou Jun pulled a long face and looked stern.


The students who were late paled and walked out reluctantly.

"Are you sure there are seven people only?" Zhou Jun turned sullen. Nowadays, not only were the students lazy and ill-disciplined but also liked to tell lies and dared not own up to their mistakes. "I will give all of you another chance. All the latecomers come forward now!"

After Zhou Jun shouted, three of the students came forward.

This time, Zhou Jun's face turned a shade darker.

"Xu Tingting?" Zhao Yu looked at Xu Tingting with an uneasy look. They arrived late. Should they go forward as well?

Xu Tingting gave Zhao Yu a disdainful look, lest Zhao Yu gave themselves away.

There were so many people who arrived late. The instructor could never remember all of them. Besides, judging from the expression of Instructor Zhou, he obviously wanted to punish them for arriving late. They would definitely be punished if they own up to it right now.

If Zhao Yu wanted to be punished, she could go ahead. Don't drag her down as well. She would not be so stupid as to own up by herself.

Seeing that Xu Tingting refused to go out, Zhao Yu thought for a while and lowered her head like what Xu Tingting did. She kept silent and did not go forward.

"That's all? This is the last chance for all of you. Since you are not willing to come forward, I will have to call your names. You, you, and you two, a total of fourteen people are late. The first seven people who owned up to being late have to run around the field for three laps, whereas the people who owned up in the second time have to run five laps. The people whose names I called have to run ten laps! Now, run!"

Zhou Jun was a soldier and a company commander. It was a waste of his talents to train high school students.

If he could not handle high school students, how could he handle the new recruits and defend the country?

It was an easy feat for Zhou Jun to remember the fourteen students who were late. Even if Zhou Jun closed his eyes, he could point out the fourteen latecomers. The four of them from Xu Tingting's dormitory were late, yet dared to challenge his authority and pretended that they were not late.

When the first seven students who came out heard Zhou Jun's orders, their faces turned red and regretted it. If they had known the punishment was so severe, they would not own up. The field was very big. A lap was about one kilometer. If they had to run three laps, that would be three kilometers!!

However, when they heard the second batch of students who owned up had to run five laps, the seven of them felt better and started running.

When the ten students heard that the four students who were called out by Zhou Jun had to run ten laps, though the ten of them were being punished, they were still happy.

It would be better to finish the laps as soon as possible. After all, it was just three laps (five laps), it was definitely better than running ten laps!

With this in mind, the students who were punished to run three laps and five laps ran willingly without hesitation.

Contrariwise, the last four students who were called out by the instructor were reluctant to run. Xu Tingting noticed that Instructor Zhou seemed to be in a bad mood. She raised her hand to make a report. "Report, Instructor Zhou, I have something to say."

"Go ahead."

"Instructor Zhou, we did not come forward because Zhao Yu told us not to do so. Zhao Yu said that the four of us are from the same dormitory and since there're so many of us, Instructor Zhou could not possibly remember us all—that as long as we stayed still, nothing would happen to us. Instructor Zhou, we know that we are in the wrong. Could you give us a chance? Ten laps are too much."

She would die after running ten laps.

"Yes, that's right. Instructor Zhou, could you reduce the number of laps we have to run?" The other two people in Xu Tingting's dormitory nodded and pushed all the blame to Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu's face turned green in anger. "Xu Tingting, you are a rogue. You're the one who said those words. How could you push the blame onto me? If it's not for you who took your time in the dormitory to apply your skin care products and made us wait for you, would I be late? How could you say this? You are too shameless!"

Zhao Yu had never been so mad and so wronged in her life.

When she was in Ping Cheng Junior High School, she got along well with her classmates. She had a good relationship with her female classmates as well. They would never slander her. In fact, many of them treated her like a princess.



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