Zhao Yu never imagined that she would come across people like Xu Tingting in her high school. "Instructor, I am innocent. I wanted to come forward but Xu Tingting stopped me. Xu Tingting said that there're so many of us that you would not remember all of us. It had nothing to do with me."

She did not expect that Xu Tingting and the other students would be such insidious people. To think that she treated Xu Tingting as her friend…

"I don't care who instigated the rest. No matter what, all of you were late and refused to admit to it. All of you have to run ten laps. If you try to stall for time, I will increase the number of laps to fifteen!" Zhou Jun did not need to know whether it was Xu Tingting or Zhao Yu who was telling the truth.

"Yes, Instructor Zhou." Zhao Yu sniffed. Xu Tingting had two students to testify for her, while it was only her words against the three of them. Therefore, Zhao Yu knew that it was fortunate that Instructor Zhou did not listen to what Xu Tingting and the two of them said—that it was Zhao Yu who asked them to keep silent. It was considered good enough that he did not increase the number of laps that she had to run. No matter what, she had to finish the ten laps. It was better than having to run fifteen laps.

Initially, Xu Tingting wanted to try her luck again at reducing the number of laps. But seeing that Zhao Yu had already started running, and the other two did not dare to bargain with the instructor and had also started running, leaving her alone by herself, she had to accept the punishment and started running as well.

"Wow, Instructor Zhou is really strict. Luckily, I am not late." He Yun, who was tired from standing, saw that Xu Tingting and the rest of them were being punished to run ten laps and felt that in comparison to running under the hot sun, standing was considered to be a blessing.

It was a torture to run ten laps on a hot day!

"We have to thank Qiao Nan for this." Zheng Lingling was relieved that they were not the ones who were being punished.

Looking at Zhou Jun who had a stern face right now, Zheng Lingling and the others gave up on trying to get Zhou Jun to be lenient toward them.

"You will survive if you follow the rules. Don't ask for trouble."


Xu Tingting and the other three students would take some time to finish their ten laps. Zhou Jun did not make all of them wait for the four of them. He continued with their military training.

As for the students who joined them after running three or five laps, they had to go through the same military training as well.

This meant that after everyone had finished their military training, Xu Tingting and the rest who had finished their ten laps had to complete their military training for today as well.

"I am starving. I can finish an entire cow. Later, I am going to ask the aunt to give me more food!" After the military training in the morning was over, the students from class one were starving. All of them rushed into the canteen.

Fortunately, the people in the canteen had the experience. On the second day of military training, the cooked rice they prepared was two or three times that of yesterday.

Tang Mengran sat down and stuffed two spoons of rice into her mouth with no regard to her image.

"Today is only the second day. I can't imagine how we are going to survive the next ten days. Why do I feel that military training is more terrible than middle school examination?" Tao Zhenqin was aching all over.

"Stop talking and have more rice. We do not have much time for lunch. After lunch, have a quick nap lest we feel tired in the afternoon." He Yun filled her mouth with food.

"We must hurry to eat…"

Fang Fang looked up and noticed that while Lingling and the rest were talking, Qiao Nan had almost finished her meal. She silently thought to herself that sure enough, Qiao Nan was the most efficient among them all.

"Hey, have you heard of it? I heard that a new instructor will be coming to our school. This instructor is young, and most importantly, he is very handsome. But all the year one classes have their respective instructors. Which class will this new instructor be allocated to?"

"Really? Is he better-looking than Instructor Zhou?"

"Definitely, he is gorgeous!"

"It will be wonderful if he is really that handsome. Still, which class will he teach? Maybe our instructor has something on and has to leave? But that can't be…"

"Regardless, since high school year one class one has such a handsome instructor, we must have one as well. All I ask for is that our instructor needs to leave for another assignment and we will have a handsome instructor as well. In that case, no matter how strenuous military training is, we will be comforted and happy since we have a handsome soldier with us."

"Will there be a new instructor?" Tao Zhenqin blinked curiously when she overheard the discussion at the neighboring table. "The army has already allocated the instructors beforehand. It is unlikely that these instructors will have any other assignment during this period of time. Unless they are finished with the training, there will not be a replacement otherwise."

"It has nothing to do with us. I am going back to the dormitory." After having her fill, Qiao Nan wanted to go back to the dormitory to have a good nap. If not, she might not have the energy to cope with the afternoon military training.

"I have eaten my fill too." Fang Fang placed the lunch box aside.

"Let's go together." The six young ladies finished their lunch at about the same time. As soon as Qiao Nan said that she wanted to go back, Zheng Lingling and the remaining four students picked up their speed and caught up with Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, aren't you curious at all?"

"Yeah, according to what I heard, the new instructor is even more handsome than Instructor Zhou. Since you are acquaintances with Instructor Zhou, don't you feel angry for him? Maybe those people are exaggerating?"

"For me, one who wears a military uniform is the most handsome person in the world. There is no need to make a comparison among those who wear the military uniform." Qiao Nan's eyes shone brightly at the mention of military uniforms.

He Yun rolled her eyes. "Qiao Nan, in your eyes, is it the military uniforms that are smart or the person in military uniforms that are handsome?"

"I heard that the army raises military dogs, and they wear military uniforms as well. Qiao Nan, are you going to say that the military dogs are the most handsome dogs in the world?"

"Handsome!" Qiao Nan nodded without hesitation. Perhaps she inherited the love for the military uniforms from her father.

"Alright." He Yun had nothing more to say. To Qiao Nan, men in military uniforms were the most handsome people in the world, while women wearing military uniforms were the most beautiful people in the world. What mattered most was the military uniforms they wore. It had nothing to do with their looks. "Qiao Nan, do you want to be a female soldier in the future?"

Qiao Nan had a sad look in her eyes. "I am not that fortunate. My physical stamina is not up to standard. Alright, let's not talk about this. I am sleepy, I will sleep first."

"I am sleeping too." They had no time for chit-chatting. They still had military training in the afternoon!

Seconds ago, everyone was chatting, but seconds later, it was complete silence in the dormitory. The only sound that could be heard was the light breathing sounds of the six young ladies.

After the lesson in the morning, no one dared to be late for the afternoon military training.

By the time Qiao Nan found her position and stood still, she saw Zhao Yu running toward her. "Qiao Nan, I have something to tell you."



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