"Go ahead and say whatever you want, but don't pull at me. Instructor Zhou is coming." Qiao Nan pulled her hand back. "What do you have to say? I am listening."

"Qiao Nan, there are two vacancies in your dormitory. I want to move in with you. What do you think?"

"You want to change dormitory and move to my dormitory?" Qiao Nan raised an eyebrow. "Did I hear it wrong or was it you who made a mistake?" Qiao Nan glanced around and saw that Xu Tingting was glaring at Zhao Yu. She thought of what happened in the morning and finally understood what was going on. "If you want to change dormitory, you have to talk to Teacher Liu. I can't make the decision, so it is useless to talk to me."

"Do you agree with it? If you agree, you can accompany me to talk to Teacher Liu and he will surely agree." Qiao Nan was the top scholar of middle school examination, and she was the first in the class. If Qiao Nan was to ask that of Teacher Liu, he would surely agree.

"Are you kidding?" Qiao Nan looked at Zhao Yu unbelievably. "If you were me, would you agree? Regardless, why should I go with you? It's you who want a change in the dormitory, not me. It has nothing to do with me. Zhao Yu, are you certain you're wide awake from your nap?"

"Qiao Nan, don't you have any sympathy for your classmates? Compared with others, we studied in the same junior high school. We used to be classmates."

"If you cherished me as your classmate, you would not have broken my pens during the essay competition. I supposed you have broken your brain as well." Qiao Nan tugged the corner of her mouth and made a move to go back. She had no intention to talk to Zhao Yu anymore. It was a waste of her time.

"Don't be so loud!" Zhao Yu's face was ashen. "It had nothing to do with me that your pens broke during the essay competition. For this matter alone, I suffered a lot of misunderstanding and disdain in Ping Cheng Junior High School. Come to think of it, you still owe me for that. If you have no evidence, how can you slander me? If you admit that you are in the wrong, accompany me to talk to Teacher Liu and ask him to transfer me to your dormitory. Then, I will forget about what you have done in the past."

Zhao Yu had realized that compared with Xu Tingting, Qiao Nan was a pushover.

For the case of the broken pens, she received a warning from Zhu Baoguo at most. After she stopped provoking Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo did not retaliate against her anymore.

On the contrary, after school reopened, she sincerely treated Xu Tingting as a good friend. She never knew that Xu Tingting, her good friend, would backstab her. Now, Xu Tingting had ganged up with the other girls in the dormitory to ignore her and said that if she had admitted that it was her fault in the morning, at least, the other three people would not have needed to run so many laps.

They had said that she did not care for her classmates, had no responsibility, and did not stand in unity with the people in the dormitory.

Zhao Yu wanted to vomit at the thought of Xu Tingting's words. Hence, she poured all her grievances to Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, do you think what Xu Tingting did is too much? It is obvious that she is in the wrong, yet she said I don't care for my classmates—that I do not stand in unity with them. She is too shameless!"

Zhao Yu was fuming with anger, but Qiao Nan could not be bothered with her.

It was no wonder that Zhao Yu wanted to be friends with Xu Tingting in the first place. They were, after all, birds of a feather.

"Qiao Nan, we have been classmates for three years. This time, you must help me. I promise you that as long as you help me, I will not take it to heart regarding what you have done previously and be good friends with you. What do you think?"

"No!" To Qiao Nan, Zhao Yu was sputtering nonsense. "You can continue to bear a grudge for the past incidents. I don't need you as a good friend. I am afraid that after making friends with you, I will not have any working pens to use."

With that, Qiao Nan no longer bothered about Zhao Yu and went back to her position in the queue.

"What did Zhao Yu say to you? I noticed that Xu Tingting was glaring at the both of you." He Yun, who was next to Qiao Nan, asked curiously.

"She had some conflicts with Xu Tingting, so she wanted to come to our dormitory. She wanted me to talk to Teacher Liu."

"Why should you?"

"I refused."

"That's right." He Yun sighed with relief, the six of them got along very well. It would be awkward to have another person staying in the same dormitory. "Qiao Nan, a gentle reminder for you. Initially, we had some misunderstanding with you, all because of Xu Tingting. I suppose Zhao Yu might be the reason why Xu Tingting hates you to the core. After all, there are two vice class monitors in our class. When we start formal lessons, both of you may have conflicts with each other."

Xu Tingting did not know Qiao Nan well. Even though both she and Qiao Nan were vice class monitors, Xu Tingting's attitude toward Qiao Nan was strange. But if Zhao Yu had been spinning tales, what He Yun said made sense, then.

Anyway, after witnessing the scene in the morning, He Yun felt that it was just a dogfight between Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu.

"I have been classmates with Zhao Yu for the past three years in junior high school, but our relationship is not very good." Regardless of whether Zhao Yu had said bad things about her, there was no way she could be friends with Zhao Yu.

"Hey, who is the handsome man over there? I have never seen him before." He Yun felt relieved at Qiao Nan's words. In the next minute, she saw a handsome man striding toward high school year one class one. This man also wore a military uniform. Only then did He Yun understand the true meaning of Qiao Nan's words when she said that men looked the most handsome when they were in their military uniforms.

Though the man in military uniform was still a distance away from them, no one could ignore his existence.

Under the September blazing sun, the aura exuding from the man seemed to be more dazzling than the sun that people could not help but focus on him. Nobody could tear their gazes away from him.

He stood tall and upright like a poplar tree. He also seemed like a varnished gun, silent and low profile, but was solid and had an imposing manner, posing a silent threat to all.

He Yun felt as if a basin of ice water had been poured on her. She could not help but shudder in the sun, goosebumps all over her.

It was not only He Yun. Everyone felt almost the same.

Fang Fang adjusted the glasses on the bridge of her nose and turned to look at Qiao Nan silently. "Qiao Nan, do you, by any chance, know this instructor as well?" It was best to check with her lest she was surprised later.

"Are you kidding? My dad has already retired. How can I know so many…" Qiao Nan, who did not pay much attention, denied Fang Fang's questions intuitively. Although there were many 'adorable people', the few that she knew of, Zhou Jun aside, was Brother Zhai.

But given Brother Zhai's position, he would not be here in the school. It was already a surprise to see Zhou Jun, who was a company commander, in their school.



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