If Brother Zhai was to come to their school… Qiao Nan could not imagine such a scene.

Even if America stopped waging war, the drug traffickers gave up their illegal trades, and the small island nation focused on their audiovisual film business, Brother Zhai would still be needed at the front line! He had no time to come to school.

However, when Qiao Nan took a closer look at the man whom He Yun described as the handsome guy and had a cramp in her mouth.

It was indeed Brother Zhai!

Could it be that they had achieved world peace—that America was no longer being world police? Was that why Brother Zhai could leave his army duties and come to their high school?

"Sure enough…" Fang Fang pushed the glasses on her nose like Detective Conan. Qiao Nan was acquaintance with this man as well.

It seemed like Qiao Nan was acquaintances with all the handsome men in their military uniforms!

It was the law of the universe!!!

Fang Fang's eyes flashed sharply. It was no wonder that Qiao Nan said that men in military uniform were the most handsome men in the world. The men in uniform whom Qiao Nan was acquaintance with were indeed handsome men. These people looked handsome without their military uniforms as well.

"My surname is Zhai. Instructor Zhou has an assignment and was recalled by the army. In the following days, I will be your instructor." Zhai Sheng stood still in front of the students. His gaze swept casually across the students until it landed on Qiao Nan.

"Good afternoon, Instructor Zhai!" The girls in class one were undoubtedly exhilarated at the arrival of Zhai Sheng.

After sending off Instructor Zhou, there came an even more handsome instructor who was more eye-catching than the male superstars on television. They were in luck.

Was appearance one of the factors for national conscription? Did all the handsome guys in the country join the army as soldiers?

"I have been updated about what will be covered in your military training. Next, I will teach you how to stack the blanket. This girl over here, can you bring your blanket up here?" Zhai Sheng shifted his gaze and he 'just happened' to focus on Qiao Nan.

Xu Tingting was hoping that she would be selected. She said with a red face and besotted eyes, "Instructor Zhai, I am foolish and slow, can I bring my blanket so that you can give me a demonstration and I can see more clearly?"

If her blanket was folded by the Instructor Zhai, she would not wash it for a year!

"It seems like Instructor Zhou has not been strict with all of you. That girl over there, fifty push-ups. Now." Zhai Sheng did not knit his eyebrows. He slightly narrowed his eyes and exuded a frightening aura. If this student was a new recruit in his army, he would have been taken out of the army.

"Fifty? Instructor Zhai, I can't do that many push-ups." Xu Tingting, who failed at her attempt to be close to the instructor, stiffened. "Instructor Zhou has been very strict with us for the past two days. I had run ten laps in the morning. I am too tired and have no strength in me. Could I do fewer push-ups?" Xu Tingting blinked at Zhai Sheng, pretending to be pitiful.

"What the hell is this? What does Xu Tingting mean by this?" Zheng Lingling's eyes widened, her face turning red. She could not wait to give Xu Tingting a few kicks!

Back then, when Zhu Baoguo sat down with Qiao Nan carelessly, she had thought that Zhu Baoguo was in a relationship with Qiao Nan and that he was too daring and blatant to do that at school. But compared with Xu Tingting's behavior today, it paled in comparison. Zhu Baoguo's and Qiao Nan's behavior did not hold a candle to that of Xu Tingting.

Xu Tingting made her realize that there was a different world out there!


"Instructor Zhai, I don't tell lies. If you don't believe me, you can ask around. We had a very tedious training."


"Seventy? If I do seventy push-ups, my arms will be fractured."

Zheng Lingling felt that Xu Tingting's behavior was very ridiculous.

Tang Mengran sneered. "Xu Tingting may end up doing a hundred push-ups. She must have love sports."


"Eight…" Xu Tingting had not imagined that the more she asked for mercy, the more severely she would be punished, and the number of push-ups had been increased from fifty to eighty. Why was it that the men from the army were different from other men? It was not like this when she was in junior high school.

She had heard from other people that after many years of being in the army isolated from women, men became so desperate that even a female pig appeared to be attractive.

But the two instructors who were in charge of her class were odd. How could they be so harsh to her?

Xu Tingting could not understand what went wrong. But she could not afford to bargain further as the number of push-ups she had to do had increased from fifty to eighty. She started to do her push-ups right away.

Xu Tingting's stamina was not good. After running ten laps in the morning, Xu Tingting was exhausted. Not to mention eighty, she stopped at twenty push-ups and could not continue anymore. She plopped down on the ground, tired and exhausted.

"Send her to the medical center to rest."Zhai Sheng could tell whether Xu Tingting was really drained or putting up a pretense.

After dealing with Xu Tingting, Zhai Sheng continued the topic from before. "Bring the blanket up here."

"Yes, Instructor Zhai." Qiao Nan's body slightly stiffened. She brought her blanket to Zhai Sheng, her eyes full of doubts. Brother Zhai, why were you here?

Zhai Sheng did not look at Qiao Nan at all. He behaved as if he did not know her. He took the blanket from her and placed it on the ground where a mat had already been laid. "Look carefully, this is how one folds a blanket." Zhai Sheng used his fingers to mark out lines on the blanket. His fingers were like a metal ruler, leaving deep marks on Qiao Nan's blanket.

Zhai Sheng explained while demonstrating at the same time. He used his fingers to mark parallel lines on the blanket and fold the blanket according to the parallel lines.

In a minute's time, Zhai Sheng had folded Qiao Nan's blanket into the shape of tofu.

"Do you understand?" After folding the blanket, Zhai Sheng stood to a side and asked Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan could only nod her head. "Instructor Zhai, I understand now." Why did she have the feeling that Brother Zhai was angry?

The more expressionless and reticent he was, the more Qiao Nan felt that Zhai Sheng was angry. This was a woman's intuition. But Qiao Nan had no idea what he was angry about.

Seeing that Qiao Nan looked confused and perplexed, Zhai Sheng felt a slight pain inside.

If he had not found out that Zhou Jun, that brat, had volunteered to be the instructor for the high school students, Zhou Jun would have been the one who held and folded the blanket Qiao Nan had slept with!

At the thought that Zhou Jun might be folding the blanket that Qiao Nan used, Zhai Sheng felt uncomfortable.

But it did not matter anymore. He had already sent Zhou Jun back!

"Since you understand how to do it, show me how to fold the blanket."

"Yes, Instructor Zhai." Qiao Nan had no idea why and who Zhai Sheng was angry at. She unfolded the blanket that Zhai Sheng had folded and folded it according to the steps he taught her just now.

Qiao Nan took a very short time to fold the blanket. It was folded nicely and neatly.



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