In fact, Qiao Nan did not need Zhai Sheng to teach her the method of stacking blanket into the shape of tofu. Back when Qiao Nan and Qiao Zijin were at a tender age, Qiao Dongliang had already taught his two daughters how to fold blankets in the army style.

Qiao Zijin did not master it, but Qiao Nan had always been folding her blanket into the shape of tofu. This task was a piece of cake to Qiao Nan.

"Wow, so fast." Zheng Lingling blinked her eyes. "Is it that easy?" She marveled at how fast Qiao Nan folded the soft blanket into a square shape.

"Very good. Next, all of you can go back and try it yourself. After half an hour, we will go to the dormitory to check one by one."

The requirement of this blanket-folding military training was that each dormitory had to bring along a blanket so that the instructor could give a demonstration.

For Qiao Nan's dormitory, she was the one who brought her blanket; for Xu Tingting's dormitory, Xu Tingting was the representative. As for the other dormitories, they had brought their blankets as well, but the instructor only demonstrated once using Qiao Nan's blanket.

The representatives from the other dormitories who brought their blankets were dumbfounded. Was the lesson over?

In the end, these representatives had to bring their blankets back without doing any demonstration.

"Qiao Nan, you are blessed with good fortune that your blanket was folded by the instructor. I guess you won't be washing your blanket for a year?" After returning to the dormitory, Tang Mengran looked at Qiao Nan's blanket as if she wanted it for herself. If she knew that the instructor would fold their blankets, she would not have been lazy and would have taken her blanket and let the instructor used it for demonstration.

"Of course I have to wash it." Qiao Nan did not understand.

"That's the blanket the instructor has held and touched. It must have retained the body temperature and smell of the instructor. Qiao Nan, you are so lucky! Since the instructor has touched the blanket, do you feel as if you are being embraced by the instructor when you lie on the bed and cover yourself with the blanket?" Tang Mengran treated the blanket as if it was a sacred object and made disgusting comments.

"Head of the dormitory, have you been reading too many novels that even your imagination runs wild?" Qiao Nan, who did not feel that there was anything wrong about the blanket, could not help but be uneasy and uncomfortable after hearing what Tang Mengran said.

When Qiao Nan slept, she did not have the habit of wearing many layers of clothes.

If she only wore a dress to sleep, her arms and legs would be exposed. Then, the exposed parts would come into contact with the blanket that Brother Zhai had touched, and…

All of a sudden, Qiao Nan's face turned red.

"Tang Mengran!" This time, Qiao Nan was furious. "How can you have such filthy thoughts? You must know that the soldiers are upright, bright, and are heroes who defend our country. How can you look at them in such a way? This is being disrespectful to the soldiers!"

How could Tang Mengran describe the soldiers as filthy? Brother Zhai would never be such a person.

"Qiao Nan, what you said is an exaggeration." He Yun sat down and poured herself a cup of tea. "According to your statement, a man is no longer a man when he becomes a soldier, is that it? Will he not marry and have kids?"

Of course, Tang Mengran's description was indeed way overboard.

"This, this is not the same…" Qiao Nan was lost for words. The soldiers were men as well, just like her father who married and had a wife and children. They could…

"Okay, Instructor Zhai has said that he will come to inspect in half an hour's time. If you don't fold your blankets now, you may not be in time and may be punished. I think Instructor Zhai is stricter than Instructor Zhou. It seems like the more handsome one is, the more ruthless one is." Zheng Lingling unfolded her blanket that she folded haphazardly in the morning and tried to recall and use the method that Instructor Zhai taught them.

"Yes, we can't be like Xu Tingting who left a bad impression on the instructor. We must not act like infatuated fools. We must let the instructor know that we have intelligence and talents!" Tang Mengran patted her head. She did not want to make a fool of herself like Xu Tingting in front of Instructor Zhai.

"Do all of you find Xu Tingting's behavior funny and shameful? Qiao Nan is right. How could such an upright person like Instructor Zhai be charmed by what Xu Tingting did? And she still…." Tang Mengran felt hilarious at the thought of Xu Tingting.

Tang Mengran and Xu Tingting came from the same junior high school, but they were not from the same class.

As a result, Tang Mengran had heard of some of Xu Tingting's antics.

Tang Mengran was exhilarated when Xu Tingting was punished by the two instructors.

"Cough…" Zheng Lingling tried to fold her blanket for a good twenty minutes, but it was nothing like the square tofu. Instead, it looked like a soft and messy lump. "Qiao Nan, can you help me?" Qiao Nan and Instructor Zhai folded them with ease, why was it that when it came to her, she had difficulties doing it?

"Okay." When Qiao Nan heard Zheng Lingling's cry for help, she quickly went over to help her, lest she continued to think about her blanket. Whenever Qiao Nan looked at her blanket, she could not help but feel uncomfortable. If not for the time constraint and that Zhai Sheng would be inspecting later, she would wash her blanket right away.

Brother Zhai was such a good person. How could Tang Mengran say that of him?

"Look carefully, this is how you fold it." Qiao Nan did not have much hand strength as compared to Zhai Sheng. But with a few more tries, she could see the marks on the blanket.

By the time Qiao Nan finished folding Zheng Lingling's blanket, although it was not as small as the square tofu that Zhai Sheng had folded her blanket into, hers looked similar with sharp edges and was square in shape as well.

"Qiao Nan, you are amazing. Is there anything that you cannot do?" Zheng Lingling widened her eyes in amazement. The blanket that was soft in her hands was shaped into a square shape in the hands of Qiao Nan.

"Oh my god, I didn't know that folding blanket will be such a difficult task." After Fang Fang finished folding her blanket, she sat down on the bed, gasping for air.

Fang Fang was drenched with sweat after folding the blanket for twenty minutes. "Qiao Nan is right. This blanket must be washed because it has been dirtied with my perspiration. It will turn moldy if I do not wash it."

"Are all of you done with folding the blankets?" Tang Mengran, who was joking around, felt anxious. "Qiao Nan, you have to help me. My blanket cannot stand by itself. As soon as I let go, it will collapse!"

He Yun's and Tao Zhenqin's blankets could make the mark, but Tang Mengran's and Zheng Lingling's blankets would definitely fail.

"Don't worry." Qiao Nan had no choice but to help Tang Mengran fold it again. "Look carefully. What I am worried about is that when Instructor Zhai is here for inspection, he may ask us to fold it on the spot."



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