"If you don't remember this properly and give yourself away in front of Instructor Zhai, then you will really end up like Xu Tingting."

Upon hearing what Qiao Nan said, Tang Mengran and Zheng Lingling opened their eyes widely, fearful that they would miss a step and embarrass themselves in front of Instructor Zhai later.

"Qiao Nan, thank you so much. If not for you, I don't know what to do." At the sight of her now-properly-folded blanket, Tang Mengran gave out a huge sigh of relief.

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her mouth, smiling. "I've also touched all parts of your blanket from inside out and outside in. So, when you cover yourself with the blanket while sleeping later, will you also have the feeling that I'm lying beside you, hugging you?"

"Eew…" Tang Mengran shivered and could not picture that scene in her mind. "Qiao Nan, stop it. I admit that I'm wrong… Will that do?"

If Qiao Nan hugged her to sleep every day, could she still fall asleep!

At this juncture, Fang Fang was sitting on her own bed. Her eyes shimmered as she suddenly asked, "The new Instructor Zhai who came today called Qiao Nan's name. Qiao Nan, if Instructor Zhou did not leave, who do you think he would call? Whose blanket would he fold?"

"Of course it's Qiao Nan." Tang Mengran answered with certainty as she drank her water.

"Qiao Nan, what do you think Instructor Zhou was thinking? And why did Instructor Zhai also call your name?" What Tang Mengran described earlier was a woman's perspective toward a man. Then, what about the way a man saw a woman? Wouldn't it certainly be the same?

Based on her observation, sometimes, a man's thoughts were even more obscene than that of a woman.

Zheng Lingling was stunned. "Fang Fang, what are you trying to say?" Why did she feel that Fang Fang seemed to be implying something?

"Fang Fang, are you saying that both Instructor Zhou and Instructor Zhai… Is that possible?" Today was the first time Instructor Zhai met Qiao Nan. Love at first sight? Were you writing a novel?

"Sister, they look upon me as their younger sister!" Qiao Nan's face bloomed in red. First, it was Tang Mengran. Now, it was Fang Fang. Did they have a grudge against her?

"Both see you as their younger sister. Wait, let me think." Tao Zhenqin narrowed her eyes and stroked her chin. "You know Instructor Zhou, so he sees you as his younger sister. Instructor Zhou also looks upon you as his sister. In that case, both of you already know each other? Damn, Qiao Nan, you know the two of them? Don't tell me that these two instructors came to our class all because of you!"

"It's impossible that they came for me. I didn't do anything." Qiao Nan was so depressed that she felt like knocking her head against the wall. The relations being described were getting messier as the conversation continued. "Instructor Zhai is my neighbor."

"That's your childhood sweetheart!" Oh my god, what a shocking insider news!

"It's not childhood sweethearts. Although we stay relatively close to each other, I did not come into contact with Instructor Zhai previously. We only started to interact with each other about a year ago." Qiao Nan rubbed her face, trying to make her expression more natural. "The instructors that came to our school should have been arranged by the army. Instructor Zhai and Instructor Zhou did not have a choice. Anyway, enough said. When Instructor Zhai patrols the rooms later, don't talk nonsense. Otherwise, the consequences will be most undesirable!"

He Yun smiled. "Qiao Nan, don't take this to heart. Don't get angry. We're just joking. Of course we know it's impossible. We will not spread this type of private gossip around. If we do that in front of Instructor Zhai, aren't we courting death?"

Fang Fang pushed up the spectacles on the bridge of her nose. Was that really impossible?

"The instructor is coming!" Tao Zhenqin signaled for them to quiet down. The six young ladies who were earlier slumped all over the bed immediately stood up in a humble and respectful manner with both hands at their side, the midline of their thighs.

Zhai Sheng walked into Qiao Nan's dormitory without any expression. This was really the female dormitory after all. It was clean and tidy unlike the ones in the army that were always permeated with the smell of sweat.

When he confirmed that Qiao Nan seemed to have put on a little more weight from the last time he saw her, his expression looked more at ease.

Zhai Sheng was a guy. He knew exactly what Zhou Jun was thinking of.

At the sight of Qiao Nan's blanket that was folded by him, the cold and sharp look in Zhai Sheng's eyes also softened.

Even if it was only a form of indirect intimate contact, he would not allow another man to do it.

Of course, he had to fold the blanket of his wife-to-be. He would never let other guys touch any of it.

Toward his own territory, Zhai Sheng had a strong sense of territorial ownership.

In stark contrast with Zhai Sheng who had a strong sense of territorial ownership, Zhou Jun, who had been thrown back into the army by Zhai Sheng to complete a difficult mission, felt extremely depressed at this moment. Zhai Sheng would become his brother-in-law if he married Qiao Nan in the future.

However, his future brother-in-law was making things difficult for him and affecting his plan to woo his wife-to-be. How could he resolve this?

After Zhai Sheng had done a round of inspection, he said, "Pass."

"Phew…" The few young ladies could not help breathing a sigh of relief when they heard that.

"Next dormitory." Zhai Sheng's inspections were quick. He was not particularly strict too.

It was fortunate that, in order to leave a good impression on Zhai Sheng, the girls had put in considerable effort in folding the blankets properly. It might not meet all of the criteria, but they were of an acceptable standard.

With this, Zhai Sheng easily completed the mission of the blanket-folding training.

In the end, Zhai Sheng only touched the blanket of one person, Qiao Nan's.

While most of the people were happy to have passed the inspection by Zhai Sheng, only two of them noticed this. One was Fang Fang, and the other was Zhu Baoguo.

As a result, during the whole military training period, Zhu Baoguo did not look very happy. Instructor Zhou had left but Instructor Zhai, who was more formidable and threatening, came. Although they were threatening, Zhu Baoguo did not know exactly what kind of threat these two instructors posed to him even after he thought for a long time.

He was not at opposing ends with these two instructors, and neither was there any conflict of interest. Why did he have such thoughts, then?

Regardless, it was fortunate that the military training would only last two weeks.

After two weeks, be it Instructor Zhou or Instructor Zhai, both would be gone. Thereafter, Xiao Qiao would probably not see these two people again. It was different for him. He was Xiao Qiao's deskmate, and the two of them would be studying together for three years. If he was lucky, they might also attend the same university!

"The military training finally ended. Otherwise, I'm going to die. I can go home tomorrow. When I'm home, I must eat something good to supplement my health. I've grown thinner!" He Yun pinched her tiny arms as her heart ached for the few pounds of meat that was lost.

"It was tough but also fortunate." Tang Mengran buried her face in the blanket. "At the thought of not being able to see the suave Instructor Zhai from tomorrow onward… Oh, I can't bear to let it go!"



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