It was only at this moment that Ding Jiayi finally knew why Qiao Nan was so lucky to have saved Zhu Baoguo. After all, Qiao Nan's 'headquarter' was in this area!

After she remembered the few families who stayed in the area, Ding Jiayi was then willing to give up and head home.

"What happened to you? Did you fall into the latrine pit?" Qiao Dongliang could not stand the smell on Ding Jiayi when she got home.

In the past, although Ding Jiayi was not a clean freak, she was still quite particular about hygiene. Hence, Qiao Dongliang never expected that he would one day see Ding Jiayi in such a sloppy and unbearable state. The smell on Ding Jiayi nearly made Qiao Dongliang vomit.

Ding Jiayi was full of embarrassment. "Am I really that smelly? While I was walking, I accidentally tripped and fell into the garbage dump. Let me clean myself up first." In fact, Ding Jiayi could not stand the smell on her body too.

On the way back, Ding Jiayi was selective in her route and only dared to take the path after confirming that it was isolated. She was afraid of bumping into someone she knew and letting them see her in such a dire state.

"Hurry and go." Qiao Dongliang knitted his brows. He did not even ask Ding Jiayi how her leg was, whether it hurt or if she needed to apply any medication oil.

Ever since the police report was lodged, the relationship between Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi drifted further apart. Since then, Qiao Dongliang had not gone into Ding Jiayi's bedroom, and neither had he shown any concern for Ding Jiayi. Their relationship was worse than that between neighbors.

When Qiao Dongliang saw the neighbors, he would have a smile on his face as he greeted them courteously. But when it came to Ding Jiayi, he had nothing much to talk to her about. Just as what happened, he was extremely cold when he spoke to her.

"Dad." Qiao Nan came out from her bedroom. "I think I heard Mom coming back."

"Yes, she's back." At the mention of Ding Jiayi, Qiao Dongliang's voice was indifferent. It was as if his heart was still. Nevertheless, his eyes shimmered with fatherly love when he looked at Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, has it been tough on you during the two weeks' military training? Do you feel tired? I think you look skinnier now."

"I'm fine. It's nothing once we are used to it. It was certainly not comparable to Dad's training when you were in the army." Qiao Nan sat beside Qiao Dongliang smilingly. "Dad, do you know who our Instructor was?"

"Who?" Qiao Dongliang was patiently chatting with Qiao Nan. He was very concerned about Qiao Nan's situation at school.

"Zhou Jun. Brother Zhou!"

"Isn't he a company commander?" Qiao Dongliang knitted his brows. The army would not send a company commander to provide military training for high school students. Zhou Jun, that child, must have made use of his authority to request for it. In that case, was Zhou Jun there for the sake of Nan Nan?

"Yes, so he only gave us training for one day before he was summoned back to the army. He must be really busy as a company commander." However, after the company commander left, a regiment commander came… Wasn't regiment commander busier than company commander?

"Summoned back?" That was impossible.

Zhou Jun must have made the necessary arrangements before he became Qiao Nan's instructor at her school. Why was he summoned back to the army during the training?

"Do you know why he went back to the army?"

"I don't know."

"After Zhou Jun left, did another instructor replace him? Was that instructor good? Was he fierce?" Since Nan Nan was the reason that Zhou Jun went to the school, he would definitely take better care of Nan Nan during the training. However, the instructor that came thereafter might not do so.

After all, Qiao Dongliang's heart ached for his younger daughter who had to suffer during the military training.

"Brother Zhou left, but Brother Zhai came."

"…" Qiao Dongliang's eyes turned stiff. "Zhai… Why do I feel more confused now after listening to your words?"

Had he been retired from the army for too long? The situation in the army had changed greatly. They did not even go by the books now, did they?

"I was confused too. All the other classes held farewell parties for their respective instructors yesterday but my class didn't. Immediately after the military training ended, Brother Zhai left for the army in a hurry." Brother Zhai was so busy in the army. In fact, they could have arranged for someone else to come.

"Maybe… maybe something urgent cropped up in the army." Qiao Dongliang did not say this from his heart. He felt strange. Something was amiss.

Zhou Jun must have come for Nan Nan. He had his mind set on Nan Nan. What about Zhai Sheng?

Given the status of Zhai Sheng's family, and that he was the most promising child in the family, he would not waste his time to provide military training for the students. Even if there was a lack of manpower in the army, Zhai Sheng did not have to waste his time to carry out the mundane task. Moreover, based on what Qiao Nan said, Zhai Sheng left in such a hurry after the training.

Besides, Zhai Sheng conducted training for Nan Nan's class, not other classes. This…

No, he must be over thinking.

"Nan Nan, you're back." Qiao Zijin, who stepped into the house at this moment, had a flash of slyness in her eyes. Qiao Nan was back. She wondered if her mother managed to find out where Qiao Nan's 'headquarter' was.

"Dad, the weather is very hot recently. Nan Nan, did you get heatstroke during the military training?"

Qiao Zijin behaved intimately as she sat beside Qiao Nan. She even reached out her arms to hold Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan had goosebumps immediately. "Dad, I'll get you a cup of water."

When Qiao Nan finished pouring a cup of water for Qiao Dongliang, she sat beside him as she was unwilling to sit with Qiao Zijin.

Qiao Dongliang pretended having seen nothing. He continued to ask, "Nan Nan, are you happy at school? Do you get along well with your classmates? Most of the kids nowadays are pampered, yet you're so down-to-earth. You'll probably not mutter a word even if you're bullied. I heard that Baoguo is studying with you. If anyone bullies you, don't be scared. Look for Baoguo. He'll help you settle it."

"Shouldn't I look for the teachers instead?" Qiao Nan blinked her eyes.

"There's no use looking for the teacher. It's more effective to seek Baoguo's help." Qiao Dongliang blushed. It was not easy to discipline the kids nowadays. The more the adults deterred them, the more they wanted to do it. Therefore, the person would bully Nan Nan more in consequence were Nan Nan to tell the teacher.

On the contrary, If Nan Nan told Zhu Baoguo, Zhu Baoguo would definitely help Nan Nan teach them a lesson.

Zhu Baoguo had the backing of the Zhu family. Even if he fought with others and created trouble at school, the school would not do anything to him.

The kids should settle their own matters. When those people knew how powerful Zhu Baoguo was, they would certainly not dare to bully Nan Nan again.

Qiao Nan leaned on Qiao Dongliang's arms as she covered her mouth and laughed. "Dad, do you think it's a good idea to teach me this?"

"There's nothing bad about it. No matter what, you can't let anyone bully you!" Qiao Dongliang said resolutely. Who didn't dote on their own child? As Nan Nan's father, he must spare more thoughts for Nan Nan. In fact, if Nan Nan was a son, he would have more things to impart to her.



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