At the thought of this sentence, Qiao Dongliang pressed his thin lips into a line, sizing Qiao Zijin up. "Zijin, why are you so diligent today? I remember that you hate to do housework."

"Dad, you've thought too highly of me. You are the one who bought the breakfast. All I did is set the table, nothing more. If you make me wash the dishes, I will definitely not do it. Dad, you know I hate getting my hands wet." Qiao Zijin bit her lips and schooled her expression.

"Is that so?" Qiao Dongliang did not believe her, and neither did Qiao Nan.

Ding Jiayi might not have been treated like a queen in the Qiao family, but Qiao Zijin was definitely the princess in the Qiao family. She not only refused to do household chores but also lazed around whenever she had the chance.

Based on Qiao Zijin's temper and selfish character, even for a chore as simple as getting a bowl and chopsticks, albeit not tired, she would rather sit and rest, waiting for other people in the family to get the things ready for her. It was impossible for her to help out.

"I merely helped set the table. Dad, Nan Nan, you're exaggerating. If I knew that you would react in this way, I would not have helped out at all. In the future, don't expect me to help out again." Qiao Zijin grunted. "Your reaction seems to say that I never help out with any chores when I am at home. I am the one who set the tableware. Qiao Nan, you can't use them. Go get yourself a new set of cutlery!"

That miserable wretch! She had already helped set the tableware, yet Qiao Nan was still so suspicious of her.

Being good to Qiao Nan brought her nothing but humiliation to herself!

Besides, it was Qiao Nan who owed her. Hence, Qiao Nan should be good to her, not the other way round.

"Fine, I will take it myself." Qiao Nan smiled. She would rather take the time to do the chores by herself than being served by Qiao Zijin.

Qiao Nan did not dare to use the tableware set by Qiao Zijin, but she enjoyed the hearty breakfast that Qiao Dongliang bought.

Qiao Zijin, who sat by the side with a book in her hand, could not stand Qiao Nan. What was wrong with Qiao Nan? It was only a simple breakfast, but why did Qiao Nan take her own sweet time to finish them? She made it seem like she was very well-mannered.

To Qiao Zijin, Qiao Nan took a very long time to chew every bite.

"Sister, why are you staring at me? Are you hungry? Would like to have more of the breakfast? Since there are more than enough, you can help yourself." Qiao Zijin would look at Qiao Nan from time to time, making her very uncomfortable.

"I am not staring at you! Besides, if you did not look at me, how would you know I was watching you? Qiao Nan, why were you peeking at me?!" Qiao Zijin refused to admit that she was staring at Qiao Nan.

"Enough, it's still early in the morning." Qiao Dongliang had a headache. "Nan Nan, take your time to eat. Have more of the food. Here's your water bottle. I have filled it up for you." Qiao Dongliang knew that Qiao Nan had the habit of bringing a water bottle with her when she went out to read her books.

Therefore, Qiao Dongliang would help Qiao Nan cool the water in advance. Since he was free today, he helped Qiao Nan fill the bottle with water so that Qiao Nan could save some time.

"Thank you, Dad." After taking the water bottle, Qiao Nan finished the last bite of the deep-fried dough sticks and wiped her mouth.

As soon as Qiao Nan stood up, Qiao Zijin's eyes lit up instantly. Worried that Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang might find her suspicious, Qiao Zijin covered her face with her book.

Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Dongliang and lifted her chin. What was wrong with Qiao Zijin today?

Qiao Dongliang shook his head. He had no idea what was wrong with Qiao Zijin as well. But he paid no attention to her.

"Dad, I will go out now." Qiao Nan ignored Qiao Zijin. She was only worried that her unusual behavior was directed at her.

"Okay, don't stay out too late."

Qiao Nan went out with the bottle that had been filled with water by Qiao Dongliang.

After Qiao Nan was gone for less than a minute, Qiao Zijin threw her book and ran out after her.

Qiao Zijin had just run out of the Qiao's residence when she was stopped by Qiao Nan who walked out from behind the wall. If not for Qiao Nan intercepting her, Qiao Zijin would have run straight to the Zhai's residence. "Sister, what do you want?" Qiao Zijin had not given up yet and now she wanted to stalk her?

No wonder she felt that Qiao Zijin could not wait for her to go out today. Did Qiao Zijin act in this way because she wanted to know where she hid the book and the money so she could get her hands on the three hundred yuan?

"I, uh… I did not do anything." Qiao Zijin smiled awkwardly. Fortunately, Qiao Nan appeared early. Otherwise, she would have run straight to the Zhai's residence.

If this was the case, she would definitely be discovered by Qiao Nan.

"Didn't I tell you that I am going out today as well? I have told Dad about it. Are you the only one who can go out during the weekend? Am I not allowed to do so as well?" Qiao Zijin bluffed and acted as if she did nothing wrong.

"No." Qiao Nan crossed her hands on her chest. "You seem to be in a hurry. You must have an appointment with someone. Are you in a rush? If so, then you can make a move first."

"That's right. I am really in a hurry. I am worried that you will be in my way. I shall go first, then." Qiao Zijin snorted. She knew that Qiao Nan was going to the Zhai's residence. She was not afraid to go first.

Now that she knew where Qiao Nan was heading to, there was no need for Qiao Zijin to follow Qiao Nan. She could make her way to the Zhai's residence by herself.

Regardless, Qiao Zijin would be more assured if she could trail after Qiao Nan all the way to the Zhai's residence.

In order not to arouse Qiao Nan's suspicions, Qiao Zijin left right then without any slight hesitation. She even ran to make it seem like she was in a hurry.

The more Qiao Zijin acted in contrast to her usual ways, the more suspicious Qiao Nan was.

Qiao Zijin also behaved in a similar way when she ganged up with her mother to steal her money last time. This time seemed to be no different.

Back then, her mother went out to work early in the morning, and the way Qiao Zijin acted was unlike her usual self. She helped her father go out for a walk and rehabilitate. She even asked Qiao Nan to help her send their father back home.

Qiao Nan pondered for a while and changed her direction. Instead of going to the Zhai's residence straight away, she decided to make a stopover at another place before going to the Zhai's residence.

"Ding Jiayi, are you mistaken? Nan Nan is a good child. She will never do the things that you said. You should not think too much. It is getting late. I must go back to wash the clothes." Four middle-aged women gathered around the corner near the back door of the Zhai's residence, having a conversation.

Three women make a market, not to mention four women.

Among the four women, one of them was Ding Jiayi. The other three were people from the quad. What was so special about the three of them was that they were gossipmongers. They liked to gossip about the neighborhood.

"That's right. It has been half an hour. I have to go back."

"Don't go yet!" Ding Jiayi was so anxious that her face turned red. "All of you should know that Nan Nan is very capable."



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