From tomorrow onward, she no longer needed to fight. Her father would belong to her alone. Qiao Nan would not get her father's care and attention anymore!

"Let's dig in." Ding Jiayi had the same mentality as Qiao Zijin. The last one standing was the winner. Qiao Nan might be putting up pretenses, but it would not last long.

"Nan Nan, have you slept?" When it was around eight o'clock, Qiao Dongliang knocked on the door of Qiao Nan's room.

"Not yet." Qiao Nan opened the door. "Dad, why are you not sleeping?"

"Nan Nan, do you think that your mom and Zijin were acting strangely today? After pondering for a long while, I cannot pinpoint what exactly was strange with their behavior. Nan Nan, will you laugh at me for being so paranoid?" Strange, it was too strange.

"No." Qiao Nan shook her head: "I have the same sentiments as well. Ever since a year ago when Mom asked me to drop out of school, which I refused, and Dad was supportive of me, I have rarely seen Mom with a smile on her face. Yet today, Mom seemed to be very happy. In fact, this is her happiest day in the past year. She was smiling all the while. As far as our family's situation is concerned, what is worthy of Mom's happiness?" When her mother and Zijin were in high spirits, it usually meant that she would be suffering.

Despite spending half a day pondering, Qiao Nan had no idea what her mother and Qiao Zijin could have been happy about. They did not take any advantage of her either.

"Yes, that's it. Your mom and your sister were all smiles today. Your Mom… I can't be bothered to say. Nan Nan, you must pay more attention. I will keep a lookout for you as well." Qiao Dongliang had not wanted to say this. No daughter should have to guard against one's mother as if her mother was a thief.

But if Qiao Dongliang did not remind Qiao Nan, he was worried that she would fall into Ding Jiayi's traps.

Qiao Nan smiled. "Dad, don't worry. We are not close at all. I suppose that will not change for a lifetime."

Since her father had advised her to be on guard against her mother, it seemed that her father had given up on her mother as well.

She was glad that her father did not have the mentality that parents always had good intentions, and for her to practice filial piety foolishly.

"Well, it's good that you know what you are doing." Touching the soft hair on top of Qiao Nan's head, Qiao Dongliang smiled and said, "Alright, you should sleep now. I won't disturb you and go to rest as well."

"Good night, Dad."

"Good night."

"Zijin, do we have to do this?" Ding Jiayi, who leaned against the door and was listening to their conversation, looked at Qiao Zijin helplessly.

"Be quiet, don't talk. Dad seems to have come out of Qiao Nan's room. Fortunately, Dad only went in for five minutes. I suppose they did not say much. They have not discovered what we are going to do tomorrow. "Qiao Zijin smiled.

"Since both of us have not said anything, how can your dad and Qiao Nan know about it? Alright, it's getting late. You should go back to your room to sleep. As for tomorrow, I will help you settle it." Ding Jiayi patted Qiao Zijin on the shoulder, urging her to go to sleep.

"Mom, why don't I sleep here tonight? I will share a bed with you here." Qiao Zijin hugged Ding Jiayi's arm. Both Qiao Nan and her father were very smart.

What if her father suspected something and decided to share a room with Ding Jiayi? By then, her mother might be coaxed by her father to abandon their plans tomorrow. Worst, she might spill the beans about their plans. If that happened, what should she do?

She had to sleep with her mother to assure that her mother would not change her mind.

"No, you should go back to your room." Ding Jiayi usually liked to be close and affectionate with Qiao Zijin, yet she refused adamantly this time. "Be good, go to sleep."

"Mom, are you waiting for Dad to come back to you? Is that why you won't let me accompany you?" Qiao Zijin pulled a long face. Her mother was weak and useless. She might make harsh comments, but in fact, she felt otherwise. She would give in to Qiao Dongliang's coaxing easily.

"This is the adults' affairs. You are still a child and should not meddle in it. Don't you wish that I will make up with your dad? The reason why I am at loggerheads with your dad is all because of Qiao Nan!" Ding Jiayi hated it. Qiao Nan, that wretched girl, was not her daughter at all. She was, in fact, her creditor in her previous life. In her current life, Qiao Nan was determined to make life difficult for her.

Ding Jiayi knew that Qiao Dongliang was still angry with her and that he would not share a room with her at night. But he might have a change of heart.

In case Qiao Dongliang wanted to share a room with her, it would be awkward to have the elder daughter sleeping by their side. Besides, it would also be too embarrassing to send her daughter back to her room by then.

Ding Jiayi was a traditional Chinese woman. She still longed to spend the rest of her life with her husband.

No matter how much they quarreled, Ding Jiayi had no wish to separate from Qiao Dongliang. She hoped that they would get back together soon.

"…" Qiao Zijin pursed her lips, expressing her unhappiness. But she gave a smile and said, "Alright, I will listen to you. I will go back to my room to sleep."

Since her father deliberately went to chat with Qiao Nan in her room, he must be guarding against her and her mother. Given this situation, her father would not share the room with her mother tonight. As long as her father did not go back to the room to share a bed with her mother, her mother would not be softhearted. She would not tell Qiao Dongliang about their plans.

After she was sure of this, Qiao Zijin had nothing much to worry about. She returned to her room, covered herself with a thin blanket, and went to sleep. She needed to have a good night sleep for the full-scale drama tomorrow!

On the morning of the weekend, Qiao Zijin unusually woke up very early. Unlike yesterday, Qiao Zijin did not go out but stayed at home to read her books instead. "Good morning, Nan Nan."

"Well… good morning." Qiao Nan twitched the corner of her mouth. Had Qiao Zijin taken the wrong medicine or had chicken blood? Qiao Nan thought to herself. What was it that she had missed out on? What was it that she had not thought of?

"Dad has bought breakfast and has put it on the table. You can help yourself." Hurry up to eat and leave.

"Oh." The breakfast had been placed on the dining table. Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Zijin with suspicions. It was obvious that Qiao Zijin was acting strangely, but she had no idea what she was up to.

"Dad, did my sister tell you anything? She was smiling at me early in the morning. I am getting the goosebumps. Where is Mom?" Whenever Qiao Zijin was up to no good, she would always leave it to her mother to do the evil deeds while she stayed behind the scene, acting as the military adviser and commander who gave orders and advice to her mother.

Since Qiao Nan had no idea what was going on with Qiao Zijin, she decided to work on Ding Jiayi instead.

"Your mom got up very early today. She goes off to work early in the morning. I bought the breakfast and your sister helped me lay it out on the table." Qiao Dongliang also felt that Qiao Zijin, the elder daughter, was being abnormal today.

She had never liked to do housework as it was akin to taking her life. Hence, she would never take the initiative to help out.

There must be something strange when things were abnormal!



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