"Mom, don't cry, please. I believe Nan Nan did the wrong thing in a moment of folly. As long as we can guide her properly, she'll definitely change for the better. Nan Nan is just a child. It's not possible for her to have three hundred yuan. I didn't expect Nan Nan to actually… I'm the one who's at fault. Nan Nan has changed so much but I didn't notice it. I should have shown more concern for Nan Nan. If I had cared more for Nan Nan, she would not have gone astray and done such a shameful thing. Mom, I'm the one at fault. You can't blame it all on Nan Nan. Blame me if you want to. I didn't fulfill my responsibility as the elder sister. Nan Nan, don't worry. No matter what happens, I'll be there for you. I'll go with you to admit your mistake and apologize to the Zhai family. If they're unwilling to let you off and insist on suing you till you go to jail, I… I'll go with you!"

"Unexpectedly, the elder daughter of the Qiao family is such a good lady?"

"I agree. Clearly, the younger daughter is the one at fault, but the elder one is willing to accompany her to go to jail. Such an elder sister is hard to come by."

"That being said, the thief is Qiao Nan. You can't possibly let Qiao Zijin be jailed as well. Do the regulations in the country allow this?"

"Crap. It's certainly not allowed. Whoever committed the deed has to be responsible for it."

Instantly, Qiao Nan's image as an outstanding student and obedient girl collapsed terribly. It was replaced by the beautiful story of Qiao Zijin, an elder sister who continued to give support and care to Qiao Nan, her young sister, despite the latter's wrongdoings.

Not long ago, the Qiao family lodged a police report. The scandal about Ding Jiayi, the shameless mother who took Qiao Nan's money, had transformed into another story: Qiao Nan was, in fact, the one who was light-fingered and stole others' money. As Ding Jiayi was suspicious, she took the money from Qiao Nan while she tried to investigate the matter. Truly, she had the loving heart of a mother and had good intentions for her child.

The exasperating thing was that Qiao Nan dared to call the police when the money she had stolen was lost. The pot called the kettle black. She was tremendously daring. Was Qiao Nan's heart so wicked that she had become so lawless and fearless?

The most shocking and scary matter to the people in the quad was that Qiao Nan was courting for death by stealing from the Zhai family of all families.

If the Zhai family insisted that Qiao Nan take responsibility for her action, Qiao Nan would be jailed for life!

As such, within a short span of ten minutes, Qiao Nan's previous beautiful and legendary reputation became a pile of smelly dog poop that was despised by everyone. Anyone who saw Qiao Nan could not wait to cover their nose and take another route to avoid her. They were unwilling to come into contact with her at all.

At the sight of her plan going so smoothly, Qiao Zijin, who was squatting on the ground and hugging Ding Jiayi, could not help burying her head in Ding Jiayi's shoulders.

It appeared that Qiao Zijin was too saddened by Qiao Nan's self-abandoning behavior. She was crying uncontrollably as if she was in so much pain that she had to bury her face in Ding Jiayi's shoulders.

Ding Jiayi was the only one who knew that Qiao Zijin was, in fact, laughing, not crying.

The plan went very smoothly. The entire blame of having offended the Zhai family had been pushed to Qiao Nan. Most importantly, the poor reputations of Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin for the year were finally gone.

Qiao Zijin could not help laughing as she felt elated. She had to bury her face in Ding Jiayi's shoulders to prevent others from seeing her laugh.

At this juncture, Ding Jiayi could clearly feel that the sound of Qiao Zijin's breathing was different. Her breathing was due to laughter, not a sad cry. Ding Jiayi knew that very well.

"Aye, why did this happen in our quad? It's really bad. When the time comes, there will be a criminal in our quad."

"Tsk tsk tsk, Qiao Nan is so bad. Who's going to tell the Zhai family about this and ask them to check what has been lost?"

"Three hundred yuan. That's crazy. If the money belongs to others, don't mention it being three hundred yuan, I don't even dare to take three cents or thirty cents. If my child dares to take three cents from others, I'll chop his hands off directly!"

"She took home three hundred yuan. She must have stolen more than that. This is really too…"

"Someone has gone to inform the Zhai family. Qiao Dongliang just had an accident and was hospitalized recently. The family must have spent a lot. With today's matter, the Qiao family is going to collapse because of Qiao Nan. Which family can hold their heads high again with such a child? Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi must have sinned to have given birth to such a daughter!"

"What's the matter? Why is everyone crowding at our back door?" Mother Zhai, Miao Jing, knitted her brows when she saw a noisy bunch of people. She did not look happy. "What exactly happened?"

"Madam Zhai, don't you know? This young lady is called Qiao Nan. She's the younger daughter of the Qiao family. We don't know where she got the keys to your house from, but she has been secretly entering your house to steal things! Madam Zhai, you should quickly inspect your house carefully and find out how much money or valuables have been lost." Mrs. Ma went forward enthusiastically to clarify the matter.

"What? Stealing things?" When she heard these words, Miao Jing pulled a long face. She detested thieves. Furthermore, this thief was a young lady. "I don't think it's possible. We didn't lose anything or money."

Although the young lady who stole things was shameless, she could not malign her.

"It can't be wrong. Her biological mother and sister said that. Which mother and sister will malign their daughter and sister? Are they still humans? They will be beasts if they do so. So, this matter can't be wrong. Madam Zhai, you're always not at home and nobody keeps a watch on your premises. We initially thought that such a thing will not happen as people in the quad have a high sense of self-awareness. Nobody knew that this would occur. Most likely, you have not discovered the things and money that are lost. Why don't you go in and check?" After saying so much, could she be considered as having helped the Zhai family and thus, gained their favor?

In the future, she could tell her friends that she knew the chief of the army's wife well—that she had come into close contact with her.

Most importantly, she had helped her catch the thief who stole their money!

"No, we didn't lose any money." Miao Jing shook her head with certainty. How could she not know whether her house had lost things or money?

It was because the members of the Zhai family were hardly at home. Miao Jing usually followed her husband to wherever he went. In addition, her two children were always in the army. The Zhai family did not have the habit of keeping their money at home.

As to whether any items in the house had been stolen, how would Miao Jing, who had been staying there for a few decades, not be able to tell?

"But…" At this juncture, Mrs. Ma did not know what to say. She was speechless.

Madam Zhai was so certain that no money had been lost, so what else could she say? Could she be clearer than the chief's wife about the situation in the Zhai family?

"Ding Jiayi, this is a matter pertaining to the Qiao family. We, outsiders, are definitely in no position to know about this. Speak about it yourself." Mrs. Ma had no choice but to push Ding Jiayi out.



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