Ding Jiayi pursed her lips. It was impossible that the Zhai family did not lose any money. Did the chief of the army's wife get it wrong?

"Mom…" Qiao Zijin secretly tugged at Ding Jiayi's clothes. It was useless if only the people in the quad believed that Qiao Zijin stole the money. The chief's wife who was the victim had to believe and confirm it. Otherwise, Qiao Nan would definitely get away with it sooner or later.

To convict Qiao Nan of a crime, there had to be both physical evidence and witness.

She had cried so hard that her eyes were sore. She did not want all her hard efforts to be in vain.

Ding Jiayi took a deep breath and asked Qiao Zijin to stay calm and not panic. "Madam, my younger daughter has stolen from your family. I apologize to you on her behalf. I don't know exactly what's happening too but she has the key to your back door and has been going to your house. Our family is not close to your family. Madam, do you know my younger daughter?" Toward the end of her speech, Ding Jiayi tried to probe.

Although she had the feeling that the key in Qiao Nan's hands was not obtained through legitimate ways, but what if it was?

"I don't know her!" Miao Jing said with disdain. Many in the quad wished to get close to Miao Jing. However, Miao Jing never subjected to such behavior. It was useless for others to curry favor with her.



Hearing this reply, Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin were elated. True enough, the Zhai family did not know Qiao Nan. Since they did not know her, she must have stolen the key from them. Otherwise, did she pick it up from the streets? Even if she had done so, she should have returned the back door key to the Zhai family instead of secretly entering their house many times. It did not make sense.

Most importantly, where did the three hundred yuan in Qiao Nan's hands come from?

"Madam, I'm the one who's at fault. I didn't fulfill the duty of teaching my child properly and as a result, she did such a shameful thing. She has the key to your back door. I… I'm really sorry. I'll definitely ask her to kneel down and kowtow to you for her wrongdoings. I hope that Madam will not take issue with her as she's still very young. No matter how much she has stolen, we will pay you back. Even if we have to sell everything in the house, we will pay you back the money."

These words had already been prepared by Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin. Regardless of how unreasonable Ding Jiayi was, she dared not be a rogue in front of the chief of the army's wife.

Qiao Zijin had told Ding Jiayi before. Given the Zhai family's wealth and status, they were not lacking any money. Hence, they would not need them to pay them back. But if Ding Jiayi could put the words nicely, she would be able to leave a good impression on the Zhai family members.

"You, wretched… Qiao Nan, hurry and return the key to the Zhai's residence!" Ding Jiayi pulled 'Qiao Nan' strongly and snatched the key from her hands to return to Miao Jing. "Apologies, Madam. We're really sorry."

Miao Jing, who had been alerted to come over for this, was still confused. She understood what was happening, but she was certain that she did not lose any money or belonging.

Miao Jing was skeptical as she took the key and looked at it. Without much emotion, she then returned the key to Ding Jiayi. "This key does not belong to our family. It can't open our back door."

She had nearly believed that such a daring young lady, who became a thief at such a young age, existed in this world. It was a misunderstanding after all.

"What? This key does not belong to your house? That's impossible. Madam, did you get it wrong? Can you take a look at it again? This key definitely belongs to you!" Ding Jiayi did not believe it as she stuffed the key back into Miao Jing's hands as if she was more certain of it than Miao Jing.

"No." Miao Jing was unwilling to waste her time on Ding Jiayi. She returned the key to Ding Jiayi.

"I'm sure. This key does not belong to us. If you don't believe it, try opening the door with it."

"Okay, I'll try to open it!" She was sure that Qiao Nan went to the Zhai's residence that day. Qiao Nan definitely had the key to the back door of the Zhai's residence. It must be that the chief of the army's wife did not recognize her own house key as she was not home often.

Ding Jiayi disbelievingly took the key as she pushed 'Qiao Nan' away to open the lock on the back door of the Zhai's residence.

When she successfully inserted the key into the keyhole, she smiled. She had said that this key belonged to the Zhai family, but the chief of the army's wife would not admit it.

However, when Ding Jiayi tried to turn the key to open the lock, she was stuck. Although the key was inserted into the keyhole, it could not be turned. Everyone had the experience of opening a lock. With this situation, Ding Jiayi immediately knew that, indeed, this was not the key to the back door of the house.

But, why?

"Impossible!" Ding Jiayi, who turned pale, tried twisting and turning the keys with more strength as she continuously shouted out her disbelief.

"Mom, did you not have your meal? Is that why you don't have the strength? Let me open it!" Qiao Zijin pushed Ding Jiayi away swiftly and took over the key. "Eh? Why can't I open it? This is impossible!"

"Qiao Nan, did you take the wrong key? Where did you hide the key to the back door of the Zhai's residence? Hurry and take it out. If you admit your wrongdoings early and apologize to them, we'll all forgive you. But if you refuse to admit it, none of us will help you anymore." She was certain that Qiao Nan did not take the correct key out.

Otherwise, it was impossible that she could not open the door.

Having said that, in fear of 'Qiao Nan' not abiding and refusing to hand over the key, Qiao Zijin simply reached out and searched her body in hopes of finding the real key that 'Qiao Nan' was hiding with her.

Unexpectedly, under the orders of Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, 'Qiao Nan', who had been silent all this while despite being scolded and 'spat at' by others, reacted just as Qiao Zijin reached out to search her body.

'Qiao Nan' unhappily and impatiently reached out her hands to push Qiao Zijin away with all her might. Qiao Zijin was caught off-guard and fell hard onto the ground. The back of her hands was scratched, bleeding.

"Zijin!" Ding Jiayi ran over to Qiao Zijin's side anxiously. When she saw that Qiao Zijin's hands were hurt and bleeding, she shouted furiously, "Qiao Nan, you refused to admit that you've stolen from others. Now, you even pushed your sister. Do you want to die?!"

"Damn, are you crazy? Really a bunch of mad people. Who is Qiao Nan? You all dare to search my body so casually? Who are you all? You're really crazy! Go home and take your medicine!" The young lady who was accused lifted her head and started scolding. At the sight of her face, she was a stranger to the people in the quad.

Ding Jiayi, who nearly hit the lady, was stunned. She was startled as she stared at the young lady before her. "You… you're not Qiao Nan. Who are you? Where's Qiao Nan? Where did you hide Qiao Nan?"

"Crap. Of course I'm not Qiao Nan. Why would I know who Qiao Nan is? I want to ask you. Why did you hold onto me, keep calling me Qiao Nan, and give me a scolding? Which family are you from? Which family will allow such crazy people to be released from the mental hospital to cause harm to others in broad daylight? If anything happens, will you be responsible? Who's going to pay for this?"



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