The young lady's face turned stiff and she pushed Ding Jiayi with all her might.

At this moment, no one would blame the young lady for being rude to or throwing her temper at Ding Jiayi, who was her elder. After all, no one in the world would talk nicely to a stranger who had just loudly called them a thief.

Most importantly, because of Ding Jiayi, many people were crowding around the young lady, accusing her of being a thief and saying that she was immoral. They wanted to send her to jail.

Even an adult with a good temper would not talk nicely and would be driven mad in the face of such an encounter, not to mention a child.

"You… Who are you? Why are you wearing my sister's dress? Did my sister find out anything and purposely get you to come and cover up for her?" Qiao Zijin quickly held on to Ding Jiayi as her eyes flashed with panic.

No. Obviously, this person was not Qiao Nan. Then, where did Qiao Nan go?

"Your family is crazy. First, you accused me of being a thief. Now, you said that the dress I'm wearing belongs to your sister. Who do you take me for? A beggar? You surrounded and scolded me. What do you mean by this? Are the adults trying to bully a child like me? Do you believe me when I tell you I will report this to the police? Sending me to jail? Your brains are full of crap. I'm the one who should be calling the police!" Zhu Yan was so furious that she was snorting like a calf.

"Moreover, who's the one who pushed me?!" At the thought of being pushed earlier, Zhu Yan's face turned black. These women were tremendously daring to dare to push her. Even her parents had never lifted a finger on her since she was young.

"No, we didn't push you. It's her!" Seeing that Zhu Yan was so bad-tempered and not a person to be trifled with, Mrs. Ma and the trio simply pushed the blame to Ding Jiayi.

Ding Jiayi's face was awkward. "This young lady, I'm really sorry. I… I didn't do it on purpose. My younger daughter has a dress that's exactly the same as yours. Your figure also resembles that of her. I have mistaken you for my younger daughter. I didn't do it on purpose." She did not expect that such a coincidence existed in this world.

She would not be so stupid as to hit other people's child. Wouldn't she be getting herself into trouble?

"What do you mean by not doing it on purpose? You wanted to discipline your daughter, but you didn't even verify whether you're scolding the right person. Will the matter be settled just because you said sorry? If you kill someone in the future and then tell the police 'Sorry, I have mistaken him for the wrong person. Hence, I killed the wrong person. I didn't do it on purpose.' Do you think the police will let you off and not pursue this? If that's the case, then does that mean you will get away scot-free after killing someone? You hope that the matter will rest by explaining that you mistook me for someone. No way! Which family are you from? I'll definitely tell my parents about this. This is the first time that I've been pushed, scolded, and accused of being a thief in my life. Damn, did I steal any money from you?!"

Zhu Yan became angrier as she spoke, "You said that I'm a thief. I say that you're robbers. You actually dared to snatch my house keys. This won't do. I'm going to report to the police. If I lose anything in my house, you all must have stolen it!!!"

Qiao Zijin was in a state of shock and panic. She did not understand why things turned out this way. "You… don't misunderstand us. We really mistook you for someone else. We didn't snatch your keys. Here, take it back!"

The key in her hands was like a hot potato. Qiao Zijin could not wait to throw it away.

Hence, she immediately returned it to Zhu Yan. "Sorry, we're really sorry. We didn't do it on purpose. We mistook you for someone else. You heard what we said earlier. It's a fact that we have an insensible sister in our family who seemed to have done something shameful and wrong. We accidentally mistook you for her as we're very worried about her. We don't harbor any malicious intent toward you. Sorry, I'm really sorry."

Qiao Zijin bowed to Zhu Yan umpteen times. Her head was going to be dizzy and she looked like a bootlicker.

The police had already come to the Qiao family once. If Zhu Yan was not willing to relent and insisted to accuse them of street robbery, Qiao Zijin knew that they would definitely have to make a trip to the police station.

When that time came, it would be hard to justify themselves even if they wanted to push all the responsibilities to Qiao Nan.

Regardless of how 'concerned' they were about Qiao Nan, their next-of-kin, there was no reason to point at other people's nose and scold them before verifying who that person was.

Basically, Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi were the ones who should be the most guilty-conscious. They wanted to frame Qiao Nan so badly. As soon as they saw someone who resembled Qiao Nan, they were elated beyond reasoning. With nary a care, they simply nabbed the person and insisted that she was Qiao Nan. They then smeared the person constantly as if they were throwing basins of dirty water onto her.

Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi did not have a good reason for such behavior.

Their attitudes did not seem like they cared about Qiao Nan. Rather, it was as if they wanted to convict Qiao Nan of a crime.

"It's so early in the morning. Why is there a commotion?" Behind the noisy crowd came Qiao Nan's voice. Qiao Nan knitted her brows as she walked curiously into the crowd. "Uncle, what's happening? Did anything happen?"

Just as that person wanted to tell Qiao Nan what happened, he saw that the person who posed the question was Qiao Nan. The fire of gossip in his heart was instantly extinguished. The person whom they had been talking about was here!

At the sight of Qiao Nan wearing the same dress as Zhu Yan, he finally understood why Zhu Yan had been mistaken as Qiao Nan.

The strange thing was that although Zhu Yan was wearing the exact same dress as Qiao Nan, Ding Jiayi was Qiao Nan's biological mother.

How could Ding Jiayi not be able to recognize her own daughter just because other people's child was wearing the same dress? Was this kind of mother acceptable?

"Uh, Mom, why are you here? Didn't Sister say that you left for work early this morning? Sister, didn't you tell me that you are meeting your classmate? What are the two of you doing here?" When someone saw that Qiao Nan was here, the impenetrable crowd made way and created a path for her.

As soon as the path appeared, Qiao Nan, of course, saw Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, whose faces were flustered and in panic.

At the embarrassing sight of Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, Qiao Nan's eyes turned cold. She didn't feel any pity for them. There was obviously a problem with these two women today. They wanted to harm her again!

"Where the hell did you go?!" At the sight of Qiao Nan, the temper of Ding Jiayi, who was in dire straits, rose. Many people who were present could not help but frown directly at what she said.

Even Mrs. Ma, who was unwilling to see Qiao Nan perform better than her child in the studies, looked unhappy.



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