"Yes, the key… There's still the key! How could I have forgotten?" Seeing that things were about to fail, Ding Jiayi patted her thigh and rushed toward Qiao Nan aggressively. "Hand the key over!"

As she had mistaken the person earlier, the key in Zhu Yan's hands could not open the back door of the Zhai's residence. But now that Qiao Nan had appeared, she should have the key with her. She was certain that the place Qiao Nan went to was the Zhai's residence and that she had the key to the house.

"What are you doing? Are you prepared to fight after maligning someone?" Judging that the situation was amiss, Zhu Yan moved forward to shield Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was someone her cousin requested her to protect. If Qiao Nan was bullied before her eyes, she would not be able to face anyone in the future.

"It's none of your business!" Qiao Zijin wrapped her arms around Zhu Yan so that she would not obstruct Ding Jiayi from searching Qiao Nan's body.

Zhu Yan was Zhu Baoguo's cousin. With Zhu Baoguo's temper, coupled with Zhu Yan's earlier behavior, who would believe that she was a gentle and lovely young lady?

Zhu Yan sneered and twisted Qiao Zijin's arms strongly. She threw Qiao Zijin over the shoulder and slammed her on the floor hard, making Qiao Zijin completely confused.

Although Zhu Yan was quick in her action, she was not quicker than Ding Jiayi who wanted to harm Qiao Nan wholeheartedly. Ding Jiayi grabbed Qiao Nan's hands. She wanted to search Qiao Nan's hands, but she was using so much strength that she could possibly tear Qiao Nan's clothes.

The summer clothing was so thin. It had just a layer with a few pockets.

Ding Jiayi did not need to search. With such strength, she only needed to grab and shake Qiao Nan a few times before she heard a key falling to the ground.

Ding Jiayi pushed away Qiao Nan swiftly. Her eyes were as bright as the bulb. She picked up the key and said, "See, I told you this wretched girl is dishonest and light-fingered. She stole the key of the Zhai family and kept coming to the house. Madam, you have to believe me. You must have lost some money or belonging. I'm her mother. Do I need to tell such lies? I will not benefit from this."

The bystanders were speechless. They wondered what Ding Jiayi would gain if Qiao Nan was proven a thief. Why was Ding Jiayi so happy when she found a key from Qiao Nan's body which might prove that Qiao Nan was a thief?

The key that Ding Jiayi had been talking about had appeared. The people in the quad were confused. Did Qiao Nan steal it or not?

"Can I take a look?" Miao Jing pursed her lips as her mouth formed a straight line.

"Madam, look at it carefully." Ding Jiayi passed the key to Miao Jing eagerly.

Qiao Nan's face drooped and she looked gloomy. She was utterly despaired at Ding Jiayi's attitude to destroy her by all means. She felt even more despaired about the presence of this key.

This key belonged to the Zhai family. Brother Zhai gave it to her personally but he was not around. If she said that Brother Zhai was the one who gave it to her, would anyone believe her? She was only afraid that when Mother Zhai recognized the key, she would be the first person that the latter would not believe.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. No matter how hard she tried, her life was like a coffee table that was full of cups of bitter tea.

With the fuss today, she was fearful that her reputation as a thief would spread to everyone she knew very soon.

Her mother had succeeded. Qiao Zijin did it again. She successfully ruined her second life!

"This key… certainly belongs to our family." Miao Jing confirmed it. Then, she knitted her brows as she looked in disbelief at Qiao Nan, who looked so fair-skinned and obedient. This young lady was really a thief. Although the mother was a troublemaker, the child did not seem any better.

Miao Jing's confirmation was like thunder striking across the ground. It shocked everyone.

"See, as I've said before, this wretched, uh… my younger daughter is dishonest with money. As a mother, I have no choice but to do this. I don't wish to do this. After everyone knows about this, please keep a close watch on my younger daughter in the future in case she commits further wrongdoings. I also have her best interests at heart!" Ding Jiayi tried hard to hold back her smile, but the twinkle of joy in her eyes could not hide the happiness and elation in her heart.

"Mom…" Qiao Zijin was also happy, but she displayed a more mature behavior than Ding Jiayi. She not only did not laugh but cried out instead, "Nan Nan, you… you're really disappointing. Mom and I were hoping that we have been thinking too much and that this is not real. You… how could you…"

"Hey, the two of you, don't go overboard. Why do you keep bullying someone? Are the three of you really from the same family?" Zhu Yan, who was not very clear of the situation, did not believe Qiao Nan, but she believed her cousin, Zhu Baoguo.

Particularly, when she saw that Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin's behavior and words were extremely hurting, Zhu Yan nearly stood on Qiao Nan's side. "So what if the key belongs to the Zhai family? Didn't this auntie mention earlier that the Zhai family did not lose anything? Just because the key is in Qiao Nan's hands, does it mean that she had stolen it? Are you saying that none of you had ever picked things up from the streets before? Does that mean whoever picks something up is considered to have stolen it?"

"This key… Did you pick it up somewhere?" Miao Jing heard Zhu Yan's words and felt that it made sense. But this key…

"Qiao Nan, we'll give you one more chance. Tell us honestly, where did you get this key from? What did you do at the Zhai's residence?!" Ding Jiayi was bold and righteous now. She felt more confident and straightened her posture.

"Does it matter?" Qiao Nan looked coldly at Ding Jiayi. Maybe she had been wrong. She had long known about her mother's character and Qiao Zijin's personality. She should have left the family and lived alone.

Qiao Zijin's reminder was correct. She was only sixteen years old. Even if she wanted to live alone, it would not be allowed given that she did not have a guardian.

She had the capability and ability to earn money to support herself. So why should she be burdened by this mother and elder sister all the time?

Last time. This would really be the last time. She would not let these two women have the chance to harm her again.

Qiao Nan knew that once she was being labeled as a thief, she might not be able to attend Ping Cheng High School anymore. None of the schools would be willing to accept a thief as a student. Ping Cheng High School also needed to maintain their reputation.

Even if she did not study at Ping Cheng High School and transferred to other schools in other cities, with the black mark against her, her future would also be affected, not to mention the troublesome registration fees and endless expenses.

"Qiao Zijin, congratulations. You have fulfilled your wish. From today onward, you will have a younger sister who was once a thief. You also have a mother who stole her daughter's money to buy clothes for you. Qiao Zijin, this time, you'll be proud. You're going to make a big splash."



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