"He knew that many parents rent a place in the school district in order to save their children's traveling time, a place with an atmosphere conducive to education and fewer distractions so that their children could focus on their studies. He thus sought the help of others to search for such a place. He was afraid that it will be hard to find one in the school district in the next two and a half years' time, so he simply started to rent the place when you are still in the first year of high school. Your dad said that it's better to plan ahead although it would cost more. Furthermore, it's not easy to find a place somewhere in the school district. Even if he starts the search now, he may not be able to find one."

"Both of you were in luck too. This room was available because one of your year two schoolmates suddenly transferred to another school."

Upon hearing Old Yang's words, Qiao Nan became silent.

She had always thought that, regarding her decision to study at Ping Cheng High School, her father would appreciate her for being sensible and considerate toward the parents at most. Never did she expect that she actually had an important place in her father's heart. In addition, her father also felt bad that she had to attend Ping Cheng High School.

At least, her father did not spend so much effort when it came to Qiao Zijin's high school studies.

Renting a place near the school for three years was not cheap. Although it's the 20th century and the cost of goods was considered affordable, the amount was definitely substantial. With the three years' worth of rental expenses and some top-up, one might be able to buy a suite at the end of the 21st century.

Her father always advocated equal treatment between Qiao Zijin and her. Indeed, her father had been trying hard to carry out what he preached instead of paying lip service.

Qiao Nan initially thought that the matter of spending five thousand yuan for Qiao Zijin to study at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China was over and forgotten. However, at the sight of this rented apartment, she realized that Qiao Dongliang had never forgotten about it.

"Uncle Yang, don't worry. I know that Dad is good to me. He's different from my mom." Qiao Nan gave Old Yang a smile from the bottom of her heart. Her mood was instantly bright now despite the terrible experience in the morning. "Thank you so much for telling me all this, Uncle Yang. My dad has a quiet temperament, an enigma at times. He will not tell me anything even after doing certain things for my sake."

She obviously resembled her father in this aspect.

Old Yang scratched his head, embarrassed, and smiled awkwardly. "I'm glad that you don't blame me for being a busybody. Nan Nan, you're a smart child. Nothing escapes your eyes."

"No matter what, I'm very grateful to you, Uncle Yang." Qiao Nan pursed her lips and smiled shyly. She had a pure and childlike innocent look befitting a real sixteen-year-old kid. "Really, thank you so much, Uncle Yang. I mean it."

"Well… no, don't mention it." Old Yang was puzzled. He heard that children of Nan Nan's age had the most rebellious and eccentric character. They would do the reverse of what the adults told them to. However, Nan Nan's temperament was also eccentric in a sense. It was weirder, even, for she was way too sensible for someone of her age.

Old Yang did not understand fully why he received three big and serious thank-yous from Qiao Nan by putting in a few good words for Qiao Dongliang. What was she thanking him for?

"Uncle Yang, we have just reached the house and have not boiled any water. I'm so sorry that we have no drinking water to serve." After Qiao Nan calmed down, she remembered her duties as a host. She did not have money with her and could not even go out to buy a Popsicle for Uncle Yang.

'No worries, no worries." Old Yang waved his hands as he did not mind. If Qiao Nan had not mentioned it, Old Yang would have felt a little disappointed indeed. Now, Qiao Nan's words made him feel much better. It was certainly better than having Popsicle.

He did not need anything to eat, but at the very least, the other party had to be appreciative.

"Nan Nan, Old Yang." Qiao Dongliang, who was riding on a bicycle, reached soon after.

"Dad!" Qiao Nan happily called out and rushed to him eagerly. "Dad, you have not fully recovered. Why did you ride a bicycle here? This can't be good for your health, can it?"

Qiao Nan helped him get down from the bicycle affectionately. Qiao Dongliang raised his eyebrows as he was a little puzzled by the behavior. "I'm fine. Don't worry. Dad has almost recovered. Most likely, I'll be able to return to the factory to work next month." After resting for six months, it was finally time for him to return to work.

"Dad, you don't have to be in a rush. You have only rested for three months, not long enough for a full recovery. It takes a hundred days to recover from nerve and bone injuries. Since your injuries are more serious, you should rest for at least another month." Qiao Nan said as she helped Qiao Dongliang park the bicycle. "Dad, give me half a yuan. I will go and buy a Popsicle for Uncle Yang to relieve the discomfort from the hot weather. We just arrived at the new house and there's no drinking water. There is tap water, but I am afraid it is not suitable for him to drink."

"It's okay. Dad bought them." Qiao Dongliang smiled happily as he raised the small bag in his hand. "There are three Popsicles, one for Uncle Yang, one for you, and one for me. No one is left out."

"Okay!" Qiao Nan took over the Popsicles happily and ran into the house. "Uncle Yang, my dad bought these. Please choose one."

Old Yang saw that there were three Popsicles in the bag, but Qiao Nan did not pick hers first despite being the youngest. He was very pleased. "You can pick the flavor first. Uncle Yang eats everything."

"Me too. I'm not picky. Uncle Yang, you choose first." After thinking, Qiao Nan simply picked one with a nice packaging for Uncle Yang as she guessed that he was too shy to take the Popsicle first. "Uncle Yang, take this Popsicle. I'll take this one and the other one will be for my dad."

"Sure. Uncle Yang owed this to Nan Nan, then." Old Yang took the Popsicle smilingly. The previous anger caused by Ding Jiayi's scolding diminished. After all, he already knew about the situation before he made the trip to the Qiao's residence.

"Dad, here's your Popsicle." Just as Qiao Dongliang entered the house, Qiao Nan passed him the last Popsicle. She had already helped him unwrap it. Only when Qiao Dongliang started eating his Popsicle did Qiao Nan unwrap hers and follow suit.

As Old Yang was having his Popsicle, he showed Qiao Dongliang a thumbs-up sign from an angle out of Qiao Nan's sight. He was looking at Qiao Nan when he gave the thumbs-up, hinting at something that went without saying.

Qiao Dongliang smiled proudly. She's his daughter. Of course, she's the most wonderful and the best daughter in the world.

You would only know the truth upon comparison. Qiao Dongliang discovered that, except for having a sweet tongue, Qiao Zijin was in no way better than Qiao Nan.

At the thought that Qiao Zijin did not even greet Old Yang when the latter was helping out in the Qiao's residence today, Qiao Dongliang could not help but feel like shaking his head and sighing.

Given Zijin's character, he could not imagine what would happen to her when she stepped out to society after graduating from high school. If she had a boyfriend and remained impolite when meeting his parents, she would most probably leave a poor impression on them during their first meeting.

Qiao Nan, who was having her Popsicle, did not know Qiao Dongliang's thoughts. Otherwise, she would have told Qiao Dongliang with certainty.

As long as the family background of Qiao Zijin's boyfriend was good, Qiao Zijin would transform into the most sensible and obedient young lady in the world. She had her way of gaining the favors of her parents-in-law.

In the past, didn't Qiao Zijin double-cross her and marry Chen Jun successfully because of this?

Chen Jun's parents already knew that Qiao Nan was his girlfriend. Typically, would parents be able to accept someone who double-crossed her biological sister as their daughter-in-law?



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