This was particularly so for Chen Jun's parents. If Chen Jun did not like the girl, given the Chen family's status and reputation, Mother Chen would be reluctant to become in-laws with the Qiao family. Moreover, Qiao Zijin had double-crossed her biological sister by snatching the latter's boyfriend. Mother Chen might not agree to the marriage even if Qiao Zijin was already pregnant with Chen Jun's child.

However, strangely, in less than a month's time before Qiao Zijin's tummy had even grown bigger, Father Chen agreed to the marriage. Even Mother Chen, who had strong objections initially, nodded her head and acknowledged the marriage-to-be.

As such, Qiao Zijin was high in both EQ and IQ. The only issue was that she had not met the right person who would make her smarter.

Or rather, Qiao Zijin was still young and had yet to be enlightened to who she was in her previous life.

"Nan Nan, it's late. Should you be going to school?" Before they finished packing, Qiao Dongliang urged Qiao Nan to leave for school. "You can't be late for school. It'll leave a bad impression on the teachers."

"Dad, don't exaggerate. Moreover, this place is just a short walking distance away from Ping Cheng High School. I'll leave after we are done with the packing. There's still time." Qiao Nan was full of enthusiasm and seemed to have boundless energy.

Qiao Nan's actions were nimble and quick. Coupled with her hyperactive mood, she was able to carry out the task efficiently.

Soon after, Qiao Nan finished organizing most of the household items and placing them properly. "Dad, I don't need much at home today as I will be staying at school. But if you're going to continue staying here, you will need to get some essential items such as the washbasin and kettle. Don't miss these out."

"Alright, Dad knows what to do. These are mundane matters. Don't worry and go to school." Qiao Dongliang smiled as he patted Qiao Nan's shoulders, took schoolbag, and handed it to Qiao Nan. "Go."

"Dad, I'm leaving for school, then." Qiao Nan nodded and took over the bag. She left for school, feeling extraordinarily relaxed.

It was only a ten-minute walk to Ping Cheng High School from the rented apartment. Unlike the past, Qiao Nan did not need to take any public transport to get to the school.

Qiao Nan was in such a good mood that she started humming songs on her way there. At this juncture, she heard someone's footsteps running anxiously behind her.

Qiao Nan was not bothered initially. However, the person ran toward her and bumped hard onto her shoulders, causing her to lose her footing and fall forward with both hands on the ground. Qiao Nan's school bag was flung away from the impact.

"Tsk…" Both of Qiao Nan's palms stung with pain. The pain made her frown and gasped in cold air.

Qiao Nan looked up to see who the careless person was. She did not expect that the person who bumped into her not only did not apologize but also picked up her schoolbag from the ground and simply ran off. "Hey, you snatched my schoolbag! Help, there's a robber! There's a robber!"

Qiao Nan anxiously got up from the ground and ran after the robber. However, a quicker figure passed by Qiao Nan in a flash as it headed in the robber's direction.

"It's broad daylight, yet you dare to steal and rob! Do you take the policeman in China as ornaments?!" That figure caught up with the robber before Qiao Nan. He even managed to kick the robber's back, resulting in Qiao Nan's school bag being flung away for the second time.

"Don't be a busybody!" The robber halted his steps and shot a deadly stare at the figure. "Lad, let me warn you. If you don't wish to die, quickly scram. If you've watched too much television drama and became a moron, I'll help your parents teach you a lesson and let you know how to mind your own business!"

"Nuts." The young man was both amused and angry at the robber. "Fine, I'd like to see how you can teach me a lesson."

"You're really not afraid of dying?" The robber's eyes were staring at the young man, giving him a fierce look. He took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed at the young man.

Qiao Nan drew in a sharp breath. She was so scared that she covered her mouth. The young man was barehanded, but the robber had a weapon. The disparity in competitive advantage was too great.

Qiao Nan looked around her and realized that there was not even a piece of stone within sight that she could use to smash the robber's head. She was so anxious that she nearly cried. "Schoolbag! Yes, I still have the schoolbag!"

Just as the young man was occupied with fighting the robber, Qiao Nan bent down and picked up the school bag that was flung onto the ground earlier. She strapped it behind her back threw it hard at the robber.

Qiao Nan's schoolbag was heavily filled with books. Even if the hit did not make the robber faint, it should make him dizzy.

"Hurry!" At the sight of the robber vigorously shaking his head to regain his sense, Qiao Nan shouted.

The young man was stunned. He did not expect that Qiao Nan was so awesome. Upon hearing Qiao Nan's reminder, he lifted his knee and kicked straight toward the robber's tummy. The knife in the robber's hand dropped onto the ground, a clinking sound signaling its fall. Thereafter, the young man elbowed the robber's back, forcing the latter to kneel down in pain.

With nary a word, Qiao Nan kicked the knife on the ground as far away as she could.

The collaboration of the two subdued the fearsome robber in a matter of seconds.

"Ah, softer, softer! God, it hurts!" When the young man twisted the robber's hands to his back, the robber shouted loudly in pain, looking so frightened.

Hugging her lost-and-found schoolbag, Qiao Nan then forced a smile as she looked up at the young man. "I'm really thankful for…"

When Qiao Nan had a clearer look at the face of the young man who helped her, both her expression and body froze. She clutched on to her schoolbag, nearly turning away to leave.

"Don't mention it. My dad taught me to be brave in helping those in need. When we see someone who needs assistance, we'll definitely not hesitate to lend a helping hand. You don't need to worry about it." The young man revealed a very friendly smile. "Are you alright? I saw that you had a fall earlier. How's the injury? Is it serious? Shall I send you to the hospital?"

"No need!" Qiao Nan declined flatly without hesitation. Her tone was firm, seemingly a little harsh.

Upon realizing that her attitude might seem strange to others, Qiao Nan relaxed her stiffened face. "I'm a student from the nearby Ping Cheng High School. My palms are only slightly hurt. I'll just go to the sick bay in my school and seek my teachers' help in applying some medication oil. There's no need to make a trip to the hospital. It's too troublesome."

"Really?" The young man smiled. "So you're a student from Ping Cheng High School. Me too. I graduated from Ping Cheng High School. In that case, you're my junior. It's late. You'd better make your way to the school. I'll deal with this robber. You have to study well. Oh yes, my name is Chen Jun. Perhaps we'll have the fate to meet each other again. When that time comes, don't refuse to acknowledge me, your senior."



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