Zhu Baoguo was unhappy. He knitted his eyebrows and fiercely slammed on the table, the 'little lord of the Zhu family' aura exuding from his every pore.

"Don't get so worked up. I think He Yun was only questioning the robber's intelligence." Fang Fang adjusted her glasses. "We're students. To put it bluntly, although we're already in high school, who will carry a lot of money with them? Do we look like the kind of people that's truly wealthy? I've heard of cases about holding someone to ransom on the road, but not robbing so blatantly such as Nan Nan's case. Furthermore, the schoolbag was snatched away in this circumstance."

"Xiao Qiao, how did you manage to retrieve your schoolbag?" Zhu Baoguo pursed his lips. His expression became more serious.

Fang Fang's words were not without reason.

"A stranger helped me," Qiao Nan said coldly. She was not even willing to mention Chen Jun's name.

"Nan Nan, you don't seem to like the person who helped you?" Tao Zhenqin was puzzled as she looked at Qiao Nan. "Is it because he's too ugly?"

"Not ugly." How could Chen Jun be considered ugly? His father was quite handsome and his mother was famous for her beauty. Hence, the couple's child was not only not ugly but quite good-looking.

If not for the fact that Chen Jun had money, power, and good looks, would Qiao Zijin resort to all ways and means, and was even willing to be pregnant with Chen Jun's child before marrying him?

The meeting with Chen Jun, an 'old friend', made Qiao Nan a little impetuous.

Tang Mengran smiled. "He's not ugly. That means he's not bad-looking. Nan Nan, in that case, is this considered as a hero saving the beauty? Did he tell you his name?"

Qiao Nan tugged her lips and did not elaborate much. "I think he did. I can't really remember. I blame it on my bad luck for today's incident. I don't wish to think about it anymore. It's late. You all should return to your seats. Don't let Teacher Liu see you."

Just as Qiao Nan finished her words, the alarm for the evening self-study time rang. All of Qiao Nan's dormitory mates immediately returned to their respective seats abidingly.

"Xiao Qiao, I think Fang Fang's words made sense. Did you offend anyone recently that they deliberately used this method to teach you a lesson?" Fortunately, Xiao Qiao met someone who helped her. Otherwise, he could not imagine what would happen to Xiao Qiao if she lost her schoolbag.

Zhu Baoguo knew very clearly that Qiao Nan loved to study and valued her books very much.

Zhu Baoguo had deeper thoughts in regard to this matter than Fang Fang. From Zhu Baoguo's perspective, stealing Qiao Nan's books was worse than taking Qiao Nan's life.

Clearly, this was someone whom Qiao Nan knew and was familiar with. They deliberately set up this incident to make Qiao Nan feel miserable.

The first suspect that came to his mind was Zhao Yu, who had a bad track record. Zhu Baoguo eyes flashed as he stared directly at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu had, in fact, been observing Qiao Nan quietly. When she heard that Qiao Nan met with a robber and was hurt, she felt overjoyed. However, when Zhu Baoguo stared at her in this manner, she was so scared that she quickly covered her face with her hands.

The more Zhao Yu behaved in this way, the more Zhu Baoguo had a reason for suspecting her.

Zhu Baoguo sneered. He had already let Zhao Yu off previously in the matter about the essay competition. If Zhao Yu did not mend her old ways, then don't blame him for being unruly to her!

Zhu Baoguo shifted his gaze away from Zhao Yu and looked at Qiao Nan instead. He smiled when he saw Qiao Nan clumsily try to open her pencil box to retrieve a pen to no avail. "Alright, since you're so handicapped, tell me if you need anything. I'll help you."

"Crap. The teacher in the sick bay overdid the bandage." Qiao Nan felt depressed. Besides the deeper cuts on the palms, the injuries on the rest of her hands were not that serious. Who would have known that the teacher would put so many bandages on her hands? It was terrible.

"Don't be anxious. The few girls in your dormitory are quite good in their studies too. You can tell them to help you since it's not convenient for you to take notes these few days. When your hand injuries recover, simply borrow their notes and copy them." The teacher was smart to bandage Xiao Qiao's hands in this way. Otherwise, given Xiao Qiao's diligence, she would definitely move her hands and write despite the injuries. The wound would probably burst open in that case.

Qiao Nan sighed. "I guess there is no other way."

True enough, one could not afford to be too complacent. One moment, she was overjoyed to have discovered her father's care and concern for her. Another moment, she met with this incident. The thing that she could not accept most was that she actually met Chen Jun!

Clearly, she met Chen Jun when she was twenty years old in her previous life. Why was it brought forward by four years in this life? Could it be because of the fact that she did not quit school and studied at Ping Cheng High School?

Forget it. Since she had already met him, then so be it.

She already knew Chen Jun's character. The person who hurt her deeply was the Chen Jun from her previous life. There was no need to seek revenge in this life. However, she would stay away from Chen Jun to avoid the sins that happened in her previous life.

As a form teacher, Teacher Liu naturally knew of Qiao Nan's hand injuries in no time. When the school knew about the matter, they placed great importance to it and told the security guards to keep a watchful eye.

Given the way she was bandaged by the teacher in the sick bay, Qiao Nan did not touch a pen for five whole days.

To ensure that Qiao Nan's hands recovered quickly, even the towel for washing her face was wrung by one of her dormitory mates each morning.

When the school started, Zhao Yu clearly saw that the five dormitory mates of Qiao Nan were united in isolating Qiao Nan. However, within a short time span of two weeks, everyone in the dormitory changed and now addressed her intimately as Nan Nan. When Qiao Nan was injured this time, they treated and cared for her as if she was a little princess.

In comparison, she experienced psychological abuse from her dormitory mates. No one bothered about her when she returned to her dormitory and her things were often thrown away or dirtied. Only Zhao Yu herself knew how much hate and despises she felt.

"It's such a big relief." It was Saturday, and Qiao Nan could finally remove all the bandages. She moved both her hands and felt revived. "The five of you, quickly lend me your lesson notes. I have missed five days of notes. I'll need to copy till my death."

"We've already prepared them. Take your time to copy." Tang Mengran looked like she was gloating.

To a student, the most miserable thing was to be punished. Qiao Nan was not punished, but this was akin to punishment in a sense. She had to copy five days of notes. It felt miserable at the mere thought of it.

"Where did all the boys in the class go today? Have they been too relaxed during the free and easy time and thus gone missing?" Feeling puzzled, Tao Zhenqin blinked her eyes as she asked.

"I think one of the seniors who graduated from our school came back. He's playing basketball in the school, so the boys in the class went to join in on the fun," Fang Fang said calmly.

"Senior? How does he look like? Why did his return cause a stir?" Tang Mengran was the first to be interested.

Fang Fang adjusted her glasses as usual and simply said, "Whether he's good-looking or not… Look around the classroom. Is Xu Tingting still around? As to why his return caused a stir… I heard that his grades were excellent when he was still a student at Ping Cheng High School."



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