"How dare you!" Xu Tingting was shocked. She then hid behind Chen Jun as if she was very weak and needed protection. "Senior Chen, you have to help me. I was just telling the truth."

"Help you?" Zhu Baoguo smiled. "Don't forget that he is your senior, not your dog. How long and how much can he help you with?"

Zhu Baoguo hated the sight of the man who took the initiative to be close to Qiao Nan.

Chen Jun frowned. "How could you say something like that?" Nobody had scolded Chen Jun in such a manner before.

"It's up to me to say what I want. If you are displeased, you can point it out and we can fight it out." Zhu Baoguo stared at Chen Jun. He could tell that Chen Jun was not a wimp. The latter seemed to have some guts in him.

However, Chen Jun would be in for a big surprise if he believed that Xiao Qiao would take a fancy to him with his dilettantish efforts.

"Senior Chen!" Xu Tingting stood behind Chen Jun, her hands holding on to Chen Jun's shirt. "Senior Chen, you must teach him a lesson lest he becomes too arrogant."

Zhu Baoguo was right. She could not expect that her senior would always be there to protect her.

If her senior could teach Zhu Baoguo a lesson before leaving, then Zhu Baoguo might have to listen to her in the future.

Most importantly, Xu Tingting wanted Chen Jun to stand up for her.

"Childish." Chen Jun calmed himself down. "I merely came back to Ping Cheng High School to take a look. I have no intention to fight. But the junior over here, you do not seem to have a good temper. Be careful that you will not have many friends and offend a bunch of people in the future instead."

"I am not afraid!" Zhu Baoguo smiled. He was not one to shy away from fights!

Chen Jun twitched the corners of his lips, narrowed his eyes, and smiled grimly. "It's getting late. I should go back. All of you should study hard. I hope to see you again at college." He was not here to fight, but it was indeed a pity that his plans did not go well.

"…" Xu Tingting held on to Chen Jun's clothes nervously and looked at Zhu Baoguo with fear in her eyes.

Zhu Baoguo had said that he was going to hit her. How could her senior leave her alone?

"Hey junior, you can rest assured. What he just said was merely a joke. This is a school, and we are all students. The teachers are not to be trifled with. They will not allow people to fight in school. Chen Jun took a step forward, forcing Xu Tingting to release her grip on his shirt.

If not for the fact that Xu Tingting and Qiao Nan were in the same class, he would not have asked Xu Tingting to lead the way.

Chen Jun had seen a lot of girls like Xu Tingting in his years of studies. He was not the least bit interested in them or in their whining. No matter what moves Xu Tingting made, Chen Jun was already immune to them.

"Are you really leaving, Senior Chen? If there is a chance in the future, I want to study at the same college as you. If I have a problem, I can seek your help." She was just reminded by the senior that if Zhu Baoguo really dared to mess with her, she could complain to the teacher.

Zhu Baoguo could never call the shots at school. Every student would be fearful of their teachers.

Chen Jun gave a polite and distant answer. "All of you have just started high school. The college entrance examination is in two years' time. Don't worry. If there is a chance, it is not too late to be acquaintance with each other by then. Alright, I will make a move first. Study hard."

"Xu Tingting, your senior is leaving. You should send him off. Don't forget to get his contact info." Zheng Lingling mocked Xu Tingting.

She could never understand how a besotted girl like Xu Tingting managed to make it to class one of Ping Cheng High School.

But it mattered not. The first monthly exam would be coming in another half a month's time. If Xu Tingting did not do well, she would be kicked out of class one.

In the future, as long as they were not in the same class, Xu Tingting could act like a besotted fool for all she cared. Otherwise, she would feel embarrassed being classmates with Xu Tingting.

Whenever Xu Tingting spotted a capable man, she would behave like an infatuated fool and embarrass herself. Zheng Lingling had no idea why she was so shameless and thick-skinned. As a young lady, did she not find it embarrassing to take the initiative?

"Fine, I will say goodbye to him." Xu Tingting lifted her chin and chased after Chen Jun.

Zheng Lingling was lost for words. She did not mean for Xu Tingting to say goodbye to the senior. Could Xu Tingting not tell that she was mocking her?

"What is this situation?" Tang Mengran covered her face as she could no longer bear to see it. Although she liked handsome guys as well, Xu Tingting's behavior was simply too much.

"Xiao Qiao, I have something to tell you. I think the senior is not a good person." Zhu Baoguo had a stern expression on his face. He could not keep his feelings about Chen Jun to himself and not tell Qiao Nan. "I have a feeling that he has ill intentions toward you. Ignore him in the future."

Thinking of how Xu Tingting and Tang Mengran were infatuated over Chen Jun, Zhu Baoguo could not help but feel gloomy. He might not have said it, but he knew that he felt inferior to Chen Jun.

In the eyes of others, Chen Jun was very outstanding. He dressed well and his family was well-to-do. He was good-looking and graduated from a key high school.

As compared to the person he was from a year ago, he barely passed his middle school examinations. Sitting for the college entrance examination was a much higher hurdle in comparison. Zhu Baoguo felt particularly bitter when he saw how outstanding Chen Jun was. He felt stifled and suffocated. He was angry for losing out to other men in front of Xiao Qiao.

"Xu Tingting is back. What do all of you think? Did she manage to get the senior's contact number?"

"How would I know? Let's just ignore her." He Yun rolled her eyes and went straight back to her seat.

Xu Tingting did not look good. When she chased after Chen Jun, she could not even see the sight of him, let alone get his contact info. She had chased after him as soon as he left, but why could she not catch up with him?

Xu Tingting felt a slight bang on her head. She was stunned. Someone had thrown something at her. Fortunately, it was not a heavy object and she did not feel much pain from the blow to her head.

Xu Tingting was furious. She touched the spot on her head that had been hit and looked around the class, searching for the culprit. She met Qiao Nan's eyes inadvertently. "Who…"

Xu Tingting was about to ask who hit her when she saw a spitball next to the legs of her chair.

The students on duty had just cleaned the classroom. There should not have been any rubbish around.



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