Out of curiosity, Xu Tingting picked up the spitball and spread it out. On it was a line of words written in bold. It seemed to be the handwriting of a man.

The content was very clear-cut. It was the address of a college. It also indicated the department and the level.

Could this be the contact address of the senior?

But who gave this to her?

Xu Tingting pursed her red lips. It was definitely not given to her by her senior. It did not make sense that she saw the spitball only now. In that case, it must be given to her by someone in the classroom.

The handwriting on the spitball had bold and powerful strokes. It was obviously written by a man. It would not be a woman's handwriting. Xu Tingting felt that it must be written by Chen Jun.

"…" Xu Tingting grounded her teeth and looked at Qiao Nan. However, Qiao Nan was looking at her books. She did not even glance her way.

Not getting a response from Qiao Nan, Xu Tingting pressed her lips into a straight line and hid the spitball quietly.

No matter who gave this spitball to her, since it was given to her, it was now hers!

"Xiao Qiao, what did you just throw at Xu Tingting?" After making sure that Xu Tingting was no longer looking at Qiao Nan, Zhu Baoguo pulled at Qiao Nan's clothes.

"Something that Xu Tingting fervently hopes for." Qiao Nan flipped a page of her book.

"What is it that she fervently hopes for?"

"Why did she chase after Chen Jun just now?" Qiao Nan read her book, saw an important point, and made a note on the book.

"That man's contact address? Wait a minute, how do you know that his name is Chen Jun?!" Zhu Baoguo arched his eyebrows. "Xiao Qiao, let me tell you. You are still young. Your most important task right now is to study hard and to get into a good college in the future so that your mom, who is biased, will realize which of her daughter has a brighter future. You have worked hard for so long and have suffered so much. Is it worth it to give up everything for a man? If you really want to find one, you should find someone who is…"

What Zhu Baoguo wanted to say was that if Qiao Nan wanted to start a romantic relationship, she must at least find someone who was more outstanding than him.

But come to think of it, Chen Jun was more outstanding than him. It was Qiao Nan who tutored him and helped him make it to high school. It was due to the Zhu family and the Lee family that he was able to be in the same class and be deskmate with Qiao Nan.

At the thought of this, Zhu Baoguo could not finish his sentence.

"Xiao Qiao, there's no need for you to be in a hurry since you are still young. There are a lot of eligible and outstanding men in the world." He might not be as outstanding as Chen Jun now, but he would definitely outshine him in the future.

Xiao Qiao often said that he was very smart. He would start to work hard from now on, and he would definitely become an outstanding man.

By that time, if anyone dared to pursue Xiao Qiao, they would have to get his approval first. Whoever could not match up would have to scram!

Zhu Baoguo kept nagging at her like an old woman that Qiao Nan almost wanted to get something to smear his face. "Where do you think I got the paper from? Since I gave it to Xu Tingting, do you still think I am interested in Chen Jun?"

The note was given to her when Chen Jun walked up to her side previously.

Qiao Nan did not want to take it, but she was worried that she might not be quick enough like Chen Jun. If anyone saw her handing the note back to Chen Jun, there was no way she could explain herself.

Those who did not know might think that she had given her address to Chen Jun. She did not want to be misunderstood by them.

"Are you serious? Or are you trying to pacify me because you know I don't like Chen Jun?" Zhu Baoguo did not want to admit that he had benefited from this. He suppressed his smile and spoke with one's tongue in one's cheek. "In fact, it is totally up to you. As your big brother, as long as you are happy and really like him, I will not stop you."

Xiao Qiao wanted to study. Although her mother forced her to work, she did not budge at all.

Since Xiao Qiao gave Chen Jun's address to Xu Tingting, it must be either Xiao Qiao really did not like Chen Jun or she considered Zhu Baoguo more important to her than her mother that she was willing to listen to him. Regardless, Zhu Baoguo was happy.

Qiao Nan had been through so many things in her two lifetimes. She could tell that Zhu Baoguo was happy right now.

The life in high school was much more hectic than in junior high school. In the blink of an eye, they had finished their military training and school had started for a month. After going through the examinations for several major subjects, many students came out of the exam hall feeling dazed. "Hasn't school just started? How could it be a month already? We still have to take the monthly exams! I felt giddy from so many exams."

"Don't bring it up. I keep feeling that I have not done well. I will be spanked at home!"

"I am still in shock. I must have a good meal to comfort myself when I go back home. Honestly, are we having exams or are we being tortured by exams?"

As soon as Qiao Nan came out of the exam hall, she could hear students from the same level complaining about the exams.

"Nan Nan, how did you do for the exams?" Tang Mengran, who also lacked confidence in her exams, knitted her eyebrows and pursed her lips as she came out of the exam hall.

"I don't know. I have to see the results to know." Qiao Nan took her pencil case and said, "The exams are over. Don't ponder it. Otherwise, you will be under immense pressure."

"I can't help but think about it. I heard that the students in class one may change. If you don't do well in the monthly exam or other important exams, the school will transfer you to other classes. I don't want to be transferred out of class one. It will be a shame. My parents were elated when they knew that I went to class one at Ping Cheng High School. They bragged and boasted to others about it. My parents will beat the hell out of me if I flunk the exams and got transferred out!"

Tang Mengran turned pale at the thought of such an outcome.

"You should not think too much. Even if the students of class one are reshuffled, it will not be based on the results of a single exam. Otherwise, the teachers will have a hard time. Besides, even if you did not do well this time, there will definitely be other opportunities. As long as you catch up with the results, it will not be a big problem." Qiao Nan patted Tang Mengran's shoulder and reassured her.

"Yes, I still have a chance." Tang Mengran breathed a sigh of relief. "Nan Nan, luckily you have been leading us to study. The monthly exam was too easy. Many students did not prepare well for the exams, but we have been following your lead and working hard. I believe that if I did badly, someone would definitely do worse than me!"

Tang Mengran immediately felt much better.

"That's right. Someone spent all her time chasing after the boys, the two instructors, and the senior. She only has eyes for the boys. Tang Mengran, since she is not worried about her results, what are you afraid of?" Zheng Lingling joined their conversation.



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