Qiao Nan sat up. "Dad, I am hungry. When can we eat?"

"Soon. Dad will prepare the fish for you." When Qiao Dongliang heard that Qiao Nan was hungry, he could not be bothered with Ding Jiayi. He ran to the kitchen with the freshly bought chilies.

"Wait, I will do it." Ding Jiayi looked at Qiao Nan angrily. From the looks of it, Qiao Nan was determined to have her small yellow croaker with a lot of chilies in them.

When Ding Jiayi glared at Qiao Nan, the latter had lowered her head and was reading her books.

Qiao Nan waited until her mother left before putting down the book. For people like her mother, the best way would be to ignore them.

"Nan Nan, as expected, you are back earlier than I am." Carrying a schoolbag, Qiao Zijin, who came back from school, had to take almost half an hour more than before to reach the place Qiao Dongliang rented.

Qiao Zijin was tired to the bones, whereas Qiao Nan had it easy as the place she stayed in was very near to her school. Qiao Zijin pulled a long face at the sight of Qiao Nan.

"I only arrived slightly earlier than you. It seems that the dismissal time for The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China is earlier than that of Ping Cheng High School." Qiao Nan lowered her head. By right, the curriculum in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China should be more time-consuming than that of Ping Cheng High School. But in comparison, Qiao Zijin would always reach home early during the weekends.

"Nan Nan, didn't you have your monthly exam? How was it?" Qiao Zijin smiled and avoided Qiao Nan's question.

"Yes. I suppose you also had your exam, didn't you?" Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Zijin. "From the looks of it, you seem to have done pretty well."

Ever since Qiao Zijin studied at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, her grades had indeed improved a lot.

The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China was indeed the most famous and best school in the area. They had good teachers and had a way with the students. They could transform Qiao Zijin from someone who used to dislike studying in the previous life to a student with good grades.

Qiao Zijin lifted her chin and said, "It's more or less the same as before. Nan Nan, you haven't told me how you did for the exams. I heard a lot of the students who studied at Ping Cheng High School have good results. Furthermore, you are in class one. You must be under a lot of stress."

Qiao Nan grinned. "Sister, have you forgotten? I entered Ping Cheng High School as the first place in the province for the middle school examination. Not to mention Ping Cheng High School, even if I go to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, it will be the other students who will feel the pressure. If I remember correctly, the second place was behind me by more than twenty points."

"But the syllabus in high school is much more difficult than that of junior high school. I heard people say that the difference between boys and girls will be apparent when one reaches the third year in junior high school. If not, one will still be able to tell the difference in the second year of high school. Nan Nan, since you are so smart, do you intend to choose science subjects next year?"

"Science subjects? Sister, do you want to choose science subjects?" In most of the cases, there would be more boys than girls in the science classes and more girls than boys in the humanities and arts classes. Many girls found Mathematics and other science subjects too difficult for them when they advanced to the second year. They would, in turn, choose humanities and arts subjects.

"That's impossible. I am not as smart as you. I can't survive in the science classes. I have already decided on humanities and arts, and have filled in the form. Nan Nan, since you are so smart, it is better for you to choose science classes." Qiao Zijin sneered.

She had asked around. No matter how well one did for the middle school examination, if girls chose the science classes in high school, only one or two among ten would be able to maintain their standard.

No matter how good they were, most of the girls would definitely fall behind in terms of performance.

She wanted to know how Qiao Nan would remain the top scholar in the middle school examination if her results fell behind in high school. "Nan Nan, there is another year left before you need to make a decision. I remember that you had a perfect score for the science subjects during the middle school examination. It would be a pity if you do not choose science classes. Nan Nan, what do you think?"

Qiao Nan touched the bangs on her forehead. She finally realized what Qiao Zijin was up to.

It turned out that Qiao Zijin wanted her to choose science classes and watched by when her results fell behind as she could not keep up with the syllabus. "There is still one year to go before I need to decide. I can consider it later. But there isn't much difference whether I choose science or humanities and arts classes. I will decide later."

"That's right, Nan Nan. You have been doing so well, so it doesn't matter which classes you choose. But there is a lot of memory work to do in the humanities and arts classes. You certainly can't handle it. Though science subjects are much more challenging, you will do much better when you learn more about it. Since I have been reading up as I need to make the decision, I am sharing the information with you lest you are at a loss when you start your second year." Qiao Zijin held Qiao Nan's hand affectionately.

There was no hurry. There was still one year to go.

In this one year's time, she would definitely think of ways to persuade Qiao Nan to choose the science classes.

"Sister, you seem to be very happy. Is there any good news?" Qiao Nan pulled her hand back. Chen Jun had not graduated from college, and there had not been any holidays, yet he was not at school, but here, in Ping Cheng. In this life, she had met Chen Jun earlier than she did in the previous life. Maybe it was the same for her sister?

If Qiao Zijin had met Chen Jun, then it would be a good thing for her.

By then, Qiao Zijin would put all her attention on getting close to Chen Jun and would not have time for her.

Qiao Zijin blinked. "Good news? What do you mean?"

Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Zijin's eyes and noticed that she did not have the besotted look of a young lady who was in a relationship. It seemed like Qiao Zijin had not met Chen Jun yet.

Could it be that, like the previous life, she would have to be their matchmaker and pave the way for Chen Jun and Qiao Zijin?

"Nothing." Since Qiao Zijin and Chen Jun were not acquaintances yet, Qiao Nan would not find trouble for herself.

"Nan Nan, why are you behaving strangely today?" Why would she stop her sentence midway?

"Dad has bought small yellow croakers today." This time, it was Qiao Nan's turn to change the topic.

Qiao Zijin's eyes lit up. "I haven't eaten small yellow croakers for a long time. Nan Nan, you must have more of the small yellow croakers later." Ever since her father was hospitalized, it had been ages since she had a sumptuous meal.

Her father was so good to Qiao Nan. If she did not come to their house today, Qiao Nan would have the small yellow croakers all to herself.

Qiao Zijin could not hide her anger when she saw the plate of small yellow croakers on the table. "Mom, you should know that I can't eat spicy food. When I eat something spicy, I will have acne. Why do you put so many chilies in the small yellow croakers when you know that I can't eat spicy food? How am I going to eat them?"



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