"Xu Tingting, get straight to the point. Do you think that I am the kind of person who dare not fight back when bullied? If you really think so, it seems that Zhao Yu has not told you the full story about me." Qiao Nan was not scared by Xu Tingting. "Xu Tingting, are you going to pit yourself against me, or should I let you know what I am capable of?"

Xu Tingting bit her lip. It seemed that Qiao Nan was not a nerd. Even without Zhu Baoguo to back her up, she was not easy to deal with. "This is for you." Xu Tingting took out a letter and handed it to Qiao Nan unwillingly.

Qiao Nan crossed her arms around her chest and refused to take the letter from her. "There seems to be more than one."

"I don't think you will be interested in the other two letters. But this letter… is from Instructor Zhai." Xu Tingting stomped her foot. No wonder Instructor Zhai was immune to her efforts during the military training. He had already known Qiao Nan since way before.

What a devious person Qiao Nan was. If Qiao Nan had told her about it, she would not have wasted her time and feelings on Instructor Zhai.

She was interested in all men who were good-looking and had a promising future. There was only one type of men that she was not interested in. It was those who already had someone in mind.

Xu Tingting was not foolish. From the fact that during the military training Zhai Sheng demonstrated only using Qiao Nan's blanket, she could tell that something was going on.

When she came to school today and collected the letter from the reception office, it proved that her guess was correct.

"Do you think I will believe your words?" Qiao Nan refused to budge.

Since the letters were hers, it was up to her to decide what she wanted to do with them. Xu Tingting had no right to make decisions for her. She must let Xu Tingting understand this clearly. This time, Xu Tingting had taken her letters without her knowledge. No one knew what she would do next time.

This was what she learned from her mother. At times, one had to stand firm.

"The two letters are here." Xu Tingting handed the letters to Qiao Nan unwillingly. "I have opened the first letter, but I have not touched the other two letters."

"In other words, you have read the contents of the letter. Xu Tingting, do you know that it's illegal to read others' letters? Yet, you still dare to be angry at me?" Xu Tingting was too ridiculous. It seemed like aside from the two people in her family, there were lots of unreasonable people around.

"Do you want to sue me?" Xu Tingting's countenance changed in an instant. After all, she was in the wrong.

"Are you afraid? There's no need for me to call the police. I only need to use the elementary school students' method, which is to tell the teacher. That will be good enough."

Xu Tingting clutched the letters to herself. "Why are you so sure that the contents of the letter will not do you any harm? If you tell the teacher about it, the teacher may misunderstand that you have something going on with your senior. Are you sure that you really want to do this? By that time, both of us will be in trouble. Are you so stupid to make such a life-and-death struggle?"

"That's my business. You have no control over it. I'm willing to clash head-on with you." Back in the previous life, right till the day when a heavily pregnant Qiao Zijin showed up in front of her, Chen Jun still played the role of a good boyfriend. She had no idea there was a third party in their relationship. He was even about to become a father!

She was a fool. She only realized her folly and learned her ways after being deceived by her mother and Qiao Zijin.

Right now, she was a high school student. No matter what kind of mentality Chen Jun had when he wrote to her, it was absolutely impossible for Chen Jun to write anything that would cause misunderstandings.

Chen Jun was very careful in his previous life so as not to be discovered by Qiao Nan that he had been secretly seeing Qiao Zijin. In this life, even if Chen Jun was just a college student, she believed that Chen Jun would never do anything that would jeopardize his own future.

"Alright, I have no time to listen to you. If you have a clear conscience and believe that Teacher Liu will punish me but not you, then let's go. Teacher Liu should be in the office." Qiao Nan turned and made a move to the form teacher's office.

"No, don't go!" Xu Tingting was so scared that she quickly pulled at Qiao Nan. "Please don't let Teacher Liu know. Qiao Nan, I realize my mistakes. Can you accept my apology?"

"No!" Qiao Nan shrugged Xu Tingting's hand away. "Why do we still need the police if apologies are useful?"

"T-then, what do you want me to do so that you will let me off?" Xu Tingting had no other choice. She would do anything as long as Qiao Nan decided not to press the case this time. She was willing to kneel down as well. "I will do whatever you say. Is that okay?!"

"No!" Qiao Nan said in a firm tone. "You took the letters and read them, yet you come asking what you should do to ask for forgiveness? Xu Tingting, you are so ridiculous. Do you think that I am a pushover? Xu Tingting, why do you not admit that you have received a benefit? Both of us know what I am referring to. But I realized I should not have taken the trouble to do that. If you are interested, you will have the means to get hold of Chen Jun's address. Why should I help you? Xu Tingting, I regret it now."

"I will return the letters to you. Will it do? I am sorry. I should not have taken your letters. I should not have opened and read your letter. I will not do it again. Please give me another chance. There will not be a next time."

Seeing that Qiao Nan was indifferent to her pleas, Xu Tingting almost burst out in tears. "I swear that I will not provoke you from now onward. Will this do?"

It was illegal to open and read other people's letters. This showed that Xu Tingting did not have good moral character.

Once the teachers in the school knew about this situation, Xu Tingting would not be able to participate in any of the activities in class, and her position as the vice class monitor would be stripped off as well.

Xu Tingting had outstanding performance in her junior high school. Given that high school education was much more important than junior high school, it would be impossible for her to have a bright future if she did not have any achievements in high school.

Xu Tingting used to think that Qiao Nan was dilatory. He Yun and the rest kept saying that she was a nice person. Hence, she had the impression that Qiao Nan was mild-tempered and soft-hearted. Among the three letters, two of them were from the senior and the other one was from Instructor Zhai.

Since Qiao Nan gave her Chen Jun's address, it was obvious that she was not interested in him.

Therefore, Xu Tingting had thought that as long as she made sure that the letter from Zhai Sheng was intact, Qiao Nan would not be angry at her. Even if she was really angry, she would be appeased with an apology and some coaxing.

She did not know that though He Yun and the rest made Qiao Nan sound as if she was mild-tempered and understanding, Qiao Nan would be so fierce and firm instead, leaving no room for negotiation.

"I never believe in vows. They are totally useless."



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