Qiao Nan was finally willing to take the three letters back from Xu Tingting. "But Xu Tingting, it's best that you remember this. Today's matter is not over. If this happens again, I will not give you any more prior warning. Please be mentally prepared for the consequences."

Having that said, Qiao Nan simply went back to the classroom without looking at Xu Tingting.

Looking at the three letters in her hands, except for the letter from Zhai Sheng, she actually wanted very much to tear away the other two letters from Chen Jun.

After some consideration, Qiao Nan knitted her brows and simply ignored the two letters from Chen Jun. She then opened the letter from Zhai Sheng to read it. The content of the letter was very simple. In short, it said 'No puppy love'.

If Qiao Nan dared to do that, he would definitely 'deal' with her when he came back from the army.

The serious tone, strict manner, and threatening way that the message was conveyed in the letter stunned Qiao Nan. When she's with Zhu Baoguo, she felt like she had a son. But in front of Brother Zhai, why did she feel like she had another father?

In her impression, there were already three people who warned her not to get involved in a romantic relationship in high school. Coincidentally, these three people were her 'son' and two 'fathers'.

"What are you looking at?" Zhu Baoguo sat down, sulking.

"Nothing." Qiao Nan folded the letter calmly and placed it back into the envelope. She did not understand. Had she done anything in particular recently to make these three men of different ages so worried about her that they had to 'remind' her out of 'good intention' simultaneously?

"Is there really nothing? I heard someone wrote to you. Who was it?" Zhu Baoguo had the ears of the great monkey sage. He actually knew about this matter just as Qiao Nan got to know about it.

"Who do you think it was?" Qiao Nan flipped her book. "Someone told me that I'm still young and it's not appropriate to be romantically involved."

"Oh?" Then that must not be Chen Jun. "Who's so wise as to have observed your behavior and give you such advice? This is a real friend. Xiao Qiao, you can interact more with this friend."

"Crap." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes at Zhu Baoguo and ignored him thereafter. She started to read her books conscientiously.

"Teacher Liu is here. Oh yes, have you all heard about the results for the monthly exams?"

"Nope. Did you receive any news?"

"Yes, I heard that the top scorer in the cohort is from our class."

"That goes without saying. We're in class one. If the top scorer of the cohort is not from our class, do we still deserved to be called class one? Guess, who came in first in the cohort?"

"That… Isn't Qiao Nan the top scorer in the middle school examination?"

"Hmm, will she be the top scorer forever just because she clinched the top place in the middle school examination? It's hard to say. After all, the curriculum between junior high school and senior high school is very different. The difficulty level is also higher in senior high school." Xu Tingting's dormitory mate was not pleased. Xu Tingting, who was in the same dormitory as her, was capable. Xu Tingting knew the solutions to all the questions she did not know the answers to.

Moreover, she asked Xu Tingting and the latter said that she did very well for this examination. There would be a change in the top scorer of this class.

Xu Tingting, who was writing a letter to Chen Jun, happened to hear these conversations. She could not help tightening the grip on her pen as her eyes flashed with ambitions. Since she attended senior high school, her learning attitude had improved. She lost to Qiao Nan in terms of romance, but she did not believe that she would also lose to her in academic performance.

Within a short span of one month, there were three outstanding men who appeared consecutively in Qiao Nan's life. If Qiao Nan was not distracted by this, could she still be considered a woman?

Regardless of whether Qiao Nan liked them, at the very least, she should feel a little proud. As long as Qiao Nan was distracted, she would be able to grab the opportunity to surpass Qiao Nan. Based on her previous experience, anyone whom she managed to outdo could forget about doing better than her in the future.

"Alright. Be quiet everyone. The teachers have finished grading the monthly exam papers a couple of days ago. We are very pleased that many of you did not disappoint us. You did very well. However, the teachers don't wish to give you too much pressure. Hence, on this occasion, we will not announce the ranking of the students. Of course, we hope that all of you will continue to work hard. Those who performed well will continue to do so, and those who are slightly lagging behind could put in more effort and catch up. We'd also like to give you some prior information. When you go home two weeks later, bring a letter back. The school will be organizing a parent-teacher conference for first-year students."

Teacher Liu was glowing and all smiles, especially when he talked about the results of the monthly exam. His eyes were smiling and constantly forming the shape of a crescent.

"Can the subject representative please come up to give out the exam papers for this subject? Solutions to the problems will be explained. After the lesson ends, please collect the papers back."

When Teacher Liu finished his words, the subject representative went up and took the stack of exam papers. She then proceeded to distribute them.

Seeing that Xu Tingting actually scored ninety-five marks, as her dormitory date, the subject representative's eyes lit up. She then winked at Xu Tingting before passing the paper to her.

As she took over the paper with ninety-five marks in bright red, Xu Tingting pursed her lips and gave a reserved smile. While maintaining eye contact with the subject representative, she cast a glance at Qiao Nan and lifted her eyebrows to enquire about the latter's scores.

The subject representative shook her head and then showed Xu Tingting a thumbs-up. She was telling Xu Tingting that she did not know Qiao Nan's scores but Xu Tingting's score was the highest among the few papers she had given out.

Moreover, what she gave out earlier were all the papers with more than ninety marks. If she had finished distributing the batch and did not see Qiao Nan's paper, then Qiao Nan definitely did not do better than Xu Tingting.

Students were students after all. As soon as they received their papers, many could not help turning to others who had received their papers to compare their scores. Upon comparing, Xu Tingting was the one who scored the highest. Many were shocked.

This was mathematics. Didn't they say that boys typically perform better than girls in science subjects? Why was the top scorer in the class for this subject a young lady?

Sensing that many were looking at her with envy and admiration, Xu Tingting straightened her posture. Don't assume that she was a mere boy-chaser who only focused her efforts on the opposite gender! She had never done poorly in her studies. If she did not perform well academically, how would she be able to find an outstanding partner who was compatible with her?

When she finished giving out the batch of papers with more than ninety marks, the subject representative signaled to Xu Tingting the number 'eight' to inform that the next batch was most likely those with over eighty marks. Besides, she had not seen Qiao Nan's paper.

At this moment, Xu Tingting lifted her chin as if she was a proud rooster. She was only missing a high tail.

She did not expect that the top scorer of the middle school examination, Qiao Nan, was in fact, a swindler. She was too pretentious. She not only did not continue to be in the top place but also did not score more than ninety marks.



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