High school lessons were difficult. However, to maintain the academic performance of the outstanding students, the school would never lower their expectations of the students. Hence, although they were in senior high school, the good students were expected to score not less than ninety marks for each subject. For outstanding students, the minimum expected score was ninety-five marks.

If she had known that Qiao Nan was a swindler, she would not have taken Qiao Nan so seriously. She had overestimated Qiao Nan.

Xu Tingting calmed down and focused on reviewing the question she had answered wrongly. However, the mathematics representative was unable to do so. She was a little surprised that Qiao Nan's name was not in the batch of papers with more than ninety marks. However, she had already given out the batch of papers between eighty and eighty-nine marks and had not seen Qiao Nan's name either. This was a big surprise!

She had only two exam papers left for distribution, and there was one paper with a little over seventy marks. The representative was a little dumbfounded.

As the middle school examination scholar, Qiao Nan did attain the first place. However, she did was not one of the top three. Her name was not even seen in the list of the top ten scorers. Could she have scored top and second in the reverse order of ranking? It was impossible!

She remembered that Qiao Nan was usually very conscientious when she was in class. No matter what, she would not have fared that badly.

It was only when the representative gave away the paper with over seventy marks that she saw the marks on the last paper. She was stunned. Her face turned pale as she pursed her lips and quietly walked to Qiao Nan to pass her the paper.

"Alright. Next, I'll talk about the few questions with the highest rate of error based on overall statistics. After I explain, if there's anything you do not understand, please come and look for me individually. For those without any questions, please do self-study." Teacher Liu did not waste time talking nonsense. He immediately directed the class' attention to the important matters as soon as all the students received their papers.

In about ten minutes' time, he had finished explaining the solutions to the few questions with the highest error rate. "Alright, if anyone has questions, please come and ask me individually. Everyone, please keep quiet to avoid disturbing the others who are studying."

Xu Tingting did not see Qiao Nan's results but she was extremely curious. Hence, she took a piece of paper, crushed it, and threw it at the representative.

After gaining the representative's attention, Xu Tingting immediately sought Teacher Liu's permission to go to the restroom. Teacher Liu waved his hands to approve and also told the other students to do so if they wished to, on the condition that they remained quiet. After he said that, Xu Tingting and the representative got up from their seats simultaneously and went to the restroom 'together'.

At the sight of the eighty marks on her paper, Zhao Yu gritted her teeth and also stood up to go to the restroom 'together'.

Zhu Baoguo rolled his eyes. Why were all the girls except for Xiao Qiao acting strangely? It was just a trip to the restroom. Why was there a need to go together? Could it be that there was a ghost in the restroom and they dared not go alone?

"Wang Li, when you gave out the papers earlier, didn't you see Qiao Nan's grades? How was it? How did she rank in our class?" Xu Tingting could not help asking as soon as she reached the restroom.

When she saw Zhao Yu came in, Xu Tingting snorted. "Why are you here?"

"This is the restroom. Why do you think I came?" Zhao Yu bit her lip and opened one of the cubicle doors. She forced herself to urinate a little and then straightened her ears to eavesdrop.

"It's… not very clear," Wang Li said incoherently.

"Not clear? What's there to be unclear of? Her marks will be whatever she had scored! How could it be unclear?!" Did Wang Li become retarded from studying too much for the exam the month before?

Wang Li's mouth drooped. "You're the one who asked me about it. I'm not very clear because I don't know whether I should say 100 or 105 marks. I saw 100+5 marks on her paper. Tell me, then. How many marks is that?"

It should be written as 105 if she scored 105 marks and 100 if she scored 100 marks. What did 100+5 marks mean?

Wang Li had been a student for many years. She was confused as she had not encountered this type of situation. How many marks did Qiao Nan score exactly?

"100+5? What did that mean?" Xu Tingting was stunned too.

Zhao Yu sneered. Qiao Nan was undoubtedly Qiao Nan. Her grades were still so annoying even after she came to Ping Cheng High School. She came out of the cubicle and said as she washed her hands, "It was written as 100+5 because the maximum marks one could attain is 100. However, Qiao Nan must have also attempted the additional difficult question and answered it correctly. Thus, 100+5."

"How did you know?" Xu Tingting stared at her.

Zhao Yu shook the water from her hands and smiled grimly. "How did I know? You seemed to have forgotten. I was classmates with Qiao Nan in junior high school. Since secondary three, especially from the second semester onward, she never had a different score. Tell me, how can I not know?"

No one knew better than her that Qiao Nan was a big pervert.

The additional question was prepared for people like Xu Tingting who had five marks deducted from the 100 marks. If she had answered the additional question correctly, she would still be able to score 100 marks.

However, people like Qiao Nan, who already had 100 marks and yet answered the additional question correctly, would receive the perverted score of 100+5 marks, making others feel nightmarish!

"Is… is that the case?" Wang Li was stunned. Since she attended junior high school, she had hardly seen 100 marks, not to mention 100+5 marks. Who knew that 100+5 was given for such situations?

"!" Xu Tingting was so furious that she hit the tap.

"Ha." Zhao Yu smiled wryly and gave a scornful look to Xu Tingting. Her eyes were full of sarcasm.

Xu Tingting was annoyed. She grabbed Zhao Yu and refused to let her leave. "Why did you shoot that look at me just now?"

"Whatever you think the reasons might be." Zhao Yu sent the helve after the hatchet. "You may not know. I can't do any better than this for my studies. I have been waiting, waiting for the person who can crush Qiao Nan to appear. Initially, I thought that the person will be you, but now I know that I've been thinking too much."

If not for the fact that she still harbored some hopes toward Xu Tingting, she would not have followed them to the smelly restroom.

Zhao Yu disliked Xu Tingting, but she hated Qiao Nan more. If possible, the best situation was to see the two of them leading unhappy lives. She would feel happy at the sight.

When the two of them could not be down on their luck simultaneously, she would be very pleased to see one of them outdo the other. Hence, Zhao Yu would feel better when either of them lost their face.

"Let go of me. I'm going back to the classroom. We've been out for a long time. Teacher Liu is coming to get us." Zhao Yu withdrew her hand forcefully and moved forward without even looking at Xu Tingting.

With the outcome of this examination, Zhao Yu could clearly confirm that Xu Tingting was not the person she was looking for. Regardless of interpersonal relationships or academic performance, Xu Tingting was not comparable to Qiao Nan and posed no threat to the latter.

To think that she had wasted so much time and energy on Xu Tingting since school started…

"She's driving me mad." Xu Tingting did not expect Zhao Yu to be so daring and arrogant. It seemed like she had not bullied her enough in the dormitory. She was not fearful at all!



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