Qiao Nan was not afraid of her, and even Zhao Yu dared to be unruly to her. She was unable to outdo Qiao Nan now, but it was much easier to deal with Zhao Yu!

"Tingting, Zhao Yu is right. Let's go back." Wang Li pulled Xu Tingting. "Besides, if I did not remember wrongly, the five girls from the same dormitory as Qiao Nan did well too. Tang Mengran fared the worst, but she still received eighty-eight marks at the very least." In other words, He Yun, Zheng Lingling, and the rest scored more than ninety marks!

Damn, all the good students were in the same clique?

At the thought that she had only scored eighty-five marks, Wang Li felt like she had swallowed a piping hot dumpling before biting it. It was as if the dumpling was stuck, unable to be swallowed or vomited. She felt so uncomfortable. Why was she still holding the role as the mathematics representative? It was so embarrassing!

"Tingting, when you have time to spare, please help me by giving me some supplementary lessons. My results are too lousy."

"Help?" Xu Tingting swiped her hands and wanted to refuse right away. If she had the extra time and energy, she might as well spend more effort and think about how she could score 100 marks to catch up with Qiao Nan.

However, as she realized that Wang Li was still of some use to her, she suppressed her anger. "It's not possible to give you supplementary lessons since I don't know where your problems lie. Why don't we do this? Look for me if you encounter any areas that you do not understand and I will guide you, just like in the past. Will that do?"

"That's fine." Wang Li knew that her request was too demanding. Most of the time, one had to rely on oneself to utilize many information and knowledge flexibly after mastering the basics, after all.

"Everyone, the class is dismissed. Take a break and do some exercise." Xu Tingting and Wang Li just returned to the classroom when Teacher Liu announced the break time.

Upon hearing Teacher Liu's words, Zheng Lingling and the group surrounded Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, come and let us see your results that will make us more motivated and driven."

"Nan Nan, it's all thanks to you that I was able to attain eighty-eight marks this time. I'm glad my little ass will be fine and don't need to endure any caning this time," Tang Mengran said. True enough. The students in class one were all perverts. They were already in senior high school and scoring eighty-eight marks was only considered as average. This was so depressing.

"I scored ninety-three marks." Fang Fang adjusted her glasses. She was obviously pleased with her results. Fang Fang usually fared the best in humanities and arts. She had been working hard in science so that it would not pull down her humanities and arts' grades and neglect the subjects she preferred less.

She did not expect that she had progressed so much for science this semester. She should write an essay: The Importance of Having a Good Dormitory Mate.

"Zhu Baoguo, let's change our seats." He Yun blinked her eyes at Zhu Baoguo. She heard that Zhu Baoguo's grades were extremely lousy in the past. He could not even meet the entry criteria to senior high school, not to mention Ping Cheng High School. They could become classmates today all thanks to Qiao Nan who taught Zhu Baoguo alone. She did not believe it initially, but judging from the current situation, that seemed to be true.

The average score of mathematics in their class was the highest in the whole cohort. In addition, the average score of their dormitory was also the highest!

"Do you think I'll allow this?" Zhu Baoguo resisted the urge to hit He Yun's face. What kind of tactic was this? Snatching seat?

"Damn, crazy pervert!" Zheng Lingling was more direct. She simply took Qiao Nan's paper and could not help cursing when she saw Qiao Nan's grades. "Qiao Nan, are you trying to aggravate us and drive us to our graves? I know that you'll definitely do well, but you don't need to go so overboard!!"

"How is it?"

"How much did she score?!"

Fang Fang and He Yun stretched their necks to look at the grade on the paper. Fang Fang did not see anything else but big red ticks for all the questions at the back of Qiao Nan's papers. There was not a single cross, not even for the additional questions. She already knew the answer in her heart.

Zheng Lingling was right in her scolding. Crazy pervert!

Tao Zhenqin finally saw Qiao Nan's grade after much effort. She then sighed. "I have a school bully as my dormitory mate. Should I feel happy, happy, or happy?"

Fang Fang adjusted her glasses properly. She revealed a scheming smile. "Since there's a free little teacher, of course we should be happy, happy, and happy!" She felt that her base knowledge was much better than Zhu Baoguo.

"How many marks did she score?" Upon hearing the noisy discussion, many could not help but squeeze themselves into the group.

"This is a paper without any cross mark. Tell me what the score is?"

"Full marks?!" The little mathematics prince in junior high school expressed his trauma. Didn't they say that girls would fare badly in such subjects after they entered senior high school?

"There's no cross mark. Then, how about the additional question?" Another male student in the class asked. The reason was that he had cross marks in his papers but he answered the additional question correctly. Hence, he received an additional five marks.

"What do you all mean by no cross mark? Your mathematics is good but don't return all your language knowledge to your teachers." Tang Mengran rolled her eyes. "Alright. Don't try to fight for your last breath. The grades of our Nan Nan this time… You will feel beyond utter despair and hopelessness. Please try harder next time."

Xu Tingting broke the 2B pencil she was holding in her hands. Who said that? This was only the mathematics subject. There were still a few other subjects. She only lagged behind Qiao Nan by five marks. As long as she scored better than Qiao Nan in other subjects, how could she not surpass Qiao Nan!!

It was a pity that this was the Friday self-study time. Besides Teacher Liu who announced the mathematics results, the other teachers did not attend class, and thus did not give out the papers.

Hence, even if Xu Tingting was eager to know the answer, she had to endure the anxiousness and wait for one whole night before she could get the answer.

"Why is my blanket wet?!" When she returned to the dormitory, Zhao Yu wanted to spread out her blanket. But when she touched it, it was all wet. "Tell me, who did this? Do you believe that I'll look for the auntie in charge of the dormitory to settle this for me? Don't think that you'll be alright after doing this! If you bully me too much, I'm not afraid of kicking up a big fuss. In the future, you can forget about receiving any awards for an outstanding class committee member or top three model students. You can forget all about them!!"

She no longer had the opportunity to receive all these awards anyway. If the people in the dormitory offended her badly, they would not have a good life!

Wang Li's reaction was the greatest. Besides Xu Tingting who was the vice class monitor, Wang Li was the mathematics representative and the head of the dormitory. She thus had higher chances to be assessed for the awards.

After Xu Tingting finished her shower, she took out the clothes that she had washed. She twisted her tiny waist which was slightly revealed and said insincerely, "Zhao Yu, you're back. Don't be angry. I just wanted to tell you that I accidentally wetted your blanket. When I was carrying the water, I slipped and accidentally spilled the water over it. Fortunately, it is September now and the weather is not that cold. It's not December. It will not be a big issue. I apologize to you."

"You did it on purpose!" Zhao Yu was not a three-year-old child. There was disagreement with Xu Tingting during the evening self-study time and this incident happened on the same night. Xu Tingting said she did not do it intentionally. Zhao Yu cursed that she would see a ghost if she believed in her words.



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