If Zhao Yu went to Qiao Nan's dormitory, then she believed it'd be Qiao Nan's turn to lead an exciting life.

"Teacher Liu, can we do that?" In the class, Qiao Nan's dormitory was the only one with vacancies. It was most convenient for her to move to that dormitory.

"I need to confirm this first. You all can go back." Teacher Liu did not agree to the request immediately but neither did he reject it.

"Thanks, Teacher Liu!" Zhao Yu smiled and left the office feeling satisfied.

Xu Tingting gritted her teeth. She also left the office and caught up with Zhao Yu. "Zhao Yu, we'll wait and see!" This time, Zhao Yu set her up and she became Zhao Yu's stepping stone. Next time, she would definitely make Zhao Yu suffer.

When she heard Xu Tingting's warning, Zhao Yu halted her steps for a while. She then continued to move on.

Xu Tingting was never keen on getting along well with her. She had been bullying her for the past month. Even if she did not lodge a complaint against Xu Tingting today, she did not believe that Xu Tingting would stop bullying her.

As such, she was indifferent to Xu Tingting's 'wait and see' threats. At the very least, she had dealt with Xu Tingting and taken revenge for herself.

Xu Tingting reached the classroom slightly earlier than Zhao Yu. At the sight of her table piling with a few exam papers, Xu Tingting was momentarily stunned. "All the papers have been given out? Who's the top student in the class? What's the score?"

"Don't ask anymore." Wang Li waved her hands to signal to Xu Tingting. It was best if she did not know the answer to the question. Otherwise, Xu Tingting would definitely be so furious that she could forget about sleeping well tonight.

"…" Xu Tingting refused to believe in fate. She took a pen to calculate her aggregate score. At the sight of her result, she was quite satisfied as the average score of her subjects was already ninety-three.

She already knew her result. Next, she had to find a way to find out what Qiao Nan's score was.

She did not believe that Qiao Nan would fare as well as she did in mathematics for her other subjects. Attaining 100 marks for mathematics was rare, but the Chinese language was more difficult. As long as Qiao Nan dropped the ball in one of the subjects, she would have the opportunity to surpass Qiao Nan in this examination and become the top scorer in the class.

As Xu Tingting looked for the chance to find out how Qiao Nan fared in the examination, it was already noontime in the blink of an eye.

Just as Qiao Nan returned to the classroom after lunch and was preparing for the next lesson, she was called into the office by Teacher Liu.

Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu's reactions were the greatest among the classmates when Qiao Nan was requested to go to Teacher Liu's office.

"What? Zhao Yu will be moving to our dormitory?" Qiao Nan wanted to hold her forehead. What she was most fearful of was happening. She said before that Zhao Yu was not an ordinary seventeen-year-old kid. She was much more scheming than those of the same age.

"Yes. It's regarding this matter. Qiao Nan, what are your thoughts on this?" Teacher Liu asked.

"Teacher Liu, after a month of adjustment, the six of us are finally getting along well and harmoniously. I'm not the only one who stays in the dormitory. If you really wish to know, I think you should also seek the rest of my dormitory mates' opinions."

"How about you? What do you think?" Teacher Liu was more concerned about Qiao Nan's views. "I heard that Zhao Yu was your classmate in junior high school. Both of you have always been in the same class, haven't you? Your relationship with each other should be better than that of typical classmates." After all, both were more familiar with each other.

"Teacher Liu, even if you ask me, it's not appropriate for me to tell you certain things. Can I trouble you to make a call to the junior high school to look for Teacher Chen to have a better understanding?"

"Is it so inappropriate?" Teacher Liu was slightly stunned.

"Yes." Qiao Nan nodded. "After Teacher Liu heard Teacher Chen's words, you should know my stance toward this matter."

"Alright, then you may go back. Call the rest of your dormitory mates here." Qiao Nan's result was not only the best in his class but also the whole school. Moreover, the few young ladies in Qiao Nan's dormitory had good learning attitudes. He could not simply transfer Zhao Yu to their dormitory without careful consideration.

"Thank you, Teacher Liu." Qiao Nan bowed and left. She then called the rest of her dormitory mates to Teacher Liu's office.

"Nan Nan, why is Teacher Liu looking for us?" Tang Mengran asked curiously.

"You'll know after you make the trip." Qiao Nan drank some water. She did not wish to remember what Teacher Liu said to her earlier.

"Is it because of Zhao Yu?" Fang Fang was always the most sensitive one. After all, one was called in after another. It was quite obvious.

"It can't be, can it?" He Yun's face looked as if she had stepped on dog's poop.

"Teacher Liu most likely requested to see us to find out how we feel about this. Nan Nan, what did you say? You didn't agree, did you?" Zheng Lingling was most worried about this. Teacher Liu must have called Nan Nan to his office first because he placed great importance on Nan Nan's thoughts.

If Nan Nan had agreed, then this matter would be troublesome.

"Am I stupid? I've never had chemistry with Zhao Yu. She's my classmate again in senior high school. Most probably, she regretted not going to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. I used to believe that she would attend The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Her family is wealthy and she mentioned before that she must become a student of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China." Furthermore, in her previous life, Zhao Yu studied in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

"That will do." Zheng Lingling heaved a sigh of relief. "As long as the six of us sing the same tune, I think Teacher Liu will not force us. Let's go." After confirming that they did not have differing views, Zheng Lingling was no longer worried.

It was really because Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu had created so much trouble the night before. Zheng Lingling was afraid of troubles. Be it Xu Tingting or Zhao Yu, neither was the type that she could accept.

After discussion, He Yun, Tao Zhenqin and the group of five conveyed the same stance in front of Teacher Liu. They refused to let Zhao Yu stay in their dormitory.

Before the five of them reached Teacher Liu's office, Teacher Liu had already talked to Teacher Chen, Qiao Nan's form teacher in junior high school. As soon as Teacher Chen heard that Zhao Yu would be in the same dormitory as Qiao Nan, he immediately advised Teacher Liu not to allow that. "The kids nowadays are very different from those of our generation. They are quite scheming. In the beginning, I was not pleased because she did not lend Qiao Nan a pen when Qiao Nan's pens broke. Qiao Nan was in a difficult situation and they were classmates. I only knew thereafter that Qiao Nan's few pens were broken all because of… Teacher Liu, tell me. What's happening to the kids nowadays? Why are they so scheming?"

Teacher Chen expressed that he had been a teacher for so many years and had taught so many students. Among them, Zhao Yu gave him the worst impression. She totally changed his perspective and understanding of the kids nowadays.

"As a teacher, we should believe that the students are good-natured and could change for the better even if they committed wrongdoing. But a student like Qiao Nan is hard to come by. It's even harder for her to continue with her studies. We wish to give the student a chance, but we shouldn't gamble it with another student's studies, should we? We can't afford this gamble. If Zhao Yu disrupts Qiao Nan's studies, this will definitely be a loss to Ping Cheng High School."



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