Had someone not lent Qiao Nan a pen at that time, she would not have been able to participate in the essay writing competition. In that case, Ping Cheng Junior High school would have lost the championship for that provincial essay writing competition back then!

"Yes, what you have said made sense. I'll consider it carefully." There was no need for Teacher Chen to persuade him. After hearing Teacher Chen's words, Teacher Liu had completely dispelled the thought of sending Zhao Yu to Qiao Nan's dormitory.

Zhao Yu was already so daring when studying in junior high school. She dared to plot against Qiao Nan in that way during the essay competition. They were in senior high school now. Wouldn't it be a walk in the park for Zhao Yu to do something similar to Qiao Nan again?

Most critically, regarding the fight between Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting, Teacher Liu was able to tell that Zhao Yu had become more daring than before. She did not change for the better despite the lesson learned in junior high school.

Thinking about it, did Zhao Yu really have no responsibility at all for the conflict between Xu Tingting and her?

There were a total of eight students in the dormitory and Xu Tingting did not bully anyone else but Zhao Yu.

What if Qiao Nan's studies were affected after Zhao Yu was transferred to her dormitory? That would be really…

"Teacher Liu, we know why you called us here." Zheng Lingling represented the group and came forward. "Teacher Liu, we'll be forthright about it. All the six of us in the dormitory disagree to this."

When Zheng Lingling said that, the rest in the group nodded furiously to express how reluctant they were.

Fang Fang adjusted her glasses. "Teacher Liu, we initially did not want to tell you certain things. We're all classmates and will be in studying together for three years. However, we really can't agree to this. Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu have conflicts with each other and Zhao Yu wants to move to our dormitory. That won't do. In fact, Zhao Yu is greatly responsible for the conflict. Our class one is the only class with two vice class monitors. Because of that, Xu Tingting already disliked Nan Nan. We don't know what Zhao Yu told Xu Tingting. Regardless, Xu Tingting has not been on good terms with Nan Nan, and she keeps targeting Nan Nan."

"That's right. We don't know what happened. All of a sudden, Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting fell out with each other," Tang Mengran added.

"If Zhao Yu is transferred to our dormitory, it will only worsen the conflict," He Yun said sincerely.

"We are really grateful to Teacher Liu for taking the students' opinions seriously. Thank you, Teacher Liu, for giving us the opportunity to express our views. We hope that Teacher Liu can accede to our small request." After making their stand clear, Fang Fang put in a few good words appropriately.

"Alright. I understand your thoughts. You can go back. I know what to do regarding this matter." If Teacher Liu did not ask, he would not know all these. He was shocked to find out that so many things had happened.

"Thank you, Teacher Liu."

Upon hearing Teacher Liu's tone, the five ladies knew that Zhao Yu's transfer to their dormitory was unlikely to happen.

The relaxed look on the faces of He Yun and the group when they returned to the classroom made Xu Tingting laughed. Xu Tingting looked at Zhao Yu as if to say that the latter had lost her face for nothing this time. She was punished to write a letter of self-reflection, but her wish failed to come true.

Zhao Yu was so furious that she simply slammed the ballpoint pen on the table. She nearly cracked the pen's outer shell. Qiao Nan really did not have any love for her classmates. Qiao Nan clearly knew that she had been bullied badly by Xu Tingting but refused to help her. Now, she even ganged up with her other five dormitory mates to deal with and discriminate against her.

In comparison to Xu Tingting, Qiao Nan was not any better!

Moreover, they had been junior high school classmates for three years. Qiao Nan was too malicious. Qiao Nan had better not give her a chance to harm her. Otherwise, she would certainly think of a way to deal with her!

In the face of Xu Tingting's gloating, Zhao Yu curled up one corner of her lips and sneered. She then daringly wrote a number on her own exercise book: thirty. After she wrote that, she lifted it and showed it to Xu Tingting.

Although Xu Tingting had done very well for the four subjects this time, her aggregate score was less than Qiao Nan by exactly thirty marks, neither more nor less.

In other words, Qiao Nan's result for this examination was similar to how she did for the middle school examination. It was exaggerating. She received full marks for more than one subject.

Fang Fang saw what Zhao Yu did and her mood turned sour. If Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu wanted to fight it out, they could do so by themselves. Why did they keep using Nan Nan as the raft? This kind of behavior was detestable.

In the end, Zhao Yu changed her dormitory, but she did not go to Qiao Nan's dormitory. She exchanged dormitory with one of their classmates.

After learning that Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting had a fight with each other, all the students in class one understood the reason for the change.

Teacher Liu had already assigned the tasks. On that day, Xu Tingting made use of noontime to wash and dry Zhao Yu's blanket. The next day, she also handed in the letter of self-reflection in which she wrote her deep regrets to Teacher Liu together with Zhao Yu.

After successfully resolving the matter regarding Zhao Yu's dormitory, Qiao Nan's school life became beautiful again.

On the other hand, it was rare for a certain someone to be in a good mood as though the winter snow had melted and the sky was bright and clear just because of the arrival of a letter.

"Regiment commander, here is a letter for you." The soldier was holding a letter addressed to Zhai Sheng. His eyes were full of curiosity. Having been under regiment commander's wing for so many years, he had hardly seen him receive any letter. The writing on the envelope was straight, small, and sophisticated. It seemed to be written by a lady.

"Bring it here!" Zhai Sheng immediately put down the things on hand and took the letter from the soldier.

Upon taking the letter, Zhai Sheng did not open it anxiously. Instead, he used his hands to feel the thickness and firmness of it. When he felt the square and firm paper had some elasticity, he had a satisfied look on his face.

"Alright, you may leave."

The soldier's feet turned but he continued to face Zhai Sheng. "Regiment commander, who wrote this letter?" What's the content of the letter? From the look on his regiment commander's face, it seemed to have caused a stir in his heart!

"It seems like we had less physical training today. You still look quite energetic." Regiment commander Zhai sneered. "Should I extend it?"

"Haha… No, no need. Please take your time to read, Regiment Commander Zhai. I'm going to run some errands." The soldier's legs turned wobbly and he nearly lost his footing.

Everyone knew that the soldiers in the regiment commander's team had the toughest and most tiring training sessions in the army. He was tired out like a dog every single day. If he had to do additional training, he did not think he could survive anymore.

The soldier not only left but also sensibly closed the door.

"Xiao Jia, why did you go to the regiment commander's office just now?" When Zhou Jun saw Xiao Jia coming out from Zhai Sheng's office, he asked. He was previously summoned to return to the camp and within a day, he really received a mission.

Zhou Jun had just returned to the camp after completing his mission. He was then given a few days' time to allow him to take a break.

In the past, when Zhou Jun was on leave, he would rather stay in the camp. He would not even go home during the Lunar New Year or any other festive occasions. It was rare to be given a few days of leave. This time, Zhou Jun was eager to leave the camp to find that young lady.



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