"One week ago, the regiment commander told me that if anyone mail him a letter, I have to hand it to him directly. More than a week has passed, and I thought that the letter would not come. Who knows that it would come today. Company commander, do you know that the regiment commander treated the letter as if it's very precious? He won't even let me see it." Xiao Jia's busybody character was burning with curiosity. "Company commander, who do you think wrote to the regiment commander? Is it possible that, ahem, the regiment commander's heart is moved and he has taken a liking to someone?"

"Impossible. Don't talk nonsense." Zhou Jun was also concerned about Zhai Sheng's love life, but he would not be a big mouth. "It's not like we don't know the regiment commander's family situation. Most likely, he may not even have a say in who he will marry in the future. Didn't someone say before that the regiment commander will be getting engaged with Battalion Commander Qiu's younger sister?"

The regiment commander was born into a good family and he was also very capable. However, many people would not remember the regiment commander's ability because of his family background. They all said that the regiment commander relied on his family for his achievements today.

The regiment commander's career path in the army was definitely smoother than his, but it was not too bad for him either. He was willing to take it a step at a time.

In his lifetime, he was more fortunate than the regiment commander because he was able to decide whom to marry as his wife. Moreover, his parents liked Nan Nan so much.

"You're not making sense. Does the regiment commander seem like the kind of person with a good temper? Company commander, did you watch too many TV dramas? The regiment commander has a tough character. A wife is someone you marry to live with for the rest of your life. If you don't like her, why do you still want to marry her? It's not meaningful at all." Xiao Jia shook his head. Anyway, he did not believe that the regiment commander did not have a say in this.

"By the way, company commander, what's wrong with you these past couple of days? You've been restless and moving around too much, seemingly having a lot under your butt. Company commander, what happened to you?"

"What kind of description was that?" Zhou Jun slapped Xiao Jia's head. "I'm trying to think of ways to marry your company commander's wife-to-be."

Nan Nan was in senior high school now. He heard that she had to stay in the school dormitory and would not be home every week.

What if Nan Nan was at school when he looked for her? Wouldn't he have missed the opportunity then?

His heart ached at the thought of him finally having an excuse to interact more with Qiao Nan through the military training and deepen their understanding of each other only to lose the opportunity in the end. It was such a pity!

"So something did happen after all! How does our little sister-in-law look like? Is she pretty?" Xiao Jia's eyes lit up. Had spring eventually arrived for the bachelors in his army?!

"Little sister-in-law?" At the thought of Qiao Nan's age, Zhou Jun revealed a sweet and love-sick smile, one that made Xiao Qiao have goose pimples immediately. "You didn't address her wrong. This little sister-in-law of yours is really young. So, if your company commander, yours truly, really wants to marry her, I have to tough it out for a few years."

"How young is too young? Company commander, how can you bear to do that?" Xiao Jia covered his teeth. "Don't tell me she's a young student?"

"Do you think I'm sick in the mind? Your little sister-in-law is a student, but she's already a senior high school student. Her results are excellent!" Zhou Jun could not help giving Xiao Jia a punch. He didn't use too much strength, though.

"Alright alright alright, how could the sister-in-law our company commander has taken a liking to not be good?" Xiao Jia pleaded for mercy continuously. "If the letter earlier was really written to our regiment commander by a young lady… Ah, our team will have lots of blossoming romance this year. Company commander, if you have a chance, please bring our little sister-in-law here and let us take a look so that we can formally acknowledge her."

"Don't worry, of course I will." Zhou Jun agreed readily.

Zhou Jun was in a good mood at the mention of Qiao Nan. On the other hand, Zhai Sheng, who was reading the letter in his office, was in a better mood than Zhou Jun.

Zhai Sheng not only wrote to Qiao Nan to warn her not to be involved in a romantic relationship at a young age but also requested her to send him a photo of herself.

Although Qiao Nan did not understand why Zhai Sheng requested for her photo, since she was used to obeying Zhai Sheng, she did as she was told without questioning. She used the money Zhai Sheng gave her to take a half-body photo and mailed it to Zhai Sheng.

The palm-sized photo was not big. The young lady in the photo looked like she was being held gently in his hands. She was fair and crisp-looking. Her bright black eyes looked like shining pearls, smiling in the shape of a crescent. She had tiny cherry-like red lips. Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail, with a few mischievous strands curling by the side of her ears. This made the beautiful young lady more feminine and ladylike.

As he touched the face of the young lady in the photo, Zhai Sheng was like the melting ice lake in spring. There were gentle ripples on the calm surface, rendering people with no choice but to sway together with him.

If anyone saw Zhai Sheng's expression at that moment, they would definitely exclaim in shock for having seen a ghost!

Zhai Sheng restrained his smile and took out his wallet as he regained his serious composure. He compared the size of the wallet with the photo. Thereafter, he carefully trimmed Qiao Nan's photo to the usual size of a photo from a photo studio. It was neither big nor small. The size was just right for the transparent slot in his wallet. Qiao Nan's portrait could be seen clearly and was positioned right in the center of the slot.

The wallet photo of the 20th century was born.

After confirming repeatedly that there was no issue with the photo, Zhai Sheng then put away his wallet carefully and started reading the letter from Qiao Nan.

In her letter, Qiao Nan expressed in a serious tone that she was not prepared to be romantically involved in senior high school and neither was she prepared to do so in college. When he read this, Zhai Sheng's expression was both pleased and worried.

He was glad that he would not have any rivals in romance for Qiao Nan's three years in senior high school. He was worried because he had planned to formally ask Qiao Nan to be his girlfriend and fiancée when she attended college. Subsequently, when Qiao Nan reached legal age, he intended to marry Qiao Nan.

Before he could think further about this matter, Zhai Sheng's face turned black when he saw the contents that followed.

The key that he had given to his wife-to-be had been taken back by his mother?

Although Qiao Nan wrote in the letter clearly that she was the one who returned the key, Zhai Sheng understood his mother's character too well. His mother must have shown an unpleasant expression. Qiao Nan had to return the key as she did not want to make his mother unhappy.

It was not clearly written in the letter as to what exactly happened, but Zhai Sheng, as usual, was able to decipher that Qiao Nan must have suffered in this matter.

Every time Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin created a fuss, Qiao Nan would suffer the most and be the only one who had to endure the anger.

After reading the letter, Zhai Sheng put it away properly and immediately made a phone call. "Hello, Zhai Sheng, why do you have the spare time to call me today?" Zhai Hua's slurry voice could be heard from the other end of the call.

"Let me ask you. Did you all take back Nan Nan's key?"

"Nan Nan? Who's that?" Zhai Hua's mind was in a whirlwind. She had not realized who the 'Nan Nan' mentioned by her biological brother was. Did her brother know someone called Nan Nan? "Oh, are you referring to Qiao Nan?" At the mention of Qiao Nan, Zhai Hua's tone sounded guilty.



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