"Zhao Yu, you're too unreasonable. I've already apologized to you. I really didn't do it on purpose." Xu Tingting said hypocritically. "The sunlight is very strong nowadays. It'll be fine if you take the blanket out to dry under the sun tomorrow. Don't throw a fit for such a small matter. You're exaggerating. Oh yes, I must remind you out of good intention. You should just remove the cover and wash it instead of drying it under the sun. That water of mine… it's used to wash my feet."

"Xu Tingting, I'll fight it out with you!" Zhao Yu, who usually had a bad temper, could no longer tolerate this. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked like a shrew as she pounced at Xu Tingting and started fighting with her.

"Stop fighting, stop fighting!" Wang Li was frightened at the sight. Fortunately, she was not the one who splashed that basin of water. Otherwise, the person Zhao Yu was hitting now would be her.

"What should we do? We're unable to pull Zhao Yu away." The others in the dormitory had no choice. Of course, they sided with Xu Tingting as she was the vice class monitor and had good academic performance. However, Zhao Yu was like a mad woman today that they could not separate her from Xu Tingting. The two fought so badly that even their faces were scratched. Those in the dormitory were scared out of their wits.

"Hurry! Find someone. Why are you all still standing there? Look for the auntie in charge of the dormitory!" Wang Li shouted as she stomped her feet.

"Okay!" Some went to look for the auntie in charge of the dormitory while others ran to Qiao Nan's dormitory to find Zheng Lingling. In fact, it was more appropriate to look for the class monitor, but the class monitor was a boy. Hence, it was not suitable for him to be involved.

"What? Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting are fighting?" Zheng Lingling was shocked. Wasn't Zhao Yu the lackey of Xu Tingting? Why were the two of them fighting and creating a commotion? "I'll go and take a look."

"Nan Nan, are you going?" He Yun gave Qiao Nan, who was lying on the bed, a push.

Qiao Nan rolled over and moved away. "I'm a person whom no classmates like. The student dormitory is only so big, and Zheng Lingling has already gone there. Most likely, people from other dormitories, including those from other classes, are also there to watch the fun. I've just finished bathing and don't wish to perspire again by squeezing with the crowd. It's not as though this is a game of kids squeezing pork lard."

This made Tang Mengran, who liked to watch the fun, quietly retracted her legs and leaned on her pillow. Actually, she had already left her bed and was wearing her slippers. "Ah, I'm so tired. Sleep. Sleep."

Fang Fang secretly gave Qiao Nan a thumbs-up. She then removed her glasses from her nose bridge and lied down on the bed to turn in too. As long as the auntie in charge of the dormitory went over, the fight would end.

True enough, in ten minutes' time, Zheng Lingling came back. "Xu Tingting was really 'good'. She splashed her foot bath water on Zhao Yu's blanket. No wonder Zhao Yu fought with her. Xu Tingting belittled others too much."

Qiao Nan, who was about to fall asleep, knitted her brows. She was very clear-minded.

Zhao Yu was not someone who would act so rashly. In the past, when Zhao Yu broke her pens, she secretly did it and was never caught red-handed. Although Qiao Nan suspected her, she had no evidence. In the end, she had to trick Zhao Yu into admitting her wrongdoing in front of the teacher.

How was it possible that Zhao Yu fought with Xu Tingting blatantly?

"Did I tell you that after Zhao Yu had a conflict with Xu Tingting previously, she looked for me and wanted to stay in our dormitory?" In the silence, Qiao Nan said with a voice that's neither too loud nor soft.

"Yes, you did. At that time… wait, Qiao Nan, do you mean…?" He Yun pursed her lips. "I don't think so. Is Zhao Yu so scheming? We're all just students."

Fang Fang habitually adjusted her glasses again, but she could not feel anything on her bare nose bridge. "I'm not sure of other matters, but Xu Tingting is the vice class monitor. She'll definitely be given a demerit point since she's involved in a fight and created so much trouble. This will not affect Zhao Yu much, but if Xu Tingting has a black mark in her student record… Tell me, can she still be our vice class monitor?"

"Fang Fang, your words are so scary. You're scaring me. Is it that complicated? Xu Tingting has a bad temper. She must have bullied Zhao Yu too much and the latter retorted." Tang Mengran covered her ears. She thought that Xu Tingting was bad enough. Given what Qiao Nan and Fang Fang said, Zhao Yu was worse. "Moreover, if Xu Tingting loses her position as the vice class monitor, Zhao Yu will not be able to assume the role too."

"Forget it. Let's not think about it. Sleep early." Zheng Lingling had the ugliest expression on her face. Regardless of the truth, a black sheep like Zhao Yu definitely could not stay in their dormitory. When the school started, Zhao Yu had already sowed discord by talking bad about Nan Nan to her. If she came to their dormitory, she could not imagine what would happen.

"Lingling, if any situation occurs, we will depend on you. You have to be firm in front of Teacher Liu!" He Yun added, sounding very worried.

"Don't worry. I know what to do. We definitely can't let that happen." Zheng Lingling nodded in a serious manner. She then went to bed with an unsettled heart.

True enough, Teacher Liu got to know about the fight between Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu immediately.

If not for the fact that the auntie in charge of the dormitory arrived in time, the two ladies would have fought more viciously and disfigured each other. Despite arriving in time, the auntie saw that they had already ripped off a lot of hair from each other. They were too merciless.

They had gone overboard and the auntie dared not hide this matter. She directly reported this to Teacher Liu.

As such, Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting were called into the office early in the morning. At the sight of the two students, who were well yesterday, looking like crazy women today, Teacher Liu's face turned black. "Had a fight? You're too daring. Are you asking for demerit points!"

"Teacher Liu, I didn't do it on purpose!" Xu Tingting felt wronged and tears welled up in her eyes. She acted pitiful first. "I've already explained to Zhao Yu and apologized to her. But I didn't know that she'd do that. It's an accident. Nobody wanted it to happen."

Zhao Yu pursed her lips and sneered. "Teacher Liu, I don't believe that Xu Tingting didn't do it on purpose. I'll also not accept Xu Tingting's apology. She splashed her foot bath water on my blanket. Fortunately, it's September now. If it's December or January, what should I do? Xu Tingting purposely reminded me that that's the water used to wash her feet and asked me to wash it today. I feel that if she's really sincere in apologizing to me, she should have taken the initiative to help me wash and dry my blanket. Xu Tingting's apology last night was insincere. She's just cracking wise."

Zhao Yu simply used Xu Tingting's words yesterday to retort the latter and hit her in the face.

Teacher Liu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Nevertheless, the two of you should not have fought. Zhao Yu, if you thought that Xu Tingting was insincere and you're not satisfied with her attitude, you could have come and look for me."

"Teacher Liu, you don't know anything about it. I can't tolerate this. Xu Tingting's feet stink. I suspect she has athlete's foot. The foot bath water was splashed onto my blanket. The smell is unbearable."



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