"Do you want to give me an explanation or should I investigate and increase your punishment?" Zhai Sheng pursed his lips in anger.

The two of them grew up together. Zhai Hua's tone was obviously an expression of her guilt!

"Don't do that. If you wish to know, I'll tell you." Zhai Hua honestly confessed the whole matter. "Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan is very unlucky. Her situation is worse than what you have described. What kind of mother is that? With such a mother, Qiao Nan will really be down on luck for life."

After Qiao Nan left that day, Zhai Hua was heartbroken at the thought of Ding Jiayi's and Qiao Zijin's behavior.

Those who were sharp and clear-minded had all spoken up to reprimand Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, particularly Ding Jiayi, who was nearly thrown at with rotten eggs. She did not know why Ding Jiayi could still be so thick-skinned. Her face had clearly turned crimson and she should have just left quietly.

Unexpectedly, Ding Jiayi followed her and questioned how she got to know Qiao Nan. She even said Qiao Nan had given her so much trouble. Ding Jiayi would like to thank her properly and treat her to a meal for helping Qiao Nan so much, saying that she would ask Qiao Nan to invite her.

Initially, Zhai Hua did not wish to take the key back. But at the sight of Ding Jiayi's shameless behavior, Zhai Hua had to agree wholeheartedly with Qiao Nan's decision.

If she were to say Ding Jiayi did not have a sense of shame, then why had Ding Jiayi's face turned crimson that day? She had thought that Ding Jiayi was so embarrassed that her blood pressure would rise and cause her to faint on the spot. She had never expected Ding Jiayi to be able to endure it.

If she were to say Ding Jiayi had a sense of shame, then why did Ding Jiayi keep pestering her mother and her? It's so shameless of her.

She had only interacted with Ding Jiayi for a short while and already had a stomach full of anger. Zhai Hua truly pitied Qiao Nan for having Ding Jiayi as a mother. Qiao Nan had to tolerate Ding Jiayi for her entire life until Ding Jiayi's death.

It's too miserable!

"So, when Nan Nan was bullied, you were just standing and watching from the side?" Zhai Sheng was such an intelligent person. Although Zhai Hua had skipped those scenarios that were disadvantageous to her, Zhai Sheng was still able to notice them without missing any of it. "Zhai Hua, you've become more daring."

"Don't be angry. At that time, I didn't really know Qiao Nan. All this while, I've been hearing from you about her situation. I didn't know what kind of person Qiao Nan is. Dad taught us from a young age not to use only our ears, but also our eyes and heart to experience things. I've used my eyes and heart to feel what was happening. After this incident, I decided to stand on your side completely. It's been hard on Qiao Nan. Besides, let me warn you in advance. Mom doesn't seem to like Qiao Nan. Then, your feelings toward Qiao Nan…"

They were born from the same mother. How could Zhai Hua not feel the change in Zhai Sheng?

"When she's legally an adult, I'll register the marriage and marry her. She'll be your sister-in-law," Zhai Sheng answered without any reservation.

"Are you serious?!" He had already thought of registering the marriage!!!

"Yes, I am. So, you should know what to do in the future." If Zhai Hua helped Nan Nan, Nan Nan would have a better life in the Zhai family.

"But…" Zhai Hua sighed. "It's not as though you don't know what Dad and Mom think. They hope that you'll be together with Qiu Chenxi. The worse thing is that Qiu Chenxi likes you. She has been finding excuses to come to our house to look for Mom. You should understand what she wants."

The mother and daughter-in-law conflict had traditionally been a major problem. Her mother not only disliked Qiao Nan but also had another suitable daughter-in-law candidate in mind.

"Zhai Sheng, if you truly love Qiao Nan, you have to spare more thoughts for her. I'm not going to bring up her mother again. She has to deal with such an extreme mother before she's married. Don't let her face a mother-in-law who dislikes her after marriage for the rest of her life. Although Mom is different from Ding Jiayi, her psychological abuse is quite formidable." Zhai Hua was thoughtful for both Qiao Nan's and Zhai Sheng's sakes.

If the mother and daughter-in-law problem was not resolved, Zhai Sheng would not have a good life in the future either. Zhai Sheng would lose more than he gain if this affected his future.

"I've already thought about this. I'll let Nan Nan follow me to the army." In this way, even if her mother did not like Nan Nan, Nan Nan also did not need to face her every day. That would only make them both unhappy.

"This will do. I've worried for nothing." Zhai Hua patted her head. She was really muddle-headed. Why didn't she think of this? "It looks like you've considered everything. Tell me honestly. That plan of yours, is it to resolve her problem with Mom or do you wish to keep her by your side so that you can see her every day?"

"Beep, beep, beep…"

Zhai Hua had yet to receive a response from Zhai Sheng, but the latter had already hung up as soon as he found out the information he was looking for.

"This young brat, don't ask for my help in the future if you're capable!" Zhai Hua felt that she had been kicked to the curb after outliving her usefulness. She was so angry that she nearly broke the phone.

After knowing that Qiao Dongliang had moved out of the quad for the sake of Qiao Nan and that Ding Jiayi's attitude had changed for the better, Zhai Sheng felt much better.

Suddenly, he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in."

"Regiment commander, I have some matters to attend to and I wish to leave the camp for three days." Zhou Jun was holding a request report as he stepped into Zhai Sheng's office.

"Three days? Where are you going?" Looking at Zhou Jun's report, Zhai Sheng did not sign immediately.

"Reporting to regiment commander, my parents are not young anymore. My family has been reminding me to settle my marriage. So, I hope to look for my wife-to-be." Zhou Jun could not endure any longer. He wished to look for Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was young, pretty, and good in her studies. She was such a good lady. If he did not watch after her properly, she would definitely be kidnapped by other wild lads!

"Okay." Zhai Sheng signed his big name to approve Zhou Jun's leave.

According to Zhai Sheng's prediction, Qiao Nan would not be at home this weekend. She would be at school. Furthermore, Qiao Nan did not stay in the quad anymore. Zhou Jun would only meet Ding Jiayi if he looked for her there.

"Thank you, Regiment Commander Zhai." Zhou Jun's eyes lit up. He was happy that Zhai Sheng had approved his request. He did not know that he would be making a wasted trip and had to deal with someone he hated to deal with.

As Zhai Sheng had expected, Zhou Jun ran to the house of the Qiao family, but he did not see Qiao Nan. He did not even meet Ding Jiayi. This was because Ding Jiayi was preparing dinner for Qiao Dongliang at the rented apartment.

Ding Jiayi was trying her luck to delay the time, but Qiao Dongliang would not let her stay overnight. Ding Jiayi had to return home unwillingly. By that time, the sky was already dark and Zhou Jun had already gone home.

Nevertheless, Zhou Jun found out from the neighbors that something had happened to the Qiao family again, and Qiao Dongliang had moved away with Qiao Nan.

When he heard about the situation of the Qiao family, Zhou Jun felt extremely awkward and did not know what to do. If he simply looked for them directly, would it leave a bad impression on Qiao Dongliang? After all, dirty linen should not be aired in public. If Nan Nan became angry because of this, he would be making a fool of himself.



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