After much consideration, Zhou Jun was determined to apply for a leave so that he could make his presence known and create an impression in the Qiao family. He did not expect that he would make a wasted trip.

As such, just as what Zhai Sheng had predicted, Zhou Jun came enthusiastically but left solemnly.

Qiao Nan, who was having lessons at school, did not know that Zhou Jun made a special trip to the quad to look for her after he completed his mission. Since Zhao Yu's plan to be transferred to Qiao Nan's dormitory failed, the more she could not see eye to eye with Qiao Nan.

Facing Zhao Yu's cold and eccentric behavior, Qiao Nan was not surprised or affected at all. Zhao Yu could behave in whatever way she liked.

Xu Tingting was obviously more street smart than Zhao Yu. Although her detest for Qiao Nan was not less than Zhao Yu, she was able to smile at Qiao Nan in front of and behind others. Nevertheless, Xu Tingting dared not touch those letters that belonged to Qiao Nan anymore.

In the first half of the semester, Qiao Nan had consecutively received ten letters from Chen Jun.

At the sight of that stack of letters, Qiao Nan slammed her table. For two lifetimes, Chen Jun was always so patient when he wooed a girl. Clearly, she had not replied to Chen Jun during the past two months despite having received his letters intermittently. Nevertheless, Chen Jun did not seem to mind at all and had been continuously sending her letters.

Qiao Nan pulled the corners of her lips. She patted Zhu Baoguo's shoulder. "Where's the big envelope that I requested you to prepare?" It was not easy to find this type of big envelope for putting official documents, but Zhu Baoguo had many of those at home.

"I thought that you don't want it anymore." Zhu Baoguo took out a yellow envelope about the size of A4 and passed it to Qiao Nan. "Why do you need such a big envelope?"

"Nothing. To settle some thrash." Qiao Nan placed all the letters from Chen Jun into the envelope. She also included a slip of her handwritten note. Thereafter, she wrote the address, pasted the stamp, and dropped the envelope into the postbox.

"Chen Jun, you have mail." Within a week, Chen Jun received Qiao Nan's letter. "Chen Jun, who sent you this letter? The envelope is so big and it is so heavy. There seems to be quite a lot of stuff inside."

"Thanks." Chen Jun smiled nonchalantly. When he took the letter and saw the address on the envelope, he smiled. After enduring for two months, Qiao Nan finally relented.

Nevertheless, Qiao Nan was already the most restrained and sensible girl among the ones he knew. She was hard to come by.

However, if he revealed his family background to Qiao Nan, he wondered how much longer Qiao Nan could hold on.

Chen Jun was also famous at school. It was not only those girls in his class who had a crush on him and wrote him love letters. There were many other girls from different courses who fancied him as well. When Chen Jun received the letter, one of the girls in his class announced, "Chen Jun, who wrote this letter to you? It's so big. The recipient is really sincere."

It would be great if Chen Jun simply tore the love letter he received and threw it into the rubbish bin just like he always did.

"A little sister in Ping Cheng."

"A little sister? Chen Jun, I recall that you're the only son. Where did your sister come from? Maternal or paternal cousin?" The male classmate was curious too. Many ladies surrounded Chen Jun indeed, but it was already the second year in college and he had not seen him on close terms with any girl. Chen Jun himself had never admitted that he had a girlfriend either.

"Neither of those." Chen Jun was not eager to open the letter in front of so many pairs of eyes. Even if he wanted to read it, he would read it alone. He was reluctant to have so many bystanders.

As such, the female classmates' hopes of Chen Jun immediately destroying the letter were, of course, dashed.

"Aiyoyo, she's not your paternal or maternal cousin and you didn't tear this letter. Chen Jun, did something happen? Confess honestly. Is she your childhood sweetheart?!" The male classmate refused to let go of Chen Jun and demanded an explanation.

Many girls in the class were stretching their necks, waiting for Chen Jun to 'appoint' them to be his girlfriend.

As long as Chen Jun did not have a girlfriend, the girls from his class and other courses would not give up. As a result, his male classmates who were looking for love could not find anyone to be their girlfriend.

"Childhood sweetheart? It's not wrong to say that either." Qiao Nan is still young. If he dated her at this time, he would be the prince charming appearing before the young lady at the right time.

"Oh my, are you serious?" The male student was only joking. He didn't expect that his dream would come true. Chen Jun was in a relationship with someone. "We have so many pretty ladies in the school. There are course belle, school belle, and many others, but you don't fancy any of them. How does your childhood sweetheart look like? Can we take a look?"

"Haven't you heard of the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder? Alright. Move aside. I'm going back to my dormitory." The class had ended and Chen Jun did not intend to dillydally in the classroom. He held the heavy mail from Qiao Nan and returned to his dormitory.

"Ladies in the class, please give up. Chen Jun already has a childhood sweetheart and they're very close to each other. Even if this young sweetheart is not as good-looking as you, Chen Jun has said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In his eyes, his childhood sweetheart is the prettiest. There's no hope toward Chen Jun now. We have many singles here in our class. Please don't miss out on this opportunity."

When the news, perceived to be great by the guys in the class, was announced, a wail of despair resounded in the audience. Undoubtedly, it came from the ladies in the class.

When Chen Jun returned to his dormitory, no one was around. It was thus convenient for him to open the letter.

When he opened the big envelope, Chen Jun saw many smaller letters in it. Chen Jun's face turned black instantly. He then poured out all the letters from the big envelope.

Of course, he recognized his own handwriting. At one glance, Chen Jun was able to confirm that Qiao Nan had returned him all the letters he mailed to her previously.

The sight of the letters looked like they had not been opened before. Chen Jun's eyes were dark and gloomy, akin to the dark clouds in June, which made people dared not go near him.

All this while, Chen Jun had been the one rejecting the members of the opposite gender. This was the first time that he was 'slapped in the face' by a girl. Furthermore, the other party was a young lady. This was really a 'fresh and new' experience for Chen Jun.

Chen Jun curled his lips and sneered. He then quietly stacked the letters that he wrote to Qiao Nan one by one and clipped them. Lastly, he opened the note written by Qiao Nan. It said 'I am really sorry. The first letter was opened by Xu Tingting'.

That simple note from Qiao Nan only conveyed one message: she had never read any of Chen Jun's letters. In other words, she was not interested in Chen Jun.

The saddened ladies in Chen Jun's class did not seem to know that this 'little sweetheart' of Chen Jun could not be bothered at all with their prince charming.



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