"As the form teacher of class one, I'm very proud of our students because they are truly excellent and outstanding. There's also a set of data at the bottom of the page in the report. This is a summary of our class's results versus that of the other classes'. You may review them as well."

As Teacher Liu said that, all the parents immediately bowed their heads to look at the academic report. They searched through the report like a scanner so that they could find their child's name from the list in the report as soon as possible. After they confirmed their child's name and results, they started looking for the name of the top scorer.

When the parents consequently discovered that the top scorer was actually the student who had been named earlier, the one suspected to have been picked up from the streets, many of them felt depressed.

It did not matter whether she was picked up from the streets. They treated their child well wholeheartedly, but their child's results were only that good. Why was that child's academic performance so outstanding despite having suffered so many grievances? That cripple was too blessed.

At the sight of Qiao Dongliang looking radiant and happy, Zhu Chengqi smiled. "Nan Nan's grades are truly excellent."

"Nan Nan has always been very sensible. She has never made me worried." Qiao Dongliang's smile was more relaxed. At the mention of Qiao Nan, he was full of pride. "Baoguo's grades have improved quite a fair bit too."

"It's all thanks to Nan Nan." His son's grades definitely looked better. When Zhu Chengqi talked about Zhu Baoguo, his tone was different. He did not sound disappointed like he did in the past.

"Don't mention it. Baoguo and Nan Nan are classmates and also desk mates. It's good to help each other. My Nan Nan is good at everything, but she is too soft and easily bullied by others. That being said, I must thank you. If not for Baoguo, Nan Nan will definitely be bullied at school." Qiao Dongliang was very certain of this.

"He's a boy. I guess he is only useful to Nan Nan in this aspect." Zhu Chengqi could not help smiling. Based on what Zhao Yu said earlier, Zhu Chengqi was very sure that his son was of some use to Qiao Nan.

The kids nowadays were more scheming. If Qiao Nan was not emotionally strong, don't even mention continuing with the same learning attitude, she would most likely find it hard to lift up her head in front of her classmates in the future due to Zhao Yu's revelation.

Compared to the happy conversation between Zhu Chengqi and Qiao Dongliang, the interactions between other parents were not as harmonious.

Any parent would be more than willing to let their own child mix around with and learn from the top student in the class.

As such, Qiao Dongliang was actually their main target.

As soon as Teacher Liu's finished his words, many parents surrounded Qiao Dongliang when they were given free time to interact with one another. "Hello. You're Qiao Nan's father, right? My daughter is Zheng Lingling. She stays in the same dormitory as your daughter."

"My daughter is He Yun. She also stays in the same dormitory as Qiao Nan."

The few parents of Qiao Nan's dormitory mates came to Qiao Dongliang in an instant. In fact, as soon as Qiao Dongliang appeared, He Yun and the other dormitory mates informed their parents that he was Qiao Nan's father at once.

The five parents did not know who Qiao Dongliang was, but they knew Qiao Nan. The five parents were very familiar with Qiao Nan's name.

One must know that according to their daughter, Qiao Nan was someone who was perfect and had no shortcomings.

In fact, when they saw the academic report today, the five parents could only admit that this young lady called Qiao Nan was definitely formidable. At the very least, she was very good in her studies. In addition, their daughters had been telling them that they were greatly influenced by Qiao Nan. It seemed like it was with Qiao Nan's help that their daughters could have done fairly well in the recent examinations. The five parents felt thankful to Qiao Dongliang at the thought of this.

"My daughter's name is Fang Fang. She's from the same dormitory as well. Qiao Nan takes very good care of our Fang Fang. Big brother, you truly know how to teach your daughter. I've never seen Fang Fang admire anyone. Qiao Nan is the first." Fang Fang's father gave a thumbs-up. His daughter did not talk much and was a little too proud since her results were good.

Because of that, Father Fang was afraid that his daughter's life was too smooth sailing and she would not be able to take any setbacks in the future. If she really encountered any problem or difficulty, she might panic beyond her wits.

Now that his daughter had someone whom she admired, at the very least, she finally understood that no matter how strong she was, there would always be someone stronger. She had become more humble and careful henceforth. Father Fang was very pleased with the change in his daughter.

"Yes, our Tang Mengran is also fortunate to have Qiao Nan helping her in her revision. Otherwise… my child's results are inconsistent. The scores are high at some point in time and low at another. It's like flying a kite. It's so worrying." Tang Mengran's mother was very clear of her daughter's situation.

The Tang family even thought that although Tang Mengran got into the top class in Ping Cheng High School, she might be kicked out of it in less than one and a half months.

They did not expect that her daughter's results would become quite consistent. At the very least, it was maintained at the slightly below-average score in class one.

If the time to adjust the classes came, their daughter would not be affected.

Who did not know that class one in Ping Cheng High School was an important class? When they took the university entrance examination in the future, they would not enroll in anything less than a third-tier university!

Mother Tang expressed that she was not greedy. She was very satisfied with her daughter's current results.

The daughter's results had become consistent not only due to her own effort but also Qiao Nan's help. It was a rare opportunity to meet Qiao Nan's parent and Mother Tang expressed her gratitude to Qiao Dongliang. From that tone and expression of hers, it was obvious that she was speaking from her heart.

"Don't… please don't be like that. They are classmates and also staying in the same dormitory. It's only right that they help one another. It's the right thing to do." Qiao Dongliang's old face turned red again. Previously, he was embarrassed. Now, he was proud and shy.

He received the thanks, but his daughter was actually the one who did all the work. He did not do anything.

"Don't say that. You have taught her well," Mother Tao said. "We can tell that Qiao Nan is very close to you. She's so outstanding. It must be because you have taught her well. If there's a chance in the future, could we discuss how you managed to teach Qiao Nan so well? Do you have a secret formula?"

Father Zhao gave a sigh and looked at Zhao Yu helplessly. "Xiao Yu, your results were quite good in junior high school. Why did it turn out this way in senior high school? Xiao Yu, when are you going to let me gain some limelight, just like Qiao Dongliang?"

Father Zhao did not stay in the quad, but he knew how to make money, much better than Qiao Dongliang, in fact. Everyone had to call him Boss Zhao. However, Father Zhao had never received the treatment Qiao Dongliang received today.

He would rather have an experience like Qiao Dongliang than to do so well in his business.



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