Following the herd might be bad, but what was worst was for people like Teacher Liu who played a decisive role in the class to inculcate the wrong beliefs to the students. Fortunately, Teacher Liu was not that type of person.

Apart from those students who were from the same dormitory as Qiao Nan and had been close to Qiao Nan, other students had a change in attitude toward Qiao Nan because of Teacher Liu's words.

It was no use to be good in one's studies only. One should have a good moral character as well.

Regardless of their own moral character, there would always be moralists in the world who were strict with others and lenient toward themselves.

Teacher Liu's words had a very big impact on the students in the class. All of them, except for Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu, no longer looked at her strangely.

Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu sneaked a glance at each other. They added fuel to the flames, colored Qiao Nan as a bad moral character, and managed to tarnish her reputation in class. They did not expect that because of Teacher Liu's words, the rumors would be stopped and their previous efforts were all in vain.

They had finally found a chance to ruin Qiao Nan. It was such a pity that Teacher Liu ruined everything!

After class, Teacher Liu walked to stand by Qiao Nan's table and asked after her before leaving.

The attitude of the teachers, particularly the form teacher, set an example for the students. Given that he disregarded the rumors, it gradually died down and the students no longer talked about it.

Zhao Yu banged at the table. Back in junior high school, Qiao Nan had Teacher Chen defend her. Now, Teacher Liu was on her side. She could not understand why everyone would be so good to Qiao Nan.

If not for the teachers standing on Qiao Nan's side, she could have easily made things difficult for Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was a good student, but so was she. Why were the teachers not good to her?

"Teacher Liu, you have the best class in our school. Should I congratulate you for the things that happened?" A teacher from the same department said sourly, sounding as if he had enjoyed a good show.

At the start of the school year, the school had a discussion about who would be the form teacher of class one. Initially, this teacher was very confident that he would be selected. He had heard that the top scholar in the middle school examination would study at Ping Cheng High School and would be a student in class one.

But in the end, Teacher Liu turned out to be the form teacher of class one.

Now that class one had such a big scandal, this teacher could not help but gloat.

It was important that the students had good grades, but the school management would not accept students who had bad moral character.

If the rumors were true, then it would not be long before Qiao Nan would be expelled from Ping Cheng High School. Since the top scholar in the middle school examination was not in his class, it was best that she left the school.

"Thank you for your concern, Teacher Zhou. Qiao Nan is a student of class one. I will handle this matter. I will not allow my student to suffer such grievances. As for the school management, I will report to them. Teacher Zhou, please don't worry." Teacher Liu laughed.

Teacher Liu knew what Teacher Zhou meant by his words.

It was the school management's decision as to which teacher would be the form teacher of class one. He did not have any say in the matter. If Teacher Zhou was displeased, he should not find trouble with him but discuss with the management instead. What a coward!

"Is that so? Well, then I shall see how you handle this matter." Teacher Zhou smirked. This was already a dead end. The person who badmouthed Qiao Nan was none other than her mother.

There would never be mothers who maligned their biological daughters. He never imagined that Qiao Nan, who had such good grades, would be so selfish and had a bad moral character. Luckily, he did not have such a bad student in his class. Otherwise, it would be a disgrace to him.

The more Teacher Zhou thought about it, the more he felt that the old saying was very accurate. Misfortune might really be a blessing in disguise.

He was relieved that it was Teacher Liu, and not him, who had to handle this mess. He supposed that Qiao Nan's scandal would leave a blemish on Teacher Liu's teaching career.

Ping Cheng High School placed very high importance on the moral character of their students. After receiving the news about the recent scandal, the principal sat down grimly in the office, thinking of ways to solve the problem. As the principal of the school, he certainly could not only listen to one side of the story. He could not simply believe in these rumors and expel Qiao Nan. That would be unfair to Qiao Nan.

However, he had to make thorough investigations to be at ease. If the rumors were true, how could he allow such a student to study at their school and tarnish the school's reputation?

Although the school should provide education for all people without discrimination, it was easier said than done. Schools must choose their students selectively. After all, this was not the nine-year compulsory education. It was senior high school.

At that thought, he heard a knock on his door.

"Who is it?"

"Principal, I am Liu Neng."

"Oh, Teacher Liu. Please come in." The principal was slightly relaxed once he knew that Teacher Liu was here looking for him. "What's the matter? By the way, how do you intend to handle the matter regarding Qiao Nan from your class? According to Qiao Nan's achievements, she is definitely a good student. But as you know, our school has always placed great importance on the moral character of the students. We must not wrong the students, but we cannot just let things as it is either. Teacher Liu, do you understand what I mean? As the principal, I am responsible for the school and all of the teachers and students here."

"Principal, please be assured that I understand what you mean. Actually, I am here for this matter as well." Teacher Liu understood what the principal meant by his diplomatic words.

If he did not give the principal a satisfactory answer, then it would not take long for the principal to handle it by himself. After clarifying everything, he would then decide whether Qiao Nan should stay or not.

"Principal, I have always felt that words alone are no proof, so I will not try to convince you that Qiao Nan is a good student. Look at all these documents. I believe you can make the judgment by yourself." Teacher Liu had a thick briefcase in his hand. He opened the briefcase and took out the documents inside. "This is the phone number of Qiao Nan's junior high school class teacher. If you have any questions, you can call him to find out."

The principal put on his reading glasses and read through the documents carefully. He widened his eyes in disbelief. "Is this true?"

"I will not go into details about the insults directed at Qiao Nan. Let's talk about her mother's accusation that Qiao Nan is selfish and self-centered, sacrificing her parents' interests for her own gains. Qiao Nan's sister, Qiao Zijin, is the student of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. This is her score in the middle school examination. There's no way that there can be a mistake." If the principal wanted to check, he only needed to make a phone call to confirm its authenticity.



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